Planning an agriculture project? - get the community opinion

Planning a new agricultural project but not sure where to start? Have an investment idea but want some opinions for a reality check? Want to do something in farming but confused which line to take or how much would it mean in terms of investment?

Post the details of your idea or where you want to be, your project objectives, how you plan to go ahead etc. on this topic; and let the farmnest community pool in their opinions and advice. You might even find someone who can guide you or join hands with you as you go!

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How can I not have my own project to start with? :wink: … discussion/

I have ancestral agricultural land, but I have been working as an employee for last 20 years and now I want to do something in farming. I am not sure where to start with. Whenever I approach my brother who lives in village or others in the village they say discouraging words about farming. I tried financing banana crop but not received a single paisa return, may be I did not supervise it properly. I tried with groundnuts again not received any money. May be my brother and my father who were supervising it duped me. Because of these experiences, I am reluctant to start anything new. Now I want to start small and try out something like vegetable growing as my farms are closer to Chennai and see how profitable it is, so that I can grow from there.

Please feel free to let me know your opinion.

-Ramaguru Prasad Jakkala

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Hi ramaguru,

If I were you, I would spend a season or two visiting the farm while others manage it as now to understand the bottlenecks and if and why the cultivation is not remunerative in the current setup. That would on one hand let you get a first hand picture of the true state and also give you an understanding of what needs to be done by yourself when you go full steam yourself.

Not getting a single paisa does not seem very right, unless the crops got wiped out each time for unusual reasons.

Good luck!

Hi Every one,

Seek your help or assistance.

I have around 5acres of agriculture land.

I m planing to start any kind of cultivation like rose or Green house projects.

I m unaware of things please guide which is better and how to go about it.

I m a working professional in Bangalore.

Also guide me if there are any kind of training classes conducted on these

Awaiting for your precious inputs

Hi All

I am looking for 5 acres of dry land (my place is near to Mysore), once I will buy the land and want to start the Floriculture with the different types of Roses.

I am looking for guidance for the same. Please help me out.


respected sir,

first get the soil and water test and send the report to us we provide you the best cultivation practice with break even.

thanking you sir,



Please send your email id




what a pitiable circumstances you have been dragged into now! I think you should have disposed off your landed property some 3 years ago when real estate brokers were plundered people money by selling Rs 200 per sq ft worth land for higher sale price of Rs 2000 per sq ft like kajani mohammed plundered somnath temple.But dont worry. God always shows alternate ways. since you are having lands near chennai and you are interested to grow vegetables, you no doubt can earn Rs 5lac per acre per year which I think would be more than what you earn now from your current job. But sincerity, devotion, dedication and commitment without any commotion is the only way to success.

May god bless you to get what you lost earlier


I have been a member of this community for a while and have seen a sharp rise in interest around agri ventures from our Techie peers. Given I am (was) wearing the same shoes, I can share a few pointers :

1 - If you are doing this alone and esply if are a single income family, it behooves each of us to take it slow. Step into this gradually.

2 - Hopefully, you’ll eventually fully transition into Agriculture. Until then, take a few steps each time, try 1-2 crops each year, learn and practice 1-2 new techniques (drip, hydroponics, pisciculture,etc) each year. Do not expect to be fully sustainable in 1 (possibly 2) years. It takes time and patience if you are into this part-time. On the same note, take advantage of buying larger parcel of land if possible, it will only become more expensive later while there is no harm in keeping excess land uncultivated.

3 - Do not fall for online fads. Forums like these are invaluable to keep current but the information discussed (esply about Wonder crops like Stevia, Jatropa or like Emu) have to be taken with a pinch of salt. Initially, tried and tested crops are a safer way in.

4 - Agriculture is a lifestyle, not as much a career. It is much more about a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Money is the means to do more, achieve more, be more creative. It should almost never be the goal. Consider real estate, IT or finance if you want quick money…though they may not be any easier either.

