My Hydroponic Turnkey Project



I love those plants, extraordinary growth… I wish i was there Goutham.



Sure, let us know when is it. Appreciate it. Thx


Dear all,

I am totally impressed with my project and the way it has transferred my thought into a wonderful show case and reorganization,

Today i crossed a Land mark of 4000 View on my thread which is just hardly 50 days old

Thank the forum for the wonder platform for all farmers and Enthusiast .



Congratulations Goutham Saab,

Hearty Congratulations for your  Achievement through Vigorous efforts with Commitment. I have Posted for the Seminar/Training Programme on Hydroponic Farming. But I have not received response .Hence I have decided to acquire knowledge on Hydroponic Farming from You. kindly provide us some  in the month of March.

Kindly provide us time and inform me the Number of Days to be spent in Bangalre for this Training.

Vasudha Green Farms,


Good going on the thread! And if you have not noticed, congratulations on turning into a ‘FarmNest Senior’ too! :slight_smile:


Wonder full feeling !  can not explain by words.



Hi Goutham,

Good luck Goutham, you are doing excellent job and motivating many people like me and others who interested in agriculture and new technologies in agri.



Hi Goutham,

I have been following your thread very keenly and I am very impressed with what you are doing. Congratulations.  I just want some information regarding the grow bags you have used, where can I procure some? I live in Hyderabad, if it is not too much of a bother please send me a mail.  My mail ID.

Thanks and regards



I got them for 150 each but depends on how much quantity u would need i can suggest you, if u need in large u can buy from manufacturer else they do not entertain. In large quantity i guess u will get at 70/- per grow bag.



Hey vertical !
long time! how are the plants?



They are doing great added some pictures ,Tomato where transplanted on 23rd December some 43 days+ and same with capsicum and Cucumbers are 43+ days from Seed and Lettuce now almost 15 days in the NFT System

Comments pls.



Hi Goutham,

Fantastic growth and fruits,

Can you go through please why the tomato is not going vertical, they should be grow in vertical isn’t it?
When i saw in videos, normally these tomato grow in vertical and have a bunch of vegetables.
Are these different variety?

Good luck



I had one member asking this question of how to use Pusa Hydro gel in Hydroponics and how will it benefit,

In general they use 1 KG of hydro gel for 1 acre of land and cost around 1800 to 2800 .per KG,

In hydroponics First take your grow bag or Raised bed and weigh them before watering and weigh them after watering,
Then this will give you the figure of how much water is retained in the media,
Now you add pusa hydro gel of say 25GMS per squire meter grow area along with your media
.Again check the weight of the grow bag after watering.
Water the same quantity. before adding pusa gel and after adding pusa gel.

This will give you the net difference between before and after,
you can reduce this quantity in irrigation ,So that your run to waste will minimize and hydro gel will also hold the nutrients and provide to roots as and when required.

I have attached a PDF on Pusa Hydrogel which will give all a clear picture about the functions and benefits

Good Luck

pusa hydrogel.pdf (2.36 MB)


Yes Bhanu, these are short term crops say 3 - 4 months, but still they grow tall that’s why i have used thread to train them.



Cute boy Gotham,



some more pics :slight_smile: Broccoli  and cherry tomato along with cucumbers all three are 43+ from SEED.

Missed to say on my previous post the tomato plant with Fruits on them are not inside my green house or shade net ,they are in open area,Which mean hydroponics can also be farmed in open condition.:slight_smile:



What can Hydroponics Do in 4 days :slight_smile: Compare my previous post …

Just check my Lettuce on the NFT System … wow is not the word…

Comments pls


some more pics


Fantastic growth, I think it is feasible and affordable solution for the urban people who interested in healthy living.



Thank you  sir,

Kindly permit us to visit your Unit at Bangalore.I am interested to Establish a  Unit on my Terrace on my House in  Hyderabad. After getting Experience ,I will  expand this system to my Farm Land . Kindly permit me to meet you and for getting the Knowledge required . Kindly Permit sir.

Vasudha Green Farm,