Greenhouse / polyhouse profitability

hello friends, i am planning to start Poly/Greenhouse farming…but i do not have much experience about it. just checked in you tube videos and spoke 2 farmers…they said its good. if any body know “Poly/Greenhouse farming” fully
Please guide me.
1.what kind of crops can grow
2.Is it profitable or not
3.what kind of technical problems we get
4.maintanance per annual/1 Acre
5.Difference between Poly/Greenhouse farming
6.what are the Poly/Greenhouse farming construction companies list…which company will build good poly/greenhouse
7.where can we get training

Please guide me my contact details, mobile: 8374718050, whatsapp:9962777616.

My dear old pal Mr.Anjaiah
why this costly idea ?
First ensure uninterrupted power supply for green house / polyhouse .Seems you need around 75 Lac rupees for infrastructure and inputs for one acre area …

Instead go to Nepal where you can lease cheap fertile land . There few rare medicinal crops are being grown for pharmacheutical industry …one kg tuber is srlling at Rs.45000 …you can earn crores together in nepal if you spend 75 lac rupees there

Dear RAMU,

I am a bit confused by your reply. Is it not good to start greenhouse farming here? As per my understanding, the basic idea behind greenhouse farming’s initial infrastructure cost is out weighed by various other factors like market, distance, etc. Please throw some light on this!

Hi friend
green house / polyhouse is a sort of corporate farming .
In overseas countries where climate is the limiting factor for the prodction of vegetables , green house is set up for vegetable cultivation …And one more important factor to consider in this hi tech farming is higher sales price

For example …Tomato sells at Rs.50 - 200 per kg .They produce minimum of 100 MT of fruits per acre in green house .So the gross income per acre of tomato farming is in the range of Rs.50 lac - 2 .0 crore .This means the cost recovery period falls between 10 Months to 16 months .

In indian scenario even though we produce 100 MT per acre the price fluctuation in market that ranges between Rs.1 to 10 per kg put your gross income between Rs.1.0 lac to 10 lac per acre . So the cost recovery period falls many decades away …

The green house and polyhouse farming is strictly recommended for high value crop that finds consistent market …

10 years back polyhouse and green house were used to grow cutflowers that were exported to European countries and UK and one acre cut flowers earned nearly 1.25 crores in an year …But now due to heavy competition and higher specification of flower quality , indian flowers rarely match their requirement .The same flowers in Indian market , particularly bangalore market fetch you 10-12 lac per acre …
Some people are still making profit out of green house farming …The reason is they do cultivation as well as trading .Besides their own production , they buy produce from nearby farmers and sell it in overseas market and make profit out of trading …

In UP some secific group of persons are manufacturing ROSE OIL /ROSE WATER .It is a costly priced perfume product .For producing this type of highly priced perfume product they do select rose cultivation in green house and polyhouse .

Maintenance cost is also more here

now tell me if green house / polyhouse can be a right option everywhere for everybody …

Mr.Anjaiah can not bear the brunt of losses if his costly idea cost him dealy

If i am wrong you can correct me with all pleasure


Thanks sir for your prompt response…I am just gathering the info. regarding polyhouse…@hello members please give me your ideas on polyhouse farming …whatever it may be negative or positive responses but need response i’ll consider all responses and then i’ll take decision…

Thnaks Ramu sir for your response

Dear RAMU,

Your explanation seems rational but still I have heard stories directly from farmers that polyhouse farming is profitable. For example, interacted with a farmer near my native place (Pudukkottai) who is farming gherkins and he stated that the farming is very profitable and he even went for his third polyhouse construction.

Attachment: Photo taken at his polyhouse.

Dear friend
great …Then you can start your polyhouse cultivation when things look lucrative for you . you can very well cultivate hybrid cucumber that yield nearly 80 MT per acre in polyhouse .

