Help in starting a Hydroponics farming system


Dear Sri s.n.Manne,

The e- book on hydroponics was not sent by him till now . if I get it, immediately, I will send it to you sir.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer



I have one e-book on Hydroponics and few PDF magazines (2013 edition) which are quite informative.

Send me your email ID to my email "" (note it is underscore between kumar and tj).

I will forward at the earliest.

Mohan Kumar


Thank you Sir,

I will send a Mail.


Dear Sri Mohan kumar,

Thank you sir. I had sent my mail I’d to you.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer.


hi friends,

I am from Bangalore, looking for commercial hydroponics cultivation.

i want detailed instructions to make nutrient solution for tower garden system.

any help is appreciated

Thank you


Thank you sir,

We are establishing a Demo Unit in the Month of September 2016.
The n we will Provide the Details along with Nutrients supply.

If you are in need of it Pl. Contact Mr. Goutham at Bangalore who is Pioneer in Bangalore  in this Subject



I have read your post, and I believe you can help me with nutrient solutions.

I need to buy for my rooftop farms. Please could you share your number with me so that I can call. I live in Delhi.

Alternatively, please share the products and price.



Thank you Sir for your Confidence on our Services.
Pl. Contact at the end of October  2016.

for Vasudha Green Farms,
9133498366  /  7416446789



Can you please send the books to me as well .



I am new to farmnest and need some help and support in starting hydroponics farming on my roof.

Have got an area of ard 1000 sq ft to start with. want ot do it commercially but after gaining a little bit of experience.

My email id is vishalgupta102@



Hi Vertical

Have seen your prior posts and looks like you have had prior experience with hydroponics and it would be great of you could share some useful and helpful material on the subject. I am just beginning to take my first few steps and some guidance will be much appreciated.



Hi vertical, can you please guide how to do the hydroponic farming and want to grow tomato, lettuce, spinach for my home… And where to get the nutrients and how it can be possible.My email id


Hi Vertical,

Am sorry don’t know your name, so referring you as vertical.
Kindly help me with nutrients. i want to start with 12 x 40 hoop house. want to grow color capsicum and cherri tomato to start learning. may be 20 + 20 plants.
my investement would be less.

I want to understand nutrients in detail. I want to make on my own and use. I basically am having thorough knowledge in electronics and IT, can make any automation, if requried on my own in future.

I certainly will help the community once i get a grip of this.

please help.

thanks a ton


Sir can u send me the ebook about hydrophonic on my email id gkb1411994@gmail.Com


Thank you Sir Mr. Goutham (Vertical). some time back you have promised me to provide E-Books on Hydroponic Farming. We had been to Bangalore and could not met you because you were engaged in some other Programme.

Now We are in hope that you will Provide the E-Books to my Mail ID


I am a beginner in hydroponics. Please send me related ebooks and nutrient preparation methods for small plants at home. my email


Hi Vertical Sir ,

Thanks for helping new people who are taking interest in farming, and i am also one of them.
So could you please send me the E-books on my email id ( ) which you suppose to send to Rajit earlier.

Thanks in advance,

Arun sharma


Hi Vertical,

I have been closely following the threads on hydroponics and would like to do hydroponics commercially.This is my e-mail I’d Kindly provide me with the details as in where I can procure nutrients and what system should I opt for as I have no experience in farming.


Hello vertical sir,
i am very much influenced by this farming technique and have decided to make it my profession ,hence i am trying to get as much knowledge as possible in this field and try a small project in controlled environment on my own. It would be a great help if you can send me e-books and can help me to make a good proportional nutrient solution. Email Id :-

thanks a lot sir ,

Yours Sincerely,
Pratik Shingala(gujarat)


Hello vertical sir
No I have not started anything yet. I got so much busy in other things that this got side lined.
But I am back and hopefully to get things done now.
Firstly, I would like to start something at my house.
For that I need your support sir.
I want to start a small project by which I can make sure that I can grow in a controlled environment.
Could you provide me some study material for this DIY project. ?
My email Id :
If I grow something, I will definitely share my experience and photographs here.