Taiwan guava fruits can earn an annual income of 7 to 10 lac per acre


Sorry for the delayed reply. Right now i am growing VNR Bihi and they are about 1 year old. It will take another one year for first harvest and i am yet to explore the marketing channels for this. I don’t have experience in Taiwan pink Guava

Whichever variety you choose, please take preventive control methods for Nematodes. I have now understood that Nematodes have become big issue to Guava and it is spreading fast. Please use combination of French / African Marigold and biopesticides as advised by IIHR


i heard someone saying that guava plantation attracts monkeys and lots of birds damaging the crop. how far is this correct


Dear Sreenivas , I am a small farmer & I am planning the guava plantation in one acre in Nashik, Maharashtra
I wish to plant vnr guava variety .
But I am in puzzle that which variety should I plant?Vnr bihi from Chattisgadh Raipur or
vnr bihi clonal variety from A.P.
Vnr Bihi from Raipur is very good quality ! but plants are costly !! much more than that of clonal production !!!
But apart from that …the main thing is that …
Whether this clonal variety does carry all the good genetic characteristics of those of original vnr Raipur variety .
Kindly guide me…
Mr Tukaram Dhikale
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Dear Ramu ,
I also expect information that … whether all types of varieties of guava are successful in Highly Density plantation ? such as Vnr bihi or Taiwan pink can be planted like this & if " Yes " …will it be profitable as In L-49 or alahabad safeda ?
I want this information for my future guava plantation ,…please .
Tukaram Dhikale from Nasik…Maharashtra .


hi mr.Tukaram

VNR bihi should be planted in moderate density only . Since its fruit size is very big ranging between some 300 grams to 700 grams , it needs enough space for intercepting sun light and allowing more air circulation .The plant is not as prolific as L-49 that is highly prolific in growth with reduced inter node length and mostly erect orientation of its branches . In VNR bihi the branch orientation will be acute and need enough spaces around .
L-49 has got profuse growth behavior and erect branch orientation and individual fruit weight ranging somewhere between 250 grams to 500 grams . As a matter of fact , you can grow upto 1300 to 2000 plants per acre with timely pruning operation …

But Allahabad safeda , inspite of fruit quality resembling L-49 does not respond to high density planting cultivation in terms of yield … because of its growth pattern and behavior in the field that is found slow and gradual … In case of L-49 immediately after pruning plant will pick up growth very fast with too many branches

In VNR bihi you can go upto 250- 450 plants per acre comfortably well with annual yield of around 10-12 MT and where as in L-49 you can do well even with 2000 plants per acre with annual yield of around 16-20 MT fruits


Dear Mr Ramu,
Thank you for this useful information.
I m planning to plant Guava in 1 acre farm at Nashik, Maharashtra. Kindly guide which variety will be better, Vnr bihi from Raipur or Vnr bihi clonal from Andhra Pradesh or Taiwan Pink guava.
I have come to Pondicherry for a month. I want to visit Taiwan Pink or Vnr bihi clonal Guava farm near Pondicherry during harvesting season. Can you please provide me address and contact details of such farms.
Tukaram Dhikale


All the guava varieties are good in one way or other .But you survey your market for knowing consumer preference .If any specific guava variety fruit is ruling the market then you can choose that kind of variety and grow it under intensive cultivation . VNR bihi from Raipur is far better than clones. VNR bihi is a graft that is quite great …Pondichery has great many farmers growing guava . I never used to visit pondichery since it invites unnecessary conflict within family …But it is better for you to visit guava orchards planted somewhere in a similar climate like your location . Because pondichery climate and soil are different than yours …Pondichery is sitting close to seashore that affect growth and flowering in every possible way .


Dear Mr Ramu,
Thank you very much for your prompt and very useful advice. Cost of Vnr clonal saplings is about Rs 75 and Vnr Raipur is about Rs 160 per sapling. I was thinking that vnr clonal variety will have simillar characteristics as the Vnr Raipur variety. But according to your comment Vnr Raipur is much better variety. Also some farmers have planted Vnr Raipur variety in Maharashtra. So I will once enquire the market and then go for Vnr Raipur variety.
Tukaram Dhikale


good day all,
can any one suggest guava variety for high humidity area like Ratnagiri.
kind regards



       can you please give me ur contact details


sir, my phone contact number is 07411119999. g.p.rao


Hello sir
Plez give me information of Taiwan guava plant cost and which nursery is best . Or Vnr is best or Taiwan pink.
Thanks and Regards
Amit Sharma
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What type of soil is suitable for thiwan guava cultivation, where was is this nursery in India


Hi forum friends,
I am new here and a farm enthusiast. I have about 7acres of blackish red soil land with plenty of water in telangana.
I have two questions :
As a person without any experience of farming what is the type and amount of effort I will have to put in for profitable farming.
Secondly in how much time will guava plants will start bearing fruits.
Looking forward for your valuable suggestions.