My Hydroponic Turnkey Project


you are killing it bro !!!      awesome stuff ……………

count me in too whenever you plan to expand it……… keep posting pics man, great inspiration.




great work— we r all waiting to see your success



My first video of my wonderland :slight_smile:



Wish you all Happy New Year!

Find bellow are the picture of my Raised Bed, You can see the Difference :slight_smile:  One is taken on the day of Transplant Top Left and The top Right is Today’s Picture. Its in total 43 day’s old from the day of Seedling.

I have got some new 1 meter grow bags  ,Planning to transplant once my broccoli Seedlings are ready for New home.
Yes 10 Days old sapling from the date of transplant :slight_smile: Guess they look nice, Comments Please.



Congrats and Happy New Year Vertical,

The plants looks very healthy and can’t see any stress. 

Can i request please share the technical part of the Hydroponic project.

How you controlling the temperature and humidity?
What kind of nutrients you are using and the ratios on 16 elements, please share your valuable knowledge with fellow members.
Are the nutrients are doing yourself and formula you are using, i believe different ratios for different plants.
Where do you get the water soluble nutrients in the Bangalore.

Please forgive me if too many questions, I am passionate about hydroponics and agriculture.

I hope the attachment helps.

Thanks in advance,



Hi bpypathala,

Thanks for your new year wishes and wish you the same,

Your nutrient chart is to a large extent good, But when you prepare for 1 gallon of nutrient then your accuracy on nutrient becomes difficult, Minimum nutrient solution should be prepared for at-least 100 litters .

Temperature control i am not really worried as in Bangalore the weather  is good enough and i am setting up sprinklers attached to the humidity meter, and i am still working on a heat pad system at low cost, will share once i get the prototype ready.

Yes i am making the nutrients my self and yes it is different for various crops and also different mix for every stage of the plant.

the salts are available with almost all agri stores .

Ratio of salts and the nutrient formula,Shall share them on request on mail.

But i am sure it is economical ,Not expensive and need no  to many control systems.

I am now working on Raised bed system ,NFT,Vertical hydroponics using low cost materials  for which i have attached a picture of my unit which i have made out of bamboo and low cost fodder system. In months time i will be able to provide clear economics,

These pictures are 20 days old, as of now i have around 100 tomato(3 plants) and some 75 chilies (4 plants) and a dozen of marigold(4 plants) and Brinjal has just flowered  These are only prototype i am also working on making a large size units which can hold like 100 plants so i can check if the quality of fruit and flower deteriorate if planted vertical or is there any pest issues. I have made an internal watering system for all these units. 

These are more like clinical trial so numbers may sound very small and big farmers may feel like a joke, some one talking 100 tomato and 100 chilies …hope its taken in right spirit.

Again wish every one a Happy and Prosperous new year and a Great year ahead… Happy farming .



Excellent vertical,
Keep posting the updates, we are desperately checking your post daily,… no no not daily, every one hour i will check if any updated posted from you.  :sunglasses:




Thanks Bhuvan , Happy New Year.

Will keep updating.




Hi Vertical,

I have also started a setup on my terrace in Bangalore a year back with shadenet in an area of 20ft x 15ft with few tomatoes, brinjals plants.
Its good to see you doing a lot in your garden and sharing all the details here.

I would like to visit your vertical farm. Please provide me your address and contact details.




Messaged u the contact details.



Dear Friends,

Good and Bad  Some plants are showing flowering buds but some are attacked by Thrips or are they nutrition problem? 

  all friends with capsicum  grow experience give your views .



Common guys, Some exports please share your knowledge and advice what cause the problem ?



Hey Vertical,

nice to read you have done the plantation and it looks very neat.
i want to take another interview :slight_smile:
have a few questions about the feasibility, but i totally understand its an experiment. so it doesnt really matter.

what all crops do you currently have and how many in number? have a few other questions, hope its ok if i ask ?




as of now i am growing tomato and color capsicum, and in a week i will be transplanting Broccoli,Lettuce and EU cucumbers.
and many more ,go with your questions.

List bellow are the plants now in my PH.

Method Drain to waste

capsicum 100 (Raised Bed)
tomato  50  (Grow Bag)

Yet to plant (Still on seedling trays)  Trying all these bellow for checking my Nutrient formula.

lettuce  100 (NFT Method)
cherry tomato 20 ( Grow Bag)
Booth bhoot jolokia 10  (Grow Bag)
Broccoli  50  (Grow Bag)
French Beans  20 (  Grow Bag)
Basil  100 NFT

cauliflower 20



Some pictures :slight_smile:  They are 17 days old from the date of Transplant :slight_smile: 



the problem you are having with the leaves is very normal. the only thing is that cause you have a less number of plants, even one plant showing different symptom seems to be a big issue.
the black spots are due to excess water contact. dont worry about them.

the spotted leaves are the old ones, and they will loose importance soon. keep your eyes on the new leaves which are getting developed.

the plants look great.
how do you fertigate them Vertical?




I am using a Drip system ,but once i saw these Infected leaves i stopped dripping and started hand watering .



Hi Goutham,

I am currently visiting India and will be in Bangalore  this weekend (18th & 19th) and and would really like to meet with you. Please can you txt me your contact details. My number is Nine Eight Three One Zero, Two Five Zero Three Nine.




Hi friends,

I am happy to see the growth of the plants, Just 23 days old and yes it looks very healthy,

Today i have added more plants to the system,

The New Grow bags Run to waste system are grown Hydroponically in open condition .

Cherry Tomatoes
French Be ens .
Will add these pictures after 10 days :slight_smile: once the watering system is set.

My lettuce is also ready now for transplant into the NFT system, Leaving to sabari mala will come back and Fix the NFT.

Wish  you all Happy Pongal and Sankaranthi .




Hello Gautham

Plants look great.
i have few questions in my mind,
1.hydroponics is basically soil less cultivation, right ?. If so, then what mixture are you using and what’s the proportion plus your reason of using them.
2. In hydroponics, i have heard the mixture consists of coco pith, whose ph fluctuates tremendously. How do you control that ?
3. How are you fertigating your plants ?
4. Your capsicum plants are in grow bags, filled with a mixture and surely you must have arranged for drainage options. This seems normal, but i have seen in few videos where people are following hydroponics, and the plant roots seem to be dipped into water and not any solid mixture. I might have interpreted that wrong. Could you clarify this ?

Thanks man. Great experiment.