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Hi Richirich

What is the size of your mango orchard, what varities are you growing there, what is your yield?

I have been doing some research about export markets and it is quite expensive if you do it alone ( again depending on your production). The varities which are being exported are also very narrow in my opinion and rely only on a few of the wonderful varities that we grow.

If you are from Maharashtra there is a very strong support network and you can contact few of the exporters to see what the process is. If you are exporting to japan/europe, the conditions are a bit simpler and mostly consist of hot water treatment.

If you are considering export to USA, the process is tougher as you have to have the mangoes radiated, which happens only in one location in Nasik, I believe. Also before the mangoes land here, you would have to tie up with an importer who will receive the shipment and pay you. I am not sure what they retail for in Europe, but in US, they retail for around 25-35 dollars a box of 12-15 ( depends on size). Only Kesar/Alphonso/Banganapalli are allowed.

Compared to the produce coming from Mexico, where they are able to sell for 4-6 dollars for 12 mangoes, most people find it hard to pay 25-25 dollars for mangoes from India.

The above is not to demoralize, but to present true facts. If you loose a shipment due to some unforesen issues, it would be disastrous. The alternative would be to look at mango pulp export, for which there is good demand.



not all the farmers are earning lakhs but there are few who with their grit and determination have and are earning good returns from farming. you may try to earn optimum returns for your investments


One can earn about thousands and lakhs from one acre if they plan perfectly to get good returns with sufficient growth.
All are involved in their own professions, but all professionals are not acquired top position in their profession.

My friend is aged about 62 years has 32 guntas or 82.5 cents of land and 1 son.
He invested his hard efforts over 25 years to shape up of his own kith and kin of a SON & ORCHARD.

Expenditures towards Son & Orchard are follows
Spent about 25 lakhs towards 25 verity subjects/various fields of education and basic amenities for son education. Further he spent about 5 Lakhs towards setting up of Orchard which has got about 20 varieties of short, long, fruit, timber, spices other crops.

Expectations from Son & Orchard.
Father expected life security/service at old age from son and food and income from Orchard. Son left him to join job in which is about 400 km from native at city by saying I have right opportunity for my education and knowledge. His son forgot his parents and failed their parents’ expectations from him. But my friends orchard never left & let him assuring Oh my father/creator I never quite/ fail you and your expectations you having on me and I will serve you not only for your lifetime, but also entire lifetimes of your next generations subject to they love me like you.

Returns from Son and Orchard after 25 years.
Now his son got grown to obtain software JOB (Opportunity to Just Obeying Boss) in for away from their parents and expected salary is about Rs.1000/- per day and immediately left their parents to join the JOB. Son earning about Rs.1000/- per day, which is not sufficient, and asking parents for expenditures for his settlement in city. for from which his income  is about 2500/- per day i.e.Rs.30/- per one cent of the land in a day.

Likewise all can plan and do for profit in agriculture, but unless and until you love it like your children, profession or your loved one, agriculture cannot give you the same love (in terms of returns from it) to you. Formula is very simple what you serve to mother earth will certainly returns back to you. Finally the entire plantation is as per his expectation for his own welfare and promptly giving returns to its kartha/ creator.

Now what is the fate of my friend who had only two expectations from his son and farm of serving the parents at their old age.
10 open wells are equivalent to one Pond.
10 Ponds are equivalent to one Lake.
10 Lakes are equivalent to one Reservoir.
10 Reservoirs are equivalent to one SON.
10 Sons are equivalent to one TREE.

One can question their self that which is the best feature for you. JOB? SON? FD? or AGRICULTURE?


Hi Parag,
Best wishes from all forum members.

Just 2acres is a bit difficult to work out.
bamboo fence insufficient,chain link better if crop is to protected from 2 n 4 legged tresspassers.

if doing it for the passion you hav for it, stop calculating,go ahead irrespective what the results are in the short term, save n except for minor hiccuos , eventually u shall overcome.

best bet GO ORGANIC, less dependence on expensive fert n chem pesticides, more demand for your produce.

my personal view, at least 10acres needed for totally organised farm setup wher u can multi crop,( mono crop is disastrous).
Why only bannana n cows u can hav Goats chicken,flowers,spices,seasonal fruits,vegetables, exotic dog breeds u can do a lot of variety

U will need to spend on the following open well or boring,  electricity, small cottage,caretaker, water tank, water pump, farm implements etc etc for a 2 acre as well as 10acre farm.On 10acres the overheads will be spread.

Now does 2acre farm ring bells.

All the same best of luck.

Rafiq Yusuf


Hi All

I am looking for 5 acres of dry land (my place is near to Mysore), once I will buy the land and want to start the Floriculture with the different types of Roses.

I am looking for guidance for the same. Please help me out.

[/quote] What is the status Sreeny? Can you  come back with present status?



