Planning an agriculture project? - get the community opinion


Hello everyone,

I’m planning to open a dairy farm with 40 - 50 cows or buffalo. I don’t have not ancestral property nor anyone in my family is a farmer.However, I can manage to get 5 acres of land.  Can I start a dairy?
Please help with any info possible.


Hello Everyone… Currently I am working as a software engineer in an MNC but more importantly I am from a vilaage in Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh). We have about 12 acres of farming land where from ages we have been cultivating crops like Wheat, Rice, Sugarcane. The earnings from these crops is hardly 2.5 - 3 Lakhs annually.

I am planning to try and cultivate some new crops which could give a better return. I have seen in eastern Uttar Pradesh region especially near Kushinagar/Gorakhpur that there is no help or rather vision from farmers in our region. If you go to the near by place Varanasi there is a great culture of farming there. There are good local Markets to consume these products. But in Gorakhpur area there is no such opportunity. Lately, people have started growinh Peppermint.

Now, my query here is What is it that I can cultivate or grow which can yield better returns. Please with all respect , don’t suggest Fruits or vegetables because there are some reasons behind not growing them. " Sab loot le laagenge"… You can’t protect those… There a re other reasons as well.

If you could suggest me some medicinal plants or anything which could help me earn better.

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hello friends

absolute fantastic
the way i thought
the blog looks like its got real people, with real ideas

the situation is

i am planing to start a goat farm
but i am absolute new to this field , when it comes to practical knowledge
i have gone through a lot of website, and a book, and have some theoretical knowledge.

i have 3 acre of land, and hopefully i will get the govt loan to start the project
i will start with 70+3 goats
people who have knowledge regarding this please advice me
and please help me to establish the farm
because the initial part of the project will decide the future of the project

thanks and regards


Hi, I am an engineer and i want to start a Hydroponic farm in 10 acres land for growing crops like tomato,capsicum etc.Can u give me details of how much money i need to intially invest and the details of vendors avilable in india.Can u also give me address of farms incoperating Hydroponic farms in india so that i can go and visit them to get detailed information.
My email id is


i want to build greenhouse at Rajkot in Gujarat
i talked with some greenhouse suppliers cum consultants but im not getting proper information
im planing to plant vegetables crops like tomatoes and cucumber at starting  then later on flowers
which type of greenhouse is good for those crops ? i like to go with naturally ventilated with fogging system as fan-pad greenhouse running cost is very high
i wants go with  hydroponic planting method but some suppliers whom i talked said hydroponic will not possible in naturally ventilated greenhouse and some suppliers said don’t go with hydroponic as its complex to grow you needs experience  for it
can we grow plants with hydroponic method in naturally ventilated greenhouse with fogging system ?
is hydroponic very complicated that one educated farmers cant use it  ?
and how much extra cost for install hydroponic system in 4000 sq m green house then soil system ?


Hi all,

We are planning to setup a aquaponic farming setup in bangalore. We are new to Agriculture and we are novice in hydrophonics and aquaculture. We are currently working on a prototype and we have plans to setup a small Aquaponics farm in outskrits of bangalore.

We would love to here your feedback/suggestions on the following:
As any of the member run/own/tried aquaponics earlier? If so can you share any contact details so that we can catch up.
How do you foresee the market for organic farming done using Aquaponics?
What are the economics we need to consider before we setup the farm?
Does any one have aquaponics farm near/around bangalore?

We have just started to get her hand dirty, would really appreciate if you can provide some guideness to us as we are new to Farming.



Hi farmnest
I have an ancestor property (agricultural land) near Nagamangala taluk, with a borewell. I am basically from Bangalore with IT background. Farming had been my interest since my childhood.
Back to business, The land has not been cultivate quiet some years. I like take up this out of my interest.
I want to start with Greenhouse farming. I don’t get to hear a lot positive statement from the people live around here.
If there is anybody in and around Nagamangala already into Greenhouse farming /organic cultivation, Please do wire to me with your expertise dos/don’ts.



I noticed couple of females showing interest in farming which is commendable. I thought it would help if they get to interact with fellow female who has been farming for a while and willing to share her knowledge. I would strongly suggest visiting Ms. Shilpa’s farm and interacting with her to jumpstart the process. Her contact info is at the end of the following video. All the best. … 0AB2C4DB60


hello dear,

where do you want to start it, i mean which part of India, i am opinion that in any agri  project , community farming is more helpful




Hi everybody,

I am planning to cultivate Aloe-Vera in approx. 100 acre’s land. Can any one suggest me about this? where I got detail information about it’s production and marketing and also it’s profit loss analysis. Is there any consultancy available for it? Please reply.


Greetings Everyone,

I am planning to take up agriculture as a full time activity,though new to me, am not new to farming.I have
successfully raised vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber,bhendi,banana etc.,) in the apartment where I stay, in
addition to flowers and decorative foliage. I have been  a service engineer and am quite familiar with mechanical and
electronic devices. I have been researching about agriculture for quite sometime now and I feel confident I can take up
farming successfully.