5 - Be ready to get dirty. Try rooftop gardening, etc to get a sense for it. Step into this only when you feel you are ready for the mud, dirt, heat and sweat. You’ll never find a more fulfilling job…but you’ll have to pay for it as much in kind.

6 - If there are two nuggets, I’d like to end with : Location & Network.

  • Location : It is after all land. Prime land will cost more but hopefully will be worth it in the long run in terms of convenience, fertility, proximity to facilities, appreciation, etc. Do not try to speculate on farm land for short term again, you’re better of investing in the city in that case.
  • Network : Given, this post is addressing inquiries from Techies and other non-agri professionals, we will not enter this domain with much agri knowledge. Grow your network, take advantage of such forums, MEET people and visit locations. Little will be achieved by exchanging emails and online msgs.

About me : My brother and I started thinking about alternative energy about 4 years ago. Since then, my brother has come back to India, started a sizable plantation. We have since diversified our focus to fruit and veggies as well. It took us a while, we made some difficult decisions but finally got started. We continue to learn everyday and would be happy to guide folks who are still considering making the switch. More about us at

well said. however we need youngsters preferably from agri background and rural areas to venture into agriculture while encouraging others to do it steadfast. Unfortunately the urban facy has taken toll of our rural folk. At this rate food may be costlier than gold.

I have mango orchard ,I want the community opinion regarding what are the scope available in this field for business.Right now we use to give it to contract ,the contractors use to take the mangoes.
I want suggestion of any good market or contact information where we can export our mangoes and start any business in this line.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Dear Friends,

I am the newest member of this forum.

We have just done a deal to buy a piece of land in Rajasthan and wish to start a organic farming for fruits & vegetables. We would also like to have some herbs planted.

We are interested in your valuable suggestions for :

  1. Fencing - not too expensive as the total are is approx 46000 sq yd.

  2. Best variety of fruits/vegetables for Kotputli region in Rajasthan.

Thanks for your inputs.

Hi Mathew,

My advise is first get the land. Then you can think of that paper… For newbies like us getting the land is 50% Success in agriculture…

This might interest you. … griculture



thanks lot Murali, yes am searching for good and cheap land in TN spoke to couple of brokers and trying to get some direct contacts through relatives. expected to get through shortly.

Hi Mathew,

My advice is first get the small piece of developed land for lease and stay near by village where you want to purchase. Plan for conventional crop and method for the major portion of land and try your ideas in small bit of land (but no long time crop or investment). Agriculture is specific to climate, soil, customer need, environment, idea, work force and resources available etc…
Meanwhile you can get contact with nearby KVKs, NGOs and study with the type of soil, resources available, get the practical knowledge and look for your dream land for correct price.

If you’re able to dedicate your time, effort and manage the problems, go for the next step for permanent investment. Most of the time I.T.Professionals, NGOs, social entrepreneur, some dedicated agriculture officers starts with the great emotion, book knowledge and regret for their investment. As the new generation from village wants to move towards urban area, most of the agricultural land is available for sale or in ideal condition, but unknown.


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thanks lot. its a wise advise… thanks for alerting me…

Hi all,
I have 2 acres of land in Konkan region with sufficient water resources. The soil type is red and there are many cashew plantations around the farm
Plan is as follows:

  1. Do the soil analysis to find deficiencies and try to fix the issues
  2. In parallel also fence the field with bamboo plantation so that it acts as a wind barrier
  3. Do a high density plantation of bananas
  4. Buy 2 cows and build a bio gas plant - This serves two purposes - Additional income from milk, slurry / nutrients for the farm
  5. Irrigation will be thru drip irrigation

Please note that i will keep a caretaker who will oversee this, and i (or my family members) will visit farm every weekend.
Do you guys think it is worth giving a shot ??
Please note: I am not looking at making a huge profit, but @least i should break even (this should include the remuneration for the caretaker). Cows is a long term investment, and will not be considered for calculation of profit.


HI Parag

I think you have a workable plan. Give it a shot. I have heard of farmers getting around 3 lakhs per acre for banana, so if you take that as a base, you should be able to figure out the income/profit