My Hydroponic Turnkey Project


This is the cost so you can work your costing based on this and your recipe for individual corp.
I buy from Agro store as i have more than 500 plants growing in my PH and Open area .



Hi guys

I have some good update :slight_smile:

Just harvested some French Beens and some Coriander leaf :slight_smile: and yes can see visible fruits on my capsicum plants and also Cucumbers are growing in great speed… Infact just 60 days from seed and lots of fruits :slight_smile:


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some more pics

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Hi Goutham,


The Coriander, beans look so fresh, the cucumber, capsicum look great and the lettuce look gorgeous. Keep up the good work, it is such a great encouragement to others to take up Hydroponics.

Thanks Brother,  :sunglasses: 




Looks fundoo Goutham :slight_smile:



This is encouraging!! I am also working on similar project and intend to take up commercially.



good luck and keep posting brother.




hope to see your setup soon in action :slight_smile:




Hi Goutham and Everyone,

Great to see Goutham’s turnkey project pictures and all the developments posted here. Good work. Please keep sharing knowledge like this. This has really motivated me to write my first post on the forum.

I am a farming enthusiast like most of the members and have been thinking of going into farming on a full-time basis. Not sure how to start and how to convince the family members on quitting the current professional career. I believe hydroponics can be done on a full commercial level as being practiced in many developed countries like Canada, US, Holland and Australia. However, there is a serious lack of information. I want to do something in this space commercially but right now, I am at info gathering stage only-that too mainly from internet.

I wanted to share a piece of information I stumbled upon recently. There was an article published in July 2013 in an Australian trade magazine on “Indian Hydropoincs Industry”. Was amazed to know that one Mr. Kuldeep Singh Brar from Punjab is already doing hydroponics on a commercial scale. Please see the attached pdf and all the photos in it. There is no data on internet about his farms. Based on the article, Mr. Kuldeep is very “progress farmer” having visited many places overseas. I would love to get more data on this and request to share if any member has further details on the two of the farmers mentioned in the article.

I have also been looking for costs related data (both setup costs and operational costs for 1 yr) for putting up 1 acre (4000 sq mtrs) of hydroponic farm in Indian conditions. There is almost nothing available in public domain. I would request if someone can share the relevant data or at least guide me in the right direction. I am also planning to visit Chandigarh next week on 22nd Feb to attend the Horticulture Expo. will see if I can meet some real consultants on the subject to get some gyan.

Thanks for all the knowledge shared by fellow members and keeping this excellent site alive with discussions.

Hydroponics in India-Article in Australian Magazine.pdf (1.85 MB)



great work  Gowtham
          keep posting the pic. inspirational work :slight_smile: :slight_smile:  i think this will motivate many in this forum into this venture.



Hi guys

Nice to see my cucumbers , Just 61 days from Seed to Feed :slight_smile: Each @ 180GMS

I am having a  problem on my capsicum plants,Too many flower drop Still guessing the reason… Suggestion appreciated .

Beans , Tomato , Cucumbers ,Greens, Brinjal ,Water Melon has no issues . All going greatly good .




hi ur plants are healthy and attractive.shows the amount of efforts u have put in.keep going :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Thank you Goutham Sab,

The reason behind Too many flower dropping may be due to  insufficiency of Micro Nutrients. Due to  deficiency of Micro nutrients , the color of the Leaves ,stem may change and seems ill healthy conditions and th Plants are not Bright and seems pale…

if the Color of Leaves nd stem are Bright the reason may either Fungus disease or Harmon effect. Try TWO spraying s of Plano fix with the inter well of 15 days.

Thank you Sir wit Best Wishes,



Hi guys,

My Flower dropping Issue is solved, and Had some great harvest of Cucumbers,Tomato, Lettuce and Beans today…

See some watermelon fruit setting also.  and My first broccoli visible :slight_smile:

But some new Fungal issue with capsicum, Sudden death of 4 plants Think it may be because of nematodes any guess?


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Adding some more pictures.



Fantastic Growth…




I came across this book in the internet today…interesting read…especially the section on plant management.

-Ganapathi Bhat
amrutkrushiscience-120506082740-phpapp02.pdf (3.23 MB)



Hi guys,

Nice to see the results of various crops which i tried on Different methods on my small trail poly house and open terrace.

I guess its right time i expand to a larger space:)

Best result:
Lettuce, Cucumbers,Cherry Tomato,Broccoli,Beans,Basil.

Capsicum i am not happy with the results as i had major flower drop so only 4 fruits per plant are in harvest stage , may be in 10 days from now i can see the color change. which will be 100 days from transplant, Not only the Flower drop i also had some viral problem ,Similar to nematode attack so i lost few plants. But the new flowers are good and expect better harvest next time.

Cucumbers : The best 90 days crop from Seed and i have harvested around 35 fruits per plant each around 120 GMS and expect another 6 fruits per plant in next 1 week and then i will start with new seeds.

Desi Tomato: super yield each plant gave me around 3-4 KG in 3 months and another 2 kg to be harvested and then replace with new saplings.

Lettuce : 25 days harvested each around 350 gms (20 days in the seedling tray and 25 days in the NFT unit)

Cherry tomato long way to go… just 5 feet tall now:)  and same with plum yellow and beaf stake tomato.

Just attached some pictures…

But in total a great results ,After 4 years got the guts to Expand. Will keep all posted…




Some more Pics

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some more