My Hydroponic Turnkey Project





Thanks AK

just a teaser :slight_smile: wow nice cherry s,Beans and tomato’s  :slight_smile: 

Today’s Harvest …Thought i would Replace some more cucumbers saplings but i see 15 + fruits in each plant so i think i shall wait :slight_smile:



Well done vertical

Great to hear that you are expanding now,
Sorry could not call you lately, was stuck up in some or the other work

Comparing hydroponics and soil farming under polyhouse  which one do you think is more economically viable and why ? If possible please share the figures as well

Congrats on your expansion, how much area are you going to do under polyhouse and hydroponics and whats the first crop that you are planning for ?

Just a few questions gauthAm. I am excited and looking forward to see your first commercial hydroponics project !!



Hi Aman,

I am starting with 10000 squire feet of poly house and 1 acre of Open land.

In poly house planning for Cucumbers,Lettuce,Broccoli.(Hydroponics)
In open land i am planing for soil culture and also try some 10000 squire feet on open Hydroponics .
Open Land i am planing for Musk melon, French Beans,Okra and some cherry tomato.

Only difference between Hydroponics and soil cultivation is the Nutrient supply method and medium.
My cost if Nutrient comes to around Rs.150 per 1000 litter of Nutrients.
Even if i calculate 1 litter of nutrient water per plant per day and calculate for cucumbers.
45 days Growth stage and 45 days Fruiting stage. so effectively 90 days of watering .

My nutrient cost per plant works to around Rs.14/- 

I do not know what is the cost of fertilizer and bed making cost and other cost when it comes to soil cultivation so i am unable to answer your question on which is more economical.

I will go with Hydroponics as i feel it will give a better yield and more plants per squire feet area and can constantly supply the produce with out any kind of crop rotation.

Going for 4500 English Cucumbers Plants inside the poly house using Hydroponic Drip and Drain Method, expecting 4 KG yield per plant in 90 days , So can manage 4 crops a year.

Will Keep you posted soon.



Thank you Goutham Sir Providing a result Oriented Details of your Terrace Garden with Poly House. Thank yo Sir. GREAT…GREAT…Great…Great…Great…

for Vasudha Green Farms


Dear Mr.Verticle,

Very innovative project.This Post is December.Now a Lot improvements must have there.can You Please share your recent Photographs and experience till now.




Hi Mukesh,

I guess you have seen the first page of the thread and posted a note here, my last picture is only 10days old, i guess i have updated almost every stage the pictures.

my thread runs to 10 pages.



Hi Vertical

i have gone through the entire thread and impressed on your turn key project.

I will be coming down to india for my vacation during the month of May and would like to meet you and discuss and see on hydroponics.

If you could give me the contact details  will contact and come down to visit you and learn and see.

Thanks and regards
Arun Kumar Menon


Welcome any time, when u r here let me know we can catch up.

Guys as i said i have started 2 commercial farming project ,one with soil and another Hydroponics.

Taken 1 acre of Green house on Rent and starting my capsicum plant transplant tomorrow(Soil cultivation), Its a joint project with friends , Will update pictures soon,

1000 squire meter of poly house ,i am setting up cucumbers by using Hydroponics method (joint project)

1 acre open land …still contemplating on what to grow:)…

will update soon with details.


Dear Mr. Goutam,

Congratulations for such a good Output and Thanks for Updating and sharing to all the Members.

I am seeking some information on Recipe of vegetable.Can You Please guide me that weather you have used same recipe for all the vegetables or there was differences.What are the nutrients which have been Used.
I need one More clarification that what should be the distance between two plants in NFT/Grow bed for good growth.
Is there any difference with respect of Size(I m having 2-1/2 inch cylindrical Pipe) and shape.




Dear gautham

What’s up at your end ?
How is your expansion project going on ? What are the developments ??



i have a dairy farm for 100 cows and i am looking to build a hydroponic plant for green fodder
please help me and allow me to visit your plant and understand basics of hydroponic setup from you
i am based in Bangalore near Yelahanka
My contact is 9900998788
KIndly provide your contact or call me


Hi Gautham,

Please share your contact details as I need an appointment to visit your farm and learn in details on Hydroponics.

Thanks & Regards,
+91 9900499366


Thanks Vertical for sharing your information!

Would like to know, why will you change the plants after every 3 months? Will not it be more economical, if you use the same plant for an year, as people are doing for capsicum in PH.


Iam also Goutam Sab requesting since a Long time.


Sorry for not posting any development.

But feel its the right time now :slight_smile:

My small setup of 1000 squire meter poly house.

Will add more details later have started harvesting and its all going good as of now :slight_smile:

tied up with koppert  for an IPM to handle pest.

pictures attached


some more pics :slight_smile:


Great to see this Goutham…fantastic…all the best


Wow - way to go Gautham.


Hey Gautham!

hows it going ? whats new and happening for capsicum ?

i will be travelling to your city this week. would love to visit ur setup.
will let you know once the plans are finalized.

looking forward to meet you soon.