Planning an agriculture project? - get the community opinion


Thanks a lot for the encouraging words.Yes, i will start looking for lands with the help of my family /friends circle to begin with.Also, i will definitely get some knowledge with short term courses and books. Any help in choosing a course from an indian university, preferably distance/online education to get the basic theory concepts which i can try and apply in practicals later.

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If you are looking for short term training KVK(krishi Vigyan Kendra) is a good place. Again it depends on the local branch. In my place they will have monthly 3 to 4 training courses on different topics, they will take a tour, they distribute free saplings of plants what is trained up etc etc…

to you see below link

Check here, they may guide you where to attend training.


Thanks sri2012 for the link.i will go through it today.

@all- Please let me know more about the courses which covers the basics. Also any good book recommendation?

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IGNOU runs a 6-month course called Certificate in Organic Farming. You can apply for the July session or self study with the course material which is available online (I’ve uploaded in the post linked below).

Course Material: Certificate in Organic Farming (IGNOU) … ing-(ignou/


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I am a commerce student studing in T Y B Com but interested in polyhouse business very much in the area of pune, Talegoan, Shivane I want guidense in this field


I am a commerce student studing in T Y B Com but interested in polyhouse business very much in the area of pune, Talegoan, Shivane I want guidense in this field
[/quote]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Resp Priyankakatake, Green house farming is very good for educated and interested farmers. I will inform you the basics and based on your financial limitations ,you can proceed.  Please keep it in  mind that the investments in Green house farming is more and profits/losses  also will be more.                                                                                                                                                                                    For 1 acre,say 4000 sq.Mtrs and cost of construction will be more basing on negotiations with the constructing companies.In pune there are several constructing companies and you can choose one and i know one company,which is very standard and their contact number is 09890006996, IGL ( old name Sri hari green houses pvt ltd).                                                                                                                                                                                        Once the green house is constructed, you have to choose your crop.either floriculture,;  gerberas, carnations,  roses M/s Shrubbs n Roses, sri Bhaskara Reddy of Bangalore, agents for MOERHEIM Roses & Crysanthemems ,Netherlands,contact No. 09379558559 and  you can contact KF BIO PLANTS,pune for gerberas,carnations etc ) or  vegetables,;    like colour capsicum,( best Namdhari seeds,Bangalore, agents for Enza Zaden co ,Netherlands,or    Cherry Tomatoes,  beefstock Tomatoes, europian cucumbers  etc, M/s RIZK ZWAN,Bangalore  or  fruits like Strawberrys,  export variety melons etc .Then you have to order your drip Irrigation system. Best are Netaphim,  Finolex Plastro, Jain drip irrigation etc.  Then comes the bed preparation, as you like, either organic bed preparation and/or in-organic bed preparation (including fumigation in this in-organic system).                                                                                                                                                                                    More amounts are required for construction of Green house,purchasing plant materials, drip irrigation,Bed preparation  etc. Since you are a new farmer, i advise you to keep one good consultant available in your town/city. If good management, your profits will be very good. All the best and advise you to start with small extent initially.    g.p.rao,farmer


Hi Vidya,

See my comments inline.

Padmanabhan Ganesan


Hi Sri2012,

I have attended multiple trainings in KVK, Kattupakkam.  I am disappointed to say that the trainings are not worth it.  The time & money spent on attending this training is completely useless and the training is completely an eye-wash.  The training is just to show so many people attended the training rather than the quality & content of the training.

The only exception is the “Fresh Water Fish Training” which is done by a lady who has really put in her best efforts to really help the participants.

You can gain the same knowledge from books which are sold in TANUVAS, Kattupakkam.

The only benefit you can gain out of this meetings/trainings is that you can get in touch with people who are in similar model of work like Fish Farming, Goat Farming etc.

Note:  This is my personal opinion.

Padmanabhan Ganesan


Thanks Padmanabhan,

Can you please forward me your personal mail id if you don’t mind?Sorry, i couldn’t reply earlier. Thanks very much for the info.




I had wanted to start a farm long ago & spent nearly 2 years now locating a farm land near Kanchipuram. It has a open well & power and the area is 5 acres. Last season the previous owner planted paddy & harvested 34 bags of rice in 1 acre. What are the other possiblities in the land as I am not too keen on planting rice as it needs a lot of labour.


My experience is: The land used for cultivation of paddy needs a longer period to conver to horticulture. but you can plant banana immediatly. Check if there is any water logging during rainy days. if so you must solve it by trench cum bunds.

Any way you are buying new, why do you choose this instead of dry land(no water logging) with water facility


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I have sent my personal mail & contact through PM.  Let me know whether you have received or not.

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Dear Freinds,
I am a dairy farmer I have taken loan from Indian Overseas bank and already one year is over i paid upto last march now i applied for the moratorium announced by the chief minister of kerala my bank says they dont know much about it .
why it is like this we can demand one year moratoruim isnt it why dairy is it exempted
please answer me back
sunil menon



We own an agriculture land in Sarjapura (25 Kms from Koramangala, Bangalore). The extent of the land is 12 acres. It is protected by a 10’ high boundary wall. There is 10 HP power & a borewell with good yield.

Along the periphery there are 3 rows of silver wood trees planted. We would like to venture into farming. Please suggest the types of fruits / vegetables / trees / pulses / flowers, etc. which we could grow there.



Dear Friends

A normal plain red soil land with water availability. Land not cultivated since long. climate is 32 % max 24 in min . moderate rain and humidity 62% . acreage we would say 10 as only single person involved and intended to do maximum labour self.

For starters in such platform what type of farming plan may work out for immediate revenue generation in 3 months for daily living and rest in for farm development with long term plan.

Most of the starters/farm enthusiast have same way of thoughts. So if seniors can draw model way of integrated farm same would be helpful and can inspire followers .



Hi Mathew,

For immediate returns, you can opt for Leafy Green Vegetables.  The harvest will be from 15 days to 90 days.  To get an idea, you can search for “Nalla Keerai”.

For short term, you can opt for papaya, moringa etc

For long term, you can opt for fruit trees like mango, sapota, guava etc and also compliment it with timber trees.

Padmanabhan Ganesan