Help in starting a Hydroponics farming system


Hi Vertical

I’m starting with hydroponics experiment on my terrace and looking for more information on this. Can you please share E-books you mentioned.

Thank you


Dear Verticle,

I am interested in starting Hydrophonics in smaller way, please send me e-book to

Thank you

Mohan Kumar


Hey there,

I have been following all the post on hydroponics since few years.

I am interested in use of technology in farming and educate farmers near by my place.

I appreciate your saying that ‘I am not for sale’ and also appreciate your work to help people who are farm enthusiast.

Even I came across some of the consultants, but they seem to be greedy and not a worth am not sure if I was right or not.

I am from a very hot place in Maharashtra its called Akola 250 kms west of Nagpur.

I have got some farms near by my city and wanted to develop those, but in a modern way.

I wanted some knowledge about Hydroponics farming system. for this need your help

If you can share those E-books on my mail id it would be great of you.

Thanking you

Pankaj Bachhuka


Dear Sir,

We have gone through your post on, its very interesting. We are also interested in doing the Hydroponic Farming in our Small Plot of land. Will you please provide us the necessary guidance and infrastructure and ingredients required for the purpose alongwith the requisite know how for the same. Please send me the e-book in this regard. We shall be very grateful to you in this regard.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely

R. K. Gupta

Mob: - +91 9717327773

D-59, Chander Nagar,

Ghaziabad - 201011

Uttar Pradesh

E-mail: -


Thank you Mr. goutham Sir,

Kindly Provide E-Books on Hydroponic Farming to my Mail ID


I am from Coimbatore. And looking to start Hydroponics agriculture in Coimbatore.

I would like to know more about it. Vertical bro, great work sir. I would be happy if you help me with your guidance to start my hydroponics venture and please also share me the ebooks on hydroponics.

You can contact me at or 9751000060.

Looking for your reply.

Thank You.


Can u send me E-books u have . pls send and next year think to go with hydroponic with someiimplementation.
Email me
Thanks in advance
Omprakash Agrawal
Mobile- 7693025365


I am interested in starting Hydrophonics in smaller way, please send me e-book to



Rajit… I am associated with a successful hydroponics project.  I can connect you with the company which does entire turnkey job for and will also help in marketing the produce. Write to me at


Hi all,

Iam new to framnest , and please help me giving information in hydrophonic cultivation of vegetables.

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Dear team
Please tell me hydroponic procedure for green fodder.


Same here want to know more about Hydroponics farming can you mail me details Abhi which company does this projects



I am Very New to this Forum . I am Interested in Setting up a Potato Farming ( as the major crop with other vegitables as well ) through Hydroponics in my Home town at Nagapattinam District of Tamilnadu. I am looking for a detailed Project report for 1 Acre farming along with the cost factors. Could this forum help me in getting the same. Thank You.


It will be very interesting to Know about your journey to such a Nice dream.
What could you achieve till now…Which are the fronts of this beautiful project where you developed new queries.
Wished once i would have got opportunity to Listen personally from you.
How about sharing your e mail address.Thanks.


Dear sir, I have sent a mail to you. Pl reply me.


Thank you Rao Garu,

Kindly Provide me an E-Book on Hydroponic .Kindly send  to


Dear Sri Manne.s.n,
Thank you sir. Sure , I will send it to your email, immediately on receipt.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer.


Will Like to know latest status on your project using Hydroponics.How did you go ahead,what difficulties you faced,Do you feel you have reached to success…what further.


I hope Mr. G.P Rao. will sure success. Hydroponics system is very good for less land farmers.


ThnQ Rao Garu, Kindly send the E- Book on Hydroponics as you have Promised. Kindly send the E-Book to

for Vasudha Green Farms,