My Hydroponic Turnkey Project


Hi Friends,

This Thread i am starting with intention of providing my Day to Day Implementation of a prototype Hydroponic Farming.
Since i did not get land space in the City , I have constructed Small poly house in a terrace .

Size of poly house is 35Ft * 12Feet

Height of 14 feet in one side and gave a slide of 2 feet on the other side.

Have added pictures ,

Costing as of now .These Rates are at retail Price as i had bought small quantity ,Commercially when implementing cost of setup will reduce drastically.

Structure 50000/-
Poly Sheet 200 Micron @52 per squire meter
Profile 100 meter @Rs.32 meter length
Profile Spring  100 meter Rs.9 per Meter Length
Fixing cost for poly Sheet  Rs.10000/
A Shape stand and Bench steel structure and Fodder Stand Rs.12000
Squire UPVC Pipe 5*2.5" Meter length Rs.300  Bought 40 length
Drill Gun BOSH with Stand (For making 2’Holes in squire Pipe Rs.15000/-
Grow Bag one meter length Rs.150/-
Raised Bed one meter length Rs.450

Just started to drill holes today:) will update on the other cost and commercial costing once the setup is set and running.

I guess the community will guide me as and when required on Pest control.
Appreciate feed backs and assistance . Will share As much as possible in my trail systems.

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Some more pictures


Thanks vertical, this is great!

Looking forward to updates, Viks needs some tough competition  :wink: ;D


Thanks Mr.Chandra,
“Add few more Pictures of today’s work Made 345 Holes of 2” each. Will Fix the end caps and attach the PVC fitting in a day and start the system.

Wonder Full Machine .  Bosch is the best made my job easy . 4 Hrs all done.


great  VERTICAL            this will be very useful to all enthusiasts.
      one question—as this setup is on the terrace  how do u plan to negotiate high winds?  or is that a  congested place where there will not be any wind?------ is it is a shadenet house wind will pass through— in polyhouse we will have to open shutters  to aid in the passage of high winds.
best wishes to VERTICAL VENTURE  regards


I have used Poly Sheet for top cover and in sides I have used 3 meter poly sheet and 4 feet in between shade net 50% .
Winds are not that high but have one advantage is one side of the Poly house is a wall raised for a room so it helps in breaking the wind and since the length of the green house which is 35 feet is from East to west which should help to give full length sun light and the wall structure in North should block the north winds. I have given wall support for the poly structure though as a precaution.




Great work friend. Good luck. How do you plan to control temperature and humidity?
Would love to visit your project once fully functional.
Best wishes.


Respected sir,

i am very much interested in your hydrophonic project in rooftop and i like to visit your project coul you please alow me to visit or please update the images cost and construction material used and other valuable information i am also want to construct like this one on my house


Hey Vertical,
Mind blowing !


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love the competition, but gone are those days, today its the co-operation and collaboration age.


Do we really need one?  :wink:


Thanks, You are welcome any time, In concern with Humidity, My only low cost option will be sprinklers . And since Bangalore climate not that bad on summers , I will need only to find out low cost method for Increasing the Temp during peak winters of it goes bellow 15-C.

But i think We can use Heating pads which is used for Floor Heating and also Maintaining the Temp in the nutrients will also provide the required warmth to the roots .All these are in test mode so lets wait for the results.


Welcome any time, I shall post the complete details in a week time .


Thank you . I wish you success and hope the project works out economical. I don’t know the cost of heating pad but do you think the domestic small size heater fans will work if attached with timer? These fans are sold in winters at electronic stores. Just a thought 


Should work but i am working on something which is much more economical , Similar to the one in picture. I shall work on the costing and let u know once i setup the installation



that thing looks great, how are you planning to use that ?



These are low cost Heat pads i thought i will use used car tubes or some kinda Low cost rubber sheets  as a shield for water proofing and since the car tubes can withstand more than 55 Degree Celsius  we are looking only at low temperature this should work out. Let me see Its all trail … hope it help all and make us all grow all season :slight_smile: at low cost :)):)) .

Moral of the story is to share knowledge at no cost.



Hi Friends,

Taken one more baby step:)

*  Completed the irrigation system for the NFT units
*  Placed 2 raise bed
*  Planted Color capsicum (rick zwaan seeds)  Yellow and Red.
*  Tomato plants are ready for transplant,Making the grow bags.
*  Swiss chard,Lettuce,European cucumber and Chinese cabbage seeds are waiting to get germinated.

Pictures attached . (my nephew is the first guest to my green house)


Just to add some more pics:)


Great job. Best wishes. Keep posted on progress. Thanks for sharing. Nikhil