My Hydroponic Turnkey Project


Hello Gautham

You said you are making the fertilizer mix yourself for different stages of plant growth, how you manage to do that. And how do you know what element / what quantity a plant requires at a particular stage  ?

Will be grateful if you could share these details.




Hi Aman,

First to clarify that hydroponics is not about only using water as a medium, as u rightly said Hydroponics is all about soil less culture,
I use only coco-peat as a medium in one system which is drain to waste method ,Where the extra water will drain through bottom holes.,When it comes to my NFT i use only nutrient water and PVC pipes for support and water is recirculated.
I am using Drip system for irrigation for Drain to waste, and when it comes to mixture of nutrients yes i have refereed many recipe and tried with many combinations to finally get the right one. 

Different nutrient for different stage is wrong, What i do is increase the EC at different stage,That is concentration on the nutrient.
This again when u see the plant growth u will understand. .

Guys i got the stapler plant support tool and the Stings today:) I am going to start my plant knotting from morning and training .
Will update with more pictures .




hi friends  i saw an advertisement reg. staple gun . i enquired and found that the rate is  rs 3000 which will include --gun --one roll of tape and one  packet of clips. the dealer is from tamilnadu. i have given the contact no.----------------------------- I have no vested interest in this supplier.-------------
name  --komatha equipments 9443763792



This price is super , I got the stapler for 6.5k from the distributor Agro Vision -Jaipur ,Who in-turns Imports.

Have you bought this nor seen it AK?

Kindly let me know on the quality or if you can post some pictures it will be use full.




hi VERTICAL  good morning  i have not purchased this stapler. my cucumber plants are old  and need no training at this stage. so i may buy this during next season.    i saw the ad in a tamil magazine and enquiredover phone only.    the dealer told that  he had sold about 3 pieces.  just see  the price variation. even this dealer will be having a profit margin of abt rs 1000. finally all this price hikings fall on us-- the farming community.            if you ask the dealer , he might send u the pictures and specifications.



Thank you Sir,

kindly provide us the Material Required for Establishing Hydroponic  Farming kit.What are the Material required. Wheres hall we get the material for erecting the unit in Hyderabad.Whether Green Shade is Necessary.  How  to make Farming and what material be filled and how to provide water etc. Kindly provide Full Tutorial for me as well as to our Forum Members too.

Thank you With Best Wishes,
Vasudha Green Farms,



Hi guys ,

Yes at last all plants are been trained with Clips, :slight_smile: looks great to see them now, and my NFT is also functional just some pictures.




Dear Manne.SN,

Kindly let me know which method you would want to establish in Hyderabad and at what size so that i can give you a fair idea on how to go about, I will need you to provide me with details of what crop you will wish to grow so that we can plan accordingly on the structure of the units.

When it comes to Hydroponics setup you can grow them in open area also on shade net and also in green house or poly house,

Irrigation is Drip for grow bag method(Drain to waste)  and NFT you use recirculating system .

I do not use any High cost fertigation system with injectors,I use simple A + B Tank .and drip system with timers.

Kindly mail me back with details so i can provide you with my little experience a fair knowledge share.




Thank you Sir,
As far as my Introduction is Concerned , I am a Farm Consultant and Motivator of Organic Farming,Yogik Khethi (Cultivation With the Vibrations got from  GOD with YOGA). Though I am making Vigorous efforts in the above fields none is coming Forward to taking up the above Methods  in view of lack of support from Govt., Low yielding Initially,Certification is a Great Task, No supporting Price for the products under this Methods etc.

Now I have concluded to motivate the URBAN Residents  in explaining about the Health Conscious and easy adaptability of this Hydroponic Farming Under Organic Methods .I am in hope that I can succeed  in this Regard. Before that I should well    acquaintance with this Type of Farming. Hence a Training is Needed for this Purpose. Kindly enlighten us whether there are any Training Centers in Hyderabad or nearby. If not  I am bothering you to Provide Training at Your Place. This is a Serious Request and I am in hope that you will help us in this Regard.

Thank you With Best Wishes,
for Vasudha Green Farms,
A Reliable Farm Consultant in Hyderabad



This is great work. thanks for sharing all the details which will help for all the peoples.i’m very much interested in to this project. i would love to visit ur site to understand more.



Any time,  Just give me a message before in Hand.




I don’t mind in sharing the knowledge ,But it would very hard for me to come this week to Hyderabad, but sure can make it next month , But any time you are welcome to come to my place …




Gautham,… Why dont you take one or two weeks of training in Hyderabad that enable all the Farming Lovers move towards theire goal side and surely you will be master peace  :slight_smile: :astonished: :sunglasses:



Thank you Sir,

GOOD Idea if possible for our Sir “vertical”



I did not understand  what is the meaning of the above statement , But can get one clear message that people are interested in learning about Hydroponics,

I do not mind coming to Hyderabad any time … But where do we gather up and how do we plan this, I am not a expert in agriculture but sure can share what ever Knowledge  i hold in Hydroponics which will help others .

I can explain on Different Nutrient Mix, Different methods of Hydroponics, and Explain on how to balance the irrigation with fertigation and how to maintain EC and PH and last but not least the lowest cost effective solution :slight_smile:

This will not be any commercial activity nor any kind of profit making exercise .

Will only be a knowledge sharing opportunity and not business making opportunity.

Guys come up with dates and number of participants let plan one activity :slight_smile:

I have my house in Hyderabad so my stay is not a problem, But place of the activity should be decided.

Who ever are interested can join this with open mind .

I am not going to charge for this activity but of any cost involved in training materials should be shared equally Which will be decided
Before in hand.

If any one coming with the intention  of commercial interest to promote there products or looking for investors will not be entertained.

If you are also looking for some kind of Entertainment due to your Free time kindly avoid. [/quote]

I would Still prefer Bangalore as a center as I can use my small green house for all training activity and will be more informative and practical…


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Thank you Sir for your prompt responses.Kindly inform us the Time and date you can Provide in the Month end of February 2014.Also inform us the Cost of FEES nd the Cost of Minimum Equipment so as to enable us to prepare for the Same.
Thnk you with Best Wishes,



Manne , i said its not commercial training its just going to be more of knowledge sharing exercise, I am not a trainer nor a consultant, 
I will not charge for this but first see how many of them are ready to come to participate then we will work on material costing…

If no one is willing to come in Hyderabad you can come any time of the week to Bangalore. :slight_smile:

NO FEES any where!


Just some more pics added :slight_smile: Comments pls

Capsicum 32 days old from Transplant
Lettuce  3 days old from Transplant
tomato  32 days old from Transplant
Cucumbers 33 days from SEED  …



Some more pictures  Nikon Effect :slight_smile:

NFT is just 3 days old

:slight_smile: love seeing them grow …




Thank you Sirs,

I am Inviting Interested Participants in Hyderabad  for attending Training Provided by Mr. Goutham Garu . We will Plan for this Training in the Month of March 2014. Depending upon the Participants we will Plan for the Venu. Interested in Participating the said session may kindly Contact 9133498366, Satyanarayana.Manne.
for Vasudha Green Farms,,



Thank you Sir,

kindly let me know whether Poly House is Necessary for the Hydroponic Farming.If poly House is a Must I cannot afford Sir.

for Vasudha Green Farms.