I have posted about land selection for my new agri project for members comments/views in thread Topic: Developing farm in a land close to forest-tenkasi, threats, possibilities

pls share your views on the soil type, geography…etc




I have posted about land selection for my new agri project for members comments/views in thread Topic: Developing farm in a land close to forest-tenkasi, threats, possibilities

pls share your views on the soil type, geography…etc



Hii All,

i am engineering background …i don’t have any knowledge about dairy farm…please guide me. i want to start my dairy farm in my village located in Maharashtra. i have 2 hectares land.

please expert guide me how to setup dairy farm? how to stand capital on initial stage…

please …i started from zero… :slight_smile:



I am an IT professional based out of Mumbai. I recently bought some land near my native place and am interested in starting a farm. The idea is to continue working in my current job and visit the farm every weekend. I plan to employ a local family to work on the farm. I would appreciate any feedback / advice / answers to the plan/questions I have mentioned below.

Details of land:

  • 3.5 acres of agri land in Chiplun, Ratnagiri district, (coastal) Maharashtra.
  • 40% of the land is plain land where until 2 years ago rice was cultivated. Farmer, who I bought this land from claims he produced 3.5 khandi rice ( ~3000 unprocessed rice grain). Apparently the land becomes quite marshy during monsoon (apparently the land becomes so soggy that one’s leg could go around 1 foot below the surface) - somethingto cosnider when choosingthe type of plantation.
  • 60% of the land is made up of hill slopes (with mostly junglee trees)
  • a small river flows just few metres from the land and there is water for all 12 months.
  • there is no tar road to the farm and reachingthe farm in monsoon is a challenge. BUt farmers do farm in that area so that is not a challenge - though driving to the farm in a vehicle will be.

My plan:

  • I plan to buy more land in the same area (adjacent farms and adjacent hill slopes if possible) while the rates are low. The idea is to reach atleast ~10 acres in the same area so that employing labour full time and doing something on a large scale later becomes viable.
  • The kind of plantations have to be ones which do not require a lot of labor throughout the year and do not require great deal of investment. It should atleast help recover the amount I would speand anually and my weekend travel to the farm.

My questions:

  • What type of plantations can I make here? Based on stuff I am reading, seems like mango, cashew, banana, coconut would be good choices. What about vanilla or medicinal plants? Any other suggestions?
  • What kind of returns can I expect?
  • What should I do for fencing? Combination of barbed wire and natural fencing (sagargota / henna / others)? Any suggestions?
  • What kind of subsidies / loans can I expect from the government for starting any such projects?
  • Any other things I need to consider?

Looking forward to your responses!



One more question in addition to my earlier post:

  • Would you advise planting trees like Teak, Mangium, Melia Dubia in this land?


Hi Sachin,
    do you have electricity connection in place ? Do you have permission to use river water ? You need to pay nominal fees and get permission. What is your plan for sloppy land ? Are you planning leveling or use as it is  .

I will suggest initially go for a short term well known traditional crop, you will learn a lot, you will be involved in etire cycle of sowing to harvest .

Regarding fruits plantation you could get good subsidy, please get in touch with taluka krishi adhikari .
You can avail loan for most of the plantation and fencing too, please check with SBI, bank of maharashtra, PNB etc.

Regarding road, do you have road to reach atleast nearby farm may be couple of kilometers ? In future if you plan for fruits you need road nearby.

Please keep in mind you will need good investment for banana, cashew, mango etc . Live fencing you can try for sagargota.

Regarding returns please do not expect too much initially, it needs lot of efforts to develope infrastruture at farm.


Hi Prashant,

Thanks for your response!

There is no electricity currently but I understand that it can be arranged. Same regarding river water as well.

Regarding hill slopes, would appreciate some guidance…currently there are no roads reaching the farm. Nearest “road” is 400 metres away. What kind of machinery can be used for modifying the hill slopes (contours? for rubber plantations?). Can we use JCBs or do we need some other machines?
The hill is not very big. When you say levelling the hill - do you mean bringing it down to ground level? Can we do that? (I mean will the authorities not object/) I was planning to create contours in the hill so as  to enable rubber (or other like teak etc) plantation.

Regarding subsidies - I read somewhere that National Horticulture board provides subsidy of around 20% for horticulture projects - do you know if we can avail of more? I am planning to meet the Taluka Krishi Adhikari shortly.

Regarding road, I think it will happen in a couple of years - the villagers have lready applied to the concerned authorities.



Hi Sachin,
    EB Can be arranged, you submit demand note in maharashtra and they are bound to give you  connection within a month, provided they need not lay poles else you have to bear some cost .

JCB machine is good enough for leveling (I think 700-800rs/hr approximately).  Land with manageable slope can be worked. Last year we are done leveling to get flat 3 to 4 acres of land.  Please do not confuse with creating contours and leveling. Leveling hill will need lot of efforts and it is not worth when we have drip in hand for irrigation purpose. But they may ask reason and request you to provide details of water source for farm to ensure Electricity is used for purpose of water pump. I am held up with this situation, no water permission for river water so no EB connection.

Regarding subsidies, in Jalgaon/Bhusaval its almsot 50% for fruits other than banana.It changes district wise. Any drip implementation you get 30% subsidy but drip subsidy takes time, some times even 6months to 1 year to get money back. Taluka krishi adhikari will guide you.

