Help in starting a Hydroponics farming system

Hi All

I am a new member and my sole purpose for being here is to seek guidance of farming experts.
I am very interested in starting hydroponics.
I have a 2000sq metre agricultural land in Delhi and i want to use it for agriculture.
I understand the basic knowledge of how soil less farming works, but i am unknown to the commercial side of this.

I would really like to receive help of all people having knowledge in this field.
Following are my questions:

  1. How much money is required to start working on 2000sq. m. land ?
  2. What are the best crops to work upon.?
  3. What kind of return can be expected from this farming activity ?
  4. Can two crops cycle be grown in a year ?
  5. What are the major concerns of hydroponics.?

Thanks a lot.

  1. How much money is required to start working on 2000sq. m. land ?

First you would need to decide what kind of setup you need ? High cost green house or low cost wooden structure or open shade net system. Then u need to decide on what hydroponic method you going to use? Grow bed? NFT?

  1. What are the best crops to work upon.?

I would suggest you to go for variety which can be sold for hyper markets(Lettuce,Cherry tomato,capsicum)

  1. What kind of return can be expected from this farming activity ?

Depends on how you want to market your products.

  1. Can two crops cycle be grown in a year ?
    Again depends on crop choice, Lettuce is a 45 day crop in Hydroponics from Seed. and capsicum u can manage 2 crop a year.

  2. What are the major concerns of hydroponics.?

First is self knowledge , using right nutrients at right time of growth, maintaining the irrigation system ,controlling PH and EC.

I would suggest you to first start in 200 sqr mt and then expand once you are comfortable with basics. Would not suggest to take direct help from any consultants and start commercial hydroponic farming as not many available in India with real commercial profitable hydroponic exp.

If u need any help on nutrients or any setup idea message me i can provide u with details, I am not available for sale, so Its only a friendly gesture  .


HI Vertical

First of all, i thank you for answering my questions.

I would like to do hydroponics commercially. The concerns which you have mentioned are totally valid and i would like to find answers to these questions.

Can you tell me where i can read about this in a proper manner.


Message me your Email id i shall send you few E-books and try some small setups, until real implementation its hard to decide .
I would suggest you to start small and then go commercially once you are self learned .

If you need any Nutrient formulas let me know i shall share those what i know.



My name is Gaurav and I reside in Mumbai. I would like to start a pilot project for a hydroponics farm.
Land and money are in place. It is the correct expertise and practical guidance which I am seeking. 

My immediate requirement is ;

a. List of vendors dealing in hydroponics field.
b. List of proven consultants / technicians with work experience.
c. Costing for a 10,000 square feet pilot project in western India.

I have a simple dream ; to build the largest hydroponics farming setup in India.

as of now any assistance in any manner would be highly appreciated. Feel free to contact me on the number below.


Hi, Gaurav,

Have you decided on which crop you want to plant in your hydroponic setup?

Which method of hydroponics you want to use? 

Costing can be worked out only when you decide on whether you want to go for a NFT or Drip and drain or EBB and Flow.

Every system has different material need.

Say NFT  you will need hydroponic gullys, and drip system  you can use grow bags or raised bed .So i would suggest you to first
understand the different method and choose which you want to go for and select your crop.

Green house cost should be around 550-600 per squire meter
NFT gully is around 350/- pe meter length 5*2.5 inch squire tube(Lettuce,spinach,berry’s,chard’s can be grown)
Raised bed (Israeli) will cost around Rs.200 per squire meter length(capsicum,tomato,cabbage,Chinese cabbage, okra etc)
Grow bag  coco peat should cost you 100-130 a meter length  should be lesser if bought in bulk,

When it comes to hydroponic consultants i dont see many with real proven large scale exp. If i come across any one will post you with details.

As of today most of the consultants want to make quick money ,So be care full in handling them.  Check with fellow members for open ideas .

Nutrients should cost you 400-450 for 1000 litters .

message me if you need any further clarification

[size=140] [quote]I am not a consultant, No business interest [/quote][/size]


Sir ur guideline superb…
m also interesting to do small level plz give me ur mail id on
Sachib t.
0 9975353612

have you started you project?

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Nice Post. Can you please send me the ebooks for the same ? My email id:

Hi Goutham,

I have following doubt about economics of hydroponics.
If nutrient solution costs 450 Rs/ 1000 Liter (0.45 Rs/ Liter). A plant needing 1 liter water/day with life of an year (e.g. capsicum) will cost nutrient worth of 164 Rs in it’s life. Even if it yields 3 kg fruit in her life, the nutrient will cost 55 Rs/kg of fruit. While the market will pay 40 Rs./ kg only.
We understand that the capital investment will be higher for hydroponics, but the operating cost (nutrient solution, electricity) will also make it economically impractical for hydroponics. Is my above understanding correct?


First Capsicum is not a yearly crop. Good for 7 Months.
When commercially farming you procurement cost reduce and will work out at a cost of Rs.200 for 1000 litters of Final solution.
You only increase EC slowly to your plants so as per my calculation it comes to some where to 40-45 Rs a Plant per crop cycle and can expect a good 4KG per plant if taken care well and can also increase to 5KG .

good luck



Hello Vertical,
Could you please forward me those books and info on nutrient formulas… My email is
Thank you

Dear Vertical

Thanks for all the info you are generously sharing.  Plz fwd me the ebook details to my email id .

Thanks once again.

Sri Bharath

I am also keen on starting hydroponic farming.
would be great if you can share the e book on nutrients with me at
I hope i can trouble you with doubts if any.

Can u send me E-books u have . pls send I have shadenet house and next year think to go with hydroponic with someiimplementation.
Email me
Thanks in advance
Ravindra Lende

Rajit, Check out the “My Hydroponic Turnkey Project” thread in this forum, extensive information on Hydroponics has been shared on this thread.

Dear Vertical,

Appreciate your quotes. They are great.
I am too a keen hydroponics enthusiast. Insisting to avail me the books you mentioned.
I’ll be very grateful.


Hi Vertical,
I am from Bangalore and am thoroughly impressed with your hydroponics project on rooftop and subsequent expansion on leased land. Appreciate your keen interest and the generous advise you share on the forum.
I would like to try out in a similar way as you did, on my rooftop - about 500 sqