Taiwan guava fruits can earn an annual income of 7 to 10 lac per acre

Three types of Taiwan guava cultivars are
1.Taiwanese guava – single fruit weight 400 – 700 grams
2.Century guava        - single fruit weight 200 – 400 grams
3.Pearl guava -    single fruit weight 200 – 400 grams
Spacing = 12 -15 feet plant to plant and row to row
PH = 4.5 to 8.2 but best PH range is 6.5 to 7.5 ( near neutral PH )
Temperature range 15 to 34 degree celsius
Rainfall = 1000 to 3800 mm well distributed through out year
Relative humidity = 70-90%
Total number of plants per acre = 250
Training and pruning = In 5-6 month old plants , cut the terminal portion to the height of 2 – 3 feet , allow 4 to 5 main branches , and 2 to 3 sub main branches and maintain dome shape .
Yield per plant 35 to 40 kgs per plant and  around 7500 kgs per acre
But Taiwan guava can also be planted in moderate density of  3M * 2 M spacing with 600 plants per acre and per acre yield of 12 ,000 kgs .
To achieve this yield , proper irrigation network , basal application of organic manure and water soluble fertilizers evenly supplied in various growing phase is necessary.
The taiwanese guava for its aroma, flavor , Mineral and aminoacids and crispiness finds excellent foreign market in canada, Hng hong , Malaysia , china and indonesia and singapore …In near future Taiwanese guava will sure catch its market in important cities in India . Few Guava fruits keeps doctors and clinics away from general people .


Dear Forum Farm Friends, for more details pl go through  www.taiwanembassy.org/public/data/11294134971.pdf    you will have full details about Taiwan guava varieties. This production mannual is released by Horticulture crop training and demonistration centre, Ministry of Agriculture and fisheries, Technical mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

You can get all the information about farming, Fertilizers and diseases.

My observations , I feel new diseases are invited to our guava varieties. Ofcourse, only Agri/Horti experts only should suggest.

g.p.rao, farmer


How does this compare with the variety VNR Bihi developed by VNR, combination of Thailand and Indian variety?

Are there any good marketing channels for selling these other than selling to middleman? 


VNR Bihi
Big size attractive fruit
Appealing fruit color
Average Fruit size – 300 grams to 1.2 kilogram per fruit
Less seed area and very thick Pericarp
Early fruiting variety
Suitable for long distance transport
Longer shelf life of 15 days—if stored in refrigerated condition can stay up to 30 days
Good balance of Acid and Sugar
Staggered harvesting as fruit can stay up for 10-12 days in plant
Maximum profitability
Specialized and balanced agricultural practices:
–      Year long fruiting is possible in tropical regions
–      Capacity to take maximum production
–      Production possible in water scarcity area and high humidity region


Dear Sri Sreenivas , You are right. VNR Bihi guava is a great variety, and we should feel great as this variety is invented by one of our senior farmer.

Incidentally, 2 or 3 years back, I happend to eat one guava fruit in my friends house in bhubaneswar, and found very tasty and crispy. On enquiry, it is found that it is a plant supplied by VNR nursery, Raipur. on enquiry, I came to know that it is Bihi guava.

One year back i found some farmers , started planting Vnr Bihi guava plants in good aceraiting for market results. It is gathered from maharashtra farmer friends that it started in markets and doing well.

Feed back speaks that growth ,flowering and fruiting is good, in AP and Telangana states.

Hope do good. g.p.rao,farmer


Dear Mr.sreenivas

You are right about new guava variety VNR Bihi . It is excellent in taste , weight , size …I have been experimenting UHDP in guava plant with a variety L-49 in Thiruvallur …1000 plants per acre …Actually Horticulture research station advocated Allahabad safeda variety as a suitable guava plants for UHDP .When I studied this kind of experiment in chittor district of Andhrapradesh , I heard people say it is failed in the farmers field …I was also shown 2 guava field under UHDP…So I decided to replace Allahabad safeda with L -49 and experimented in my friend’s field at Thiruvalangadu in Thiruvallur district . I got the opportunity of serving in Horticulture department for over 6 years . So having consolidated all my experience that was gained from various horticulture research stations across the country and my own field experience and technical knowledge , I understood guava is a fast growing fruit plants with heavy nutrition requirement , having potential to bear fruits through out the years. The leaf axil bears flowers either singly or in cluster of three . Mainly current season shoots only bear fruits. So I gave combination of organic manure as basal dose like Compost made of pressmud , farm yard manure ,Rock phosphate , fish meal , neem cake , VAM and bio fertilizers …The reason for this heavy dose was the soil PH that was 8.9 . Guava is also salt tolerant crop …Fortunately the L-49 guava performed well more than our expectation …In 8 months all the plants started bearing fruits in large numbers with size , taste and aroma and flavour …So my friend wanted to grow this L 49 Guava in over large area and wanted to export to foreign countries …

Fortunately he was told there was huge demand and market for guava fruits in singapore market …So he went to singapore and explored the market for guava produce . It is during this visit that he came across many business person saying that people like medium sized fruits like Taiwan pearl guava which is tasty and crisp with aroma and flavor piercing their nostril …

So we came to a conclusion that  we should grow for market demand , not for our expectation and own wishes .We also studied about guava plantation and its market potential in many places in Tamilnadu like palani . periyakulam , hosur and krishnagiri.There I also saw one farmer cultivating Thaiwan guava successfully …

But here in this forum one of my friends is always skeptical about Thaiwan guava and much more worried about chances of importing disease into India . I want to tell him that first of all Guava is not native fruit to India . Guava plant itself was introduced into India from other country like how christian fathers brought coffee and maize into India and cultivated here…Also I wish to convey to him that he need not worry about disease …Because there is one separate quarantine department that will check for diseases and pest .

Also I wish to convey to him that Thaiwan plant already entered India . Because Guava plant is same every where in respect of its growth and reproduction pattern . Whether it is grown in India , or Mexico or America or elsewhere around the globe …guava plant is always guava plant …

Further most of the research in agriculture and horticulture  in the world is undertaken by big private companies that introduce new variety with promising results …

It is not like following what TNAU or UAS bangalore is telling or testing about Trichoderma viride or speudomonas and getting more yield by controlling soil borne pathogens …

For my firend’s kind knowledge I wish to tell him onething …These trichoderma viride or pseudomonas viridie is not coming from heaven or hell …It is already present in the soil …The principle is that when soil is having enough organic matter that is only food material for soil micro organism the microbes multiply rapidly in soil …Though soil is having harmful microbes , the beneficial microbes outnumber harmful microbes in population and keep it in check . Also in tropical country like ours the activity of microbes is enormous and it rapidly deplete soil organic matter …SO our Indian soil is poor in soil organic matter ie less than 1 in most of the soils in lieu of required 3 to 5 % level . Does my friend think that as per recommendation when he apply 25 grams or whatever prescribed quanity of T.Viride or Pseusomonas in soil or used for seed or sucker treatment in banana it will kill harmful pathogens in soil ?

As per my recent conversation with some Indians working in France and germany and many of the western Europen countries , many of the MNC companies are planning to enter India in Agriculture / Horticulture field …

I learnt that Indian farmers should produce for the market , not for his own taste or convenience…This is not subsistence farming to boast about self …It is a global era where we should study about buyers taste , buyers demand , buyers preference , and we should produce to meet their demand and requirement …Globe has already become a village …Indian govt gradually reducing or eliminating farmers subsidies …where as USA is giving enormous subsidies for both production as well as export …When American farmers could not find market for their farm produce , they will dump their produce in Atlantic ocean and yet they live in happiness …But Indian farmers will have to commit suicide …

So Agriculture done on commercial principle alone can keep the farmers life bright …Everything has pros and cons …

Any organic cultivation methods keep the TSS and Keeping quality of the fruit to certain minimum extent but mainly it is genetically controlled… Panchagavya alone could not produce miracle in any plant …

Because my dear friend Mr.Sreenivas ! you seem to be thinking innovatively about fruit farming especially guava …Because Thailand has emerged one of the leading country in the world in FARM TOURISM …

I wish you every success in your endeavor and please keep experimenting in Guava …


Dear Forum Farm Friends, Certain facts should be accepted by us. I am only a farmer with an experience of 31 years, apart from my engineering study and exposure.
So much Research and Developments are going in our universities and Agri/Horti institutes, just like other countries universities and institutes. So many varieties of hybrids in horti/agri ,are also been released along with so many systems and remidies also are published and helping the farming community.

I am trying to bring to the knowledge of co-farmers, when they need suggestion. At least ,I have this much sense to inform them about the remedy and also informing them that which University/Institute has recommended that system.

It is a fact that I never stated any thing as if I am showing a solution. I am giving the concerned,institute professor and if possible I am mentioning their address and phone numbers, but never stating that it is a solution as it is mine.

When one of my expert/qualified friend stated certain things and he suggested our forum farmer friends , and also stated about farming and details of taiwan guava and making of liquid fertilisers etc for guava and other crops.I know that these information is from a manual, immediately i mentioned the matter is from a web site  www.taiwanembassy.org/public/data/11294134971.pdf , a manual released by Republic of china (taiwan), only  to inform our forum friends to get clarity about guava farming, varieties, yields and sizes,diseases, remidies, organic liquid fertilisers making and using. I have never stated to follow, as if ,it is my knowledge.