A friend of mine is willing to lease me his land of about four acres close to Hyderabad for this purpose.I would like to go in
for seasonal vegetables and fruits as the turn around time is short and returns I believe are good.I want to start it in the
conventional method or open precision farming and slowly move towards Organic (NPM,ZBNF etc.,)and integrated farming. Hydroponics/Aquaponics is also another area which interests me immensely.

I have been a member of FARMNEST since October last and have been very avidly following all the post here.I request
knowledgeable members of the community for their valuable suggestion and advice to help me start my venture.

Thanks in advance.



dear George,

I read your post, I have land about 34 acres in Umaria, Panna in Madhya Pradesh,India, I am also willing to lease it




Hi ,

we are interested in starting a lily flower farm (we have 2 acres of agricultural land with a Submersible) in district baghpat , uttar pradesh  using greenhouse technology (low cost)

can anybody tell us

area requirement
subsidies (both central & state)
seed & fertilizer costing
cost of project
sale point of flowers
selling price of flowers
how to use the spare time
profitability / margins

Kushagra Arora
9910 460 121


we are a few friends who want to give up our respective careers and start farming. We have planned to buy 100 acres of land in a distance of about 150 kms from indore ( our present location.) After buying the land, we may be able to scape up a maximum of about 2 crores for the running and infrastructure of this land till it starts delivering. As of now we have planned 30 acres of pomegranates and 60 acres seasonal for the first 3 yrs till first batch becomes fruiting. then we increase pomegranates to 60 and reduce seasonal to 30 and so on. reason for going slow on pome is to reduce risk.

among the  seasonal we are in a fix. we have so far planned kusum (safflower) from nov to march,  sunflower during summer and ground nuts (peanuts) for monsoon. we plan to leave one acre for ginger and turmeric as well so that we have mother rhizomes to plant about 15 acres each. The thought underlining this is that ginger and turmeric are expensive to plant on vast areas and growing mother rhizomes could be a better idea. Sunflower is hardy and ideal of novice like us plus we may try honeybee with it as well. monsoon gives us only 2 choices - soya and peanuts… soya being bad for the soil we are considering peanuts. Idea behind safflower is also that it is hardy and giving cash in 5 months.

Truth is that while enthusiasm is high, neither of us is experienced in the art (architecture, marketing field guys). We are nature loving people who want to go organic and the kinds who are willing to soil our clothes.

Your good advice could make our lives… thanks!


I have 5acres land in SIKAR(Rajasthan) and I am living in Delhi NCR .I have been cultivated Aloe vera in my land but I failed in this project due to marketing of Aloe vera Leaves.

Please advice how can I best utilaisation of this Land ?




Dear All,
I am Siddharth Dhamija, from Panipat, Haryana. I have 7 acres Land in Karnal (which is well known for its Fertile Soil). I am planning to start with my First Agricultural Venture soon, But i confused i Two Major Matters and seek your opinion on the same.

  1. Should i go for Naturally Ventilated Poly House or Walk in Tunnel.?
  2. First crop i should take of Capsicum or Cucumber?


Looking forward to suggestions.


Thankyou Sir,

We will provide Green House/ Poly House on Turn Key basis.
Kindly Provide us the Details of your Requirements along with the Details of
your Land Extent, How much Land you want to bring Green House,
Dimensions etc. We will Provide the Estimate after seeing your Land.,


The Boomi Putra video clip sent by srinivas13 on natural farming is very good. It is worth watching.
Thankyou Srinivas for sharing with us.


Dear Chandra 

As an Enthusiasist  I will  just tell you  go  in  Dare  and think  from your mind pls    you buy lot of Agri  Commodities  for your Daily Use  so think  and  follow  just  1 thing Do Trial  and Errors  but remember  have Confidance in your self 

i am like you  am  changing my path at 45  am trying agri i am dammm sure i am going to achive more than  any cheater / trader / politician / Agent … 

be in touch 


hi every one,

i have 5-8 acre of agricultural land,  12 months water supply available, planning to grow organic vegetables and fruits.

Need experts opinion on which vegetable crop and fruits and its variety , yield/acre, crop duration,
i have sorted out some vegetable and fruits
1)    organic Papaya - red lady (taiwan)    =  1 acre      yield : ???      first harvest (days) : ????             
2)    Organic Okra - ???                            =  1 acre      yield : ???          ------"--------        : ????
3)    organic Ginger - ????                          = 1 acre      yield : ???          ------"--------        : ????
4)    organic banana - red and nenthran  = 1 acre        yield : ???          ------"--------        : ????
5)    organic drum sticks  - ????                = 1 acre      yield : ???          ------"--------        : ????
6)    organic corn - ????                            = 1 acre      yield : ???          ------"--------        : ????
and also planning to plant bamboo on fencing of entire plot.

which varieties are best yielding and market accepted both local and international market?

any good ideas please share

J nadar