Regarding road, 400 meters away is manageable, bullock cart road is granted legally from bund of any farm (In maharashtra it is called as wahiwaticha rasta) .



Hi Prashant,

Thanks for your response! This is very usefull.

The reason for my questions regarding hills and jcb etc for levelling is that I am planning to buy more land in the area - the land comes at a reasonable price because it comprisies mostly of mal ran and hill slopes - I am planning to invest in this land. I certaily cannot do any farming like rice cultivation etc - but will consider fruit plantation here.




I think you are on right track with points 1, 2, 4 and 5. The Bamboo will fetch you additional income. 

Point 3: Why/how have you decided on banana plantation? Have you done market survey? Where will you sell the produce, Vashi? Unless you plan to build a ripening chamber you will have to sell your produce to wholesalers (at lowest possible rates :frowning:  ). If you are in prime alfanso growing belt (Sindhudurg/South Ratnagiri) you can think of UHD mango plantation.

How far is the farm from Pune? I assume you will have to travel at least 1 ghat. If it is Tamhini, weekly visits will wear you out. Plus there will be times when you (or your family) may not be able to visit the farm. The reason I say this is because finding a highly motivated and reliable caretaker is not easy.

Finally why are you aiming for only break-even? You should focus at maximizing your ROI (without hurting the nature), which goes back to my question about market survey.

I am saying this because I once dreamt of owning a cachew/mango farm in Kokan and I live in Pune  :slight_smile:

Good luck.


Hi Parag,

If you have sufficient water then go for tissue cuture G-9 Banana. You get more than 200 plantains per bunch and weigh 40-60 kgs per bunch. You can plant plantains at a distance of 9-12 ft each. Each plant will give rise to 3-4 rhizomes and more. Let them grow there itself as a family. Now put drip irrigation in place. Each point to give water for 5 plants i.e 125 ltrs per group of 5 plants as each plant needs 25 ltrs of water per day.

Now banana can be sold in wholesale at Rs 6-7 per kg. It varies 5000 -7000 per ton. Now you can calculate th income.



[quote]Hi All

I am looking for 5 acres of dry land (my place is near to Mysore), once I will buy the land and want to start the Floriculture with the different types of Roses.

I am looking for guidance for the same. Please help me out.


Hello Sreeny,

May be I am one step ahead. I just bought about 7.5 Acres of dry land 38 km from Mys towards Chamarajanagar. I got a pump installed to a previously rigged well. Planning for another well within this month end. You could buy land adjacent to mine. Please call me on 9241 786 114 or email


Your Opinion/Question is not elaborate your Proposal. Pl. Mail to


Hi there,

I am a new member to this forum . Like most of the others, i am interested in starting an agriculture project. A little bit about me here. My grandfather was a farmer in 60’s and was forced to sell his land(made huge loss) to pay off for the marriage/dowry of his 5 daughters(eldest my mom). The knowledge of farming hasn’t been transferred to any of his daughters and i am his eldest grand daughter. Though i was always interested in farming, i was not able to pursue my career in agriculture due to social /family issues. I am really really interested in agriculture/horticulture now and  have saved some money to buy land and kick start the dream. i am a complete novice here and would like to get some ideas/help from people in this forum.

some of the basic questions here.

  1. I am from chennai and would like to buy some agri land near by to chennai or even a bit further. How should i proceed with this? Any genuine website for agriculture land sales listed or do i need to go through agents/brokers ?

2.Would like to invest in the range of 5-8 lakhs and if successful will expand later.

  1. I am not the main breadwinner in my family ,so I am planning to put my heart and soul and can dedicate more time in this. My husband, parents and kids are fully supportive of my decision and i am thinking about doing it as full time later .

4.Are there any courses which i need to learn to know the basics? I am planning to enroll in a online theory course about horticulture in UK.currently doing some research about these courses and how effective it would be on the long run.

Thanks a million to all of you and was very happy to find this forum. Sorry for the long post though…

Thanks again,



Resp Vidya Madam, welcome to our forum and wish you a success in horti/agri. First pl think well as it is a labour linked job and right from morning you have to do/get work with labour. Until and unless you are in the land ,initially work will not be good/progressive.                                                                                                                                                      First of all, be confirmed about your presence in the farm for how many hours per day, how many days per week etc. Based on that you can choose your crops. Before purchasing lands, you should be with clear mind regarding your crops.                                                                                                                                                                        While purchasing lands, decide area to purchase lands basing on the crops you want to have, take the help of some known people,who are your family well wishers and knows the documentation work. Try to visit some good / progressive farms repeatedly and then come to a conclusion. After purchasing land then take the soil samples and water samples. Take suggestions from knowledgeble farmers about crops ,considering your budget.                                                                                                                                                                        You pl visit some good book stores in chennai and purchase some books on basic agriculture/horticulture.After study you will get some doubts and on request can be clarrified by seniors.                                                                                                                                                                        Any specific clarrifications you want,pl ask and we our forum members will do it. wish you all the best.  g.p.rao, farmer.