Here I want to tell about our farm head and moderator, who, said several times not to mix informations/suggestions to our forum with commerciality/ads/money making commercial interst etc.

No doubt I accept ,i am not a expert qualified in the subject matters, but i have experience and several times i go to concerned professors, only to get a clarification about our forum farmers problem salvation, with out any commercial thinking. I am sure that our forum knows about my nature.

Here i want to inform our good expert/friend, that in 2004 to 2007, i have done jerbera crop farming ,on beds in a green house, without fumigating the beds with neither farmalin/bromide etc , but only with application of isolated T.viride, psuedomonas, paceilomyses, metarzhium ,VAM and bio fertilisers along with oiled neem cake,jetropha cake, fym and vermicompost, successfully,

It may not be out of place to mention here that Mr Negi,Dy director of NHM came to my farm in 2006, along with our horti officials, to see jerbera crop, farming without fumigation and expressed his compliments.

It is to inform my good expert friend that nothing on this earth is invented, created by our or any other country/experts, but only bringing to the lime light, which is existing on earth only, for our benefit.

Even the biopesticides are also existing in our earth and we are bringing them in isolated way to help farming community.

I assure all our forum farmer friends ,that i will be informing the facts, and inform the matter ,from which country,which institute it is gathered but never say, as if i nformed.

with best wishes to my expert friend and request the forum friends to go through the manual released by Republic of china (taiwan )  www.taiwanembassy.org/public/data/11294134971.pdf for the details of earning 7 to 9 lakhs from taiwan guava and for organic liquid fertilisers.

Namaskar,  g.p.rao, farmer


Thank you g.p.rao sir.
Appreciate your selfless advice to fellow farmers, please keep it going.

We will review this thread in a little bit.

Dear Srinivas Sir,  I want to clarify your question about any good marketing channels, except middlemaen, as under.

Very good market is always there ,when the fruits of guava, specially, VNR Bihi quality fruits, have good size, good colour and cryspy,kepping quality is exists.

Only there are two systems in good marketing. First and best is, marketing our good guava fruits in our own brand, with attractive packing and prices. For this we should have a big network ,and year round production. That can be only when we do in a large scale.

Second is we have to supply to agents/market brokers/traders of auctioning and take the price after deducting their commission.

Now in recent years a third system also has come to existance, that is supplying to Big Malls.They are encouraging good farmers,who maintains quality and confidence.

The first and foremost is we , farmers should maintain good quality production.

All the best to you sir,  g.p.rao,  farmer


Dear All:
I am a novice in the farming field … planning to do Guava cultivation.  While I have absorbed all the comments posted in this forum on Guava plantation, I had one query:  Given the nature of the crop, there is a continuous harvesting required during the fruit bearing period.  Where do we sell the fruit in Mysore / Bangalore?  Are there fruit yards where we auction the fruit there or do we get someone to come to our farm to pick the produce?  I am growing in very small quantity - only 2 acres - with HDP - planning to have some 900 plants!

Can you please guide me with the process of selling this fruit, where? how does the rate get fixed, etc., etc.

Thanks in anticipation.

Ur article is impressive.i would like to visit ur place to get more idea on it.
It willb highly helpful if u can share your address or contact Number.
Thanks Nd regards ,

Dear Mr.Pandian …
Thank you for your compliments …Guava is kind of selection from best performing mother plants. when you learn specifics about guava by working close with the plants , you will become master of plants that will be made to listen and respond  to you quite happily.

Email: ramuth24@gmail.com
Mobile: 9087286480

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Dear rao sir, can we get these vnr bihi plants in Karnataka near udupi Mangalore

Dear Sri Vaishak

Please contact Sri Devesh Shukla, of Vnr nurseries, for Vnr bihi guava plants. His contact number is 09981995393.

Each plant will be rs 150/_ or 160/_ each and transport from raipur to udupi will be another rs 40/_ to 50/_ per plant.

They will help you for arranging a vehicle. If your plants quantity is more, your transport charges will come down.

Contact Mr Devesh Shukla for details and order.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Hi Ramu,

I would like to know about the cloning plants available for TAIWAN GUAVA with you, since i am near by your district i can collect from your place. please let us know.

Thanks & Regards,
Harish Babu .M

I just posted this article for information . I am not dealing in any kind of nursery . But i hear people say that Telangana state abounds in innumerable fruit nurseries and plenty of private guava nurseries also . But my suggestion for you is to visit only select nursery that produce saplings from single field that carries all profuse  bearing guava mother trees

From where to get the plants?

It has been  proved in research that the seeds in guava fruits can prevent and also cure blood cancer in human being …

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Dear Sreenivas, please through some light on Taiwan Pink Guava variety.