Dear friend
yes you can grow gherkins and hybrid cucumber that is exported to Europen countries for salad and pickle purpose .I have also posted one article . One of our friends has been growing hybrid cucumber in shadenet house and export it to overseas countries like singapore and netherland and he was earning Rs.20 lac per acre .
If you are sure about market for your produce you can vey well grow gherkins .I still and ever recommend polyhuse cultivation that supports hi tech cultivation for higher yield . But the question is market and price .
If you can afford to spend on polyhouse , then it is great for you …pl go ahead on your plan

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Dear RAMU,

Thank you for your advice. As of now, I don’t have any plan to erect polyhouse because I am new to selling agriculture produces (not new to farming) to the market directly. Studying the market behaviours and its dynamism with various factors. Once I get hold of these things, there are chances that I get into hi-tech farming. Right now, I stick to the initial plan of Moringa cultivation with possibly an intercrop.

If at all, I venture into polyhouse, I will knock your doors and ask you many questions :slight_smile:


Great friend …your efforts are apprecated …but I dont have any door ready to be knocked anytime …stay blessed

No need for big investment and going for Fan / Pad polyhouse.

Built one naturally vantilated polyhouse and cost will come nearly 700-800 rs / sqmt … govt will give 50% subsidy if all parameters are met.

in Naturally vantilated you can take crop without any interruption and without any heavy electricity usage for 10 months , for heavy summer 2 months May and June still crop can be taken in naturally vantilated but prodyction will be bit down.

Install only exhaust fans and fogggers inside polyhouse which are not heavy priced.

If you grow tomato definite varity you can take 140-160 MT per acre per 3 months ( 1 .5 months in tray and small pots and 3 months inside polyhouse) so u can take 4 crops per year ( if you go for soilless else you have to follow crop cycle).

Total 150*4= 600 MT per year .

If avg price you get 3-5 rs then income will be 18 lakh to 30 lakh per year.

**** All above is possible in best possible scenario and you have to practice gather knowledge and wash your hand before jumping to above conclusion.

Conclusion - polyhouse farming is very profitable if done with best practices and knowledge.


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Very informative and useful

Check our new article Polyhouse cultivation guide for more details on polyhouse cultivation.

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Dear Mr Ramu,
I’m interested in cultivating medicinal herbs and I kindly request you to advise on growing these herbs and also please share any information on leasing land in Nepal, I’m hearing this for the first time… Thank you…

Sir, if you could please provide your contact number, that would be great… thanks…

To become successful in greenhouse you have to must know technical, marketing information about greenhouse. i recommend a very good website agriculture guruji is provide very in depth and practical knowledge.

in india most of the greenhouse grower cultivate garbera, dutch rose , carnation flower in their greenhouse and in vegetable colour capsicum and exotic vegetable grow

average income form this greenhouse is 12-20 lac per year in one acre.

Very informative


P N Subramanian

Hi can I trust bamboo poly house because half of the investment campare to regular polyhouse. Please give me answer

In the Present Scenerio Poly/Greenhouse farming is GOOD nd fetch GOOD INCOME. The answers for your doubts are as follows.
.what kind of crops can grow : Except Big Trees(Fruit Trees) and Creeper All Vegetables Can Grow . Creepers can also be Grown, but exclusily those Creepers only.
2.Is it profitable or not : Profitable , Provided that you yourself involved in Farming and Have a Reliable Consultants for time to time raising issues.
3.what kind of technical problems we get: There will not be Any Technical problems in Going for Automation . Periodical Checking of TDS,EC,pH etc.
4.maintanance per annual/1 Acre: Maintenance is depending on your efforts and Crop Planning
5.Difference between Poly/Greenhouse farming : Poly House is a Semi Automatic while Green House is Fully Automatic with Climatic Control.
Some are thinking and say thet Shade net is Green House. Shade net is a shadenet and not a Green House
6.what are the Poly/Greenhouse farming construction companies list…which company will build good poly/greenhouse
7.where can we get training : We can Provide Training at your Site after Installation of Poly House / Green House. If you are intrested we will Provide the Dtails of the installers of Poly House / Green House. .
With Best Wishes.
for Vasudha Green Farms,,