My Hydroponic Turnkey Project


Hydroponics can  be done in Open condition , Poly House,Shade Net. 

Depends on your climatic condition you can opt for shade net or open field hydroponic farming.




Thank you Sir,

I  am making efforts in Conducting a Training session in
Hyderabad during March.Depending upon the Response
I will  let you Know. If the aspirants are not responded
I will come to Bangalore.

Thank you With Best Wishes,
Vasudha Green Farms,



Welcome  any time !  [b][quote]I should Thank the Farm nest in total[/quote]

I have had 9 farm nest members who have visited my setup till now in last 1 month other  than 3 local resident ,The others traveled at-least 500 km minimum on an average. I love to see there interest in learning and I am more happy to share what i know. 

I always made a point of not sending them bare handed so gave few some sampling,few some seedling trays, few some nutrients, few some printouts on Hydroponics, few some seeds  other than knowledge sharing. It gives a great feeling .

Now have raised some 20 trays of tomato and okra . Planning to give the saplings and a small HOW TO GROW manual to the schools near by my home for the kids free of cost to make them start the Habit of growing at home…

just the thought made me happy imagine how i would feel when i gift them in real… This is called WOW feeling and can come only in growing greens:) and making other growing greens .


Some more pictures the Nikon cam day effect:)



see the picture closely, The cucumber plant is first attached to the rope by the plastic Clip and for further clings i am using the stapler tool which is very user friendly and time saving :slight_smile:

Will be use full for large area operations and reduce huge labor cost and time.

Note:I would like to see some comments from other capsicum growers on how does my plants look at 33 days ,All plants have already started setting fruits …

Mr.Chandra, Viks,Aman,AK and others wish to see your comments…



Hi Goutham,

I am not expert but what i believe you need to remove some leafs and also plants required training to grow vertical. I leave it experts like viks and AK.




Bhanu,  Look closely all capsicum plants have been trained and clipped at the bottom and bottom leaf has been removed from all plants, Second pruning should be done ,Will have to do it in few more days.

Thanks for your opinion .
                                                                  Added picture for your reference.



Thanks Goutham,

See the images posted by vivek regarding the Y-pattern and node.
I hope this will help.




Thanks for your Ref pic of Vikas, This pattern and node formation above is all most 45days+ old plant , Mine is just 33 days old .In fact from seed 63 days old,It needs to grow little more ,for me to train them to second level.



Hello vertical

Your plants look great, specially when they are just 33 days old.

You said fruit setting has started but don’t you think it is too early for the plants to start taking fruits from them, did you top the plants once ?

my plants started flowering as well but i removed the top of all the plants and now i hope to get better and stronger branches plus the flowers got removed which would have affected my plant’s growth.
m not an expert, maybe i would be wrong here.

if i am please correct me.

always ready to learn.

thank you




hello Vertical  good evening    great work  and keep it up.  i have no experience in capsicum.    cucumber plant is healthy.  i  usually remove the tendrils of the cucumber plant by pinching  them  as they r not required for climbing the rope.    [we r doing the climbing job by using nets  Or rings and ropes.].  also  tendrils some time grow even upto one feet long utilising the precious nutrients.      then  side shoots are also pruned  so that a single stem is allowed to grow upto the top.
things are different  in capsicum…  it has  dichotomous branching  nature. ie  the plant produces two branches. then those 2 branches divide into  2 more branches.  but how many branches  r u going to allow?  then why have u removed the bottom leaves?  any special reason??
hi Viks  ---- in your pic u had shown  that u had pinched the plant  at the top---- wont this induce too many branches?  how many branches per plant is ideal according to you? kindly explain.  i was thinking that having just 2 branches and pruning the others will be good  for getting max yield from capsicum… is that idea wrong??




Thanks for your view brother, I feel and will go with 2 branch than trusting on 3 branch which will give extra 50%, and I removed the bottom leaf the only reason is to control Pest and avoid extra vegetative growth. I don’t  also want to pinch too much which create fungal issue and bacterial formation on the pinch area. Since i don’t have to worry much on nutrient issue as i do not use soil i don’t mind some extra leaf but not more:) as i should also work on costing on nutrient . When it comes to cucumber ,I am trying on a new nutrient formula, so I am not more keen on how to structure the growth rather than i am looking at how it shapes up as a plant with the current Nutrients, I will need your advice on my next batch of seeds which i am planing for 50 EU cucumbers next week once they ready for transplant, Kindly spare some time to explain me how to go about on training them.As you know i am not in to commercial agriculture,I am only trying to find the basic economics of hydroponics, i concentrate more on nutrient and cost than training and structuring as that’s something which is common with all farming practice. If once the nutrients are in place(including EC PH ) then any existing practice which involve  on pest and training  is almost the same .




You are right, I have not allowed the First Flower which forms in the First V , I have allowed only the second branch to flower, the best part of Hydroponics is the health ,Its Healthy and roots are perfect :slight_smile:

Once I see the first yield practically on a 100 plant ratio the confidence will be different , When i tried on 2-5 plants before i was able to get 5-6 KG each plant in 6-7 months from transplant , but now i would want to check the same with 100 plants and see the average to get into commercial hydroponics once its proven for at least my self satisfaction.

At the End its not who knows what Its about what you share :slight_smile:
Love sharing and Its a great feeling !




Hi guys, i am feeling so happy for my nutrients, 5 days growth on my EU cucumbers look so amazing and healthy to the core…

AK need your comments on this picture, as you said i have removed the tentacles in the morning but i see new ones by evening:)
Is this natural to have this kind of growth in 5 days?

Cucumbers seeded on 23rd of December and this picture is 35 days from the Seed .

I have added 2 pictures one is taken on 22nd of January and the other one today that is 27th of January

and also my NFT pictures Lettuce looks great for 5 days,I have also pinched few leaf for my capsicum.




good morning Mr Gowtham        plants look robust---- yes  it is natural  the plants always putforth long tendrils during this vegetative phase.  also be careful while pinching.  some pathogens may enter thru the wounds. so a prophylactive fungicide spray will be helpful.
then abt the growth------ these hybrids grow vigorously  when they are nurtutured with required nutrients.even within  one or two days u can see the difference in their growth.  that will be amazing  to  watch their growth.
pl keep posting abt ur nutrient trials.




Really great job, interest and commitment… keep it up…all the best.

It is realy initiating  me to meet and visit your world once, can u share the address and comfortable day and time, please.

my contact no. is 9845198966.

thanks and regards,




Have sent you the PM ,Welcome any time.




How many in Bangalore are interested in Hydroponics ?

Planing for a weekend activity in my green house.

No commercial nor business interest just getting bored :slight_smile:

Looking at response will plan for a weekend :slight_smile:




My Tomato and capsicum are 40 days old  Transplanted on 23rd December 2013

My Lettuce are almost 12 days old after transplant.

and my lovely cucumbers are from seed 40 days old  … just adding some more pictures…





Some more pics

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Amazing growth in Lettuce Gautham… Superb growth.  :sunglasses: