My Hydroponic Turnkey Project


Hey Goutham,

great to see you go!
i will take a bit to catch up. the plants look great. and they have started fruiting too right?
about capsicum, what variety are you growing? and the plantation was on 24th dec as i read it.

there are a few queries, and i dont want you to repeat, so will go thru the latest updates and revert.
umm… are you giving any foiler sprays? in terms of fertigation and/or pest control ?
and how do you manage the drip ? do u have a venturi or something ?




Hey Goutham,

was checking the pictures you have posted, and it suddenly clicked in my mind… why arent you trying with 24hr lighting? or shall i say artificial day light during the night ?

also have you done any trimming and/or pinching on the capsicum plants ?




Hey Goutham,

Great going. Your set-up is truly inspiring. :slight_smile:

I have just finished building a small hydroponic system and am looking at procuring nutrients.

I wanted to know what nutrients would be better, water soluble or liquid concentrates?

From where would i be able to procure them?




Hi Bhavesh

Which hydroponic method are you following? can u post some pictures will be great ,Good luck for that,
U will get all the salts in your regular Agri Store , i use these salts all water soluble.
only issue is these salts are mostly available in 25kg bags other than micro .

A - Iron EDTA
A - Calcium Nitrate (Tetrahydrate)
B - Magnesium Sulfate (Heptahydrate)
A - Potassium Nitrate
B - Manganese Sulfate (Monohydrate)
B - Boric Acid
B - Copper Sulfate (pentahydrate)
B - Sodium Molybdate (Dihydrate)
B - Zinc Sulfate (Dihydrate)
B - Phosphoric Acid (30%)



Hi Vivek,

Should really Think on that ,Some kind of LED setup which can enhance the growth and production, Let me start trying this once i harvest my first Yield.

Yes i have done some Trimming on the Leaf  and have not done pinching yet waiting for the fruit set almost 50% flowers have set fruits  so in 1 week after seeing the shape of the Fruit i will pinch few of them which are not formed well.(Your suggestion pls )




Each plant has now average 6-8 Fruits set.
Folier spray i have not used till now. I am looking for a folier spray now for my cucumbers as i see some Deficiency in leaf (yellow)
and for pest i am only using Horti-Impact of Green vision life science company ,once a week a gentle spray.
As of now i am not using any Venturi i am just using a pond pump to fertigation .



Hi vivek forgot to mention the seeds are from Rijk Zwaan . 

BACHATA RZ F1 (35-209)



Hi Goutham,

Thank you for the info.
My setup is nearly complete, need to finish the timer connections and buy Nutrients.
I am using a drip system and would be recycling the water as the system is only for 10 plants.
I am using a 6" PVC Pipe instead of grow bags and am using cocopeat (50%)and perlite (50%) as a medium.
Will be posting pictures soon




Why are you using 50% per lite and 50% coco peat and then why Pvc pipe?
If using per lite that will take care and if using coco peat then your filtration will become a problem and then also how will u check your Ec and PH when u going to reuse your nutrient are you have a Ro filter ???

Think !  and which per lite are you using , you get 2 quality in market, Check on that also,

You can also use only Hydroton …(LECA) Instead of perlite and cocopeat

good Luck , message me or mail me any time .




Hi Goutham,

Instead of using grow bags, i tried a PVC pipe as i could manage better drainage (Leak Preventive) fittings

I am trying out coco peat and perlite such that out of the two pipes, one pipe has perlite and cocopeat mixture as a medium and the second one has only cocopeat.

Yes, you are right about clogging issues with cocopeat, but have tried to eradicate it by trying a small mesh filter just above the drainage pipe.

I would be monitoring the EC and PH of the storage tank on a daily basis to ensure my PPM levels and PH is in range. I am not using an RO filter, would be using my regular tap water as the quality is quite good with approximately 70 ppm

I tried searching for Hydroton, but could not find much on it here in Mumbai and the once that i could locate were charging too much.

I should be good to start by next week, will share updates soon :slight_smile:




Hi Bhavesh,

Thing you need to look very carefully are.

A. perlite does not retain any water so when you are using 50% which mean you water level in your medium will be very low.
B. You can not use continuous flow system as you are using cocopeat  it may drown your plants.
C. You will be using a method which is Flood and Drain system.

Advantage of perlite is High oxygen retention level 

Coco peat is High water Holding capacity can be also a downside if you do not calculate how much to water .

positive side is coco peat is  a great hormone rich and fungus free medium for our plants

One more you need to be care full when using perlite is Potential particle inhalation danger.Cover your mouth and Nose when applying perlite.

When it comes to recycling the nutrient I am more concern on the EC and PH fluctuation in between every irrigation, Since you are using coco peat it will hold the nutrients ,The water which is drained will have very low EC and may have high PH so when recycled for second watering after few hrs it will change the whole EC and PH of also your medium. checking every 2 hrs manually the ec and pH will be not practical. you can also try either totally with perlite and use recycling technique or go with  15% perlite and 85% coco peat and do not reuse the nutrients Just Drain to waste.

There are many who reuse the nutrient when using coco peat as medium, good luck and keep posting .
I would suggest you to go for a small filter connected to the drain to reservoir  other than the mesh filter,Because even small particles can form to gather in your pump and stop working in a weeks time.




Hello everyone

Could you please suggest me the problem here ? With the plants




Thank you Goutham Garu,

You have informed that you  are using "50% ‘per lite’ and 50% coco peat “. Is it necessary use " per lite”. Can’t we use 100% Co-Co Peat without using  “Per lite”.

Kindly Clarify SAir.

for vasudhaGreen Farms,



Mr Aman------ scorching of leaves may be due to  the chemicals u might have sprayed.  can u post ur spray schedule? be careful when u  give foliar nutrition with inorganic fertilizers.  overdose may cause such symptoms



hi vertical i am a surgeon who is stepping into hydroponics as a hobby.i have been doing a bit of theory for the past 6 i am into the pracical part.i have a raft system with 10 netpots.just 10 days old.the plants are 5sweetcorns and 3 beans in the raft.i am planning to putup a 200sqft PH on ur model.i wanted to give two comments.i prepared my own nutrient solution.the chemicals are available in 500gms pack in scientific chemical stores.this can be used for small scale projects.i think the costs are lower.we can share the actuals.



i also like the forum and experts to comment on the need for artificial lighting in our western countries where they grow plants in indoors and the temperature r in extremes the LED lighting is essential.but in southindia where natural light is in plenty is there a need for artificial lighting.this is my opinion.i want the experts to give their final opinion in this regard.



Hi Goutham,

Thank you for the info. Will definitely take adequate precautions with perlite
I am trying to arrange chelated nutrients which would prevent locking out of Calcium and Magnesium with Coco peat. Or i would adding a supplement (CalciMag) to overcome the same problem. Will test the system first or would change the medium to perlite and Expanded clay pellets.

Just hoping i get the required nutrients soon. Will keep you updated with the progress. :slight_smile:



Scientific chemical stores provide Lab quality so they are expensive and will not economically suit us, The same nutrients and Micro Nutrients are available in Agri stores at lower cost.
The cost in Agri stores are bellow
cal Calcium Nitrate 25kg -1100/-
MG Sulfate  25 kg 350/-
potassium Nitrate 25 kg 2300/-
Potassium sulfate 25kg  1600/-
MAP 25 kg 2400/-
mono potassium phosphate 25kg 3400
Cupric sulpfate  1kg 200/-
Manganese 1kg 85/-
Zink 1kg 45/-
Sodium Molybdate 250gms 475/-

This is the cost so you can work your costing based on this and your recipe for individual corp.
I buy from Agro store as i have more than 500 plants growing in my PH and Open area .

Good luck.



Hi Aman,
I feel Its because of High EC and your fresh leaf do not have those problem, Some time even when you spray pest during day time this can happen and also because excess nutrition.



Hi Manne ,

Perlite will help in aeration, Not necessary you need to use 50% but 10-15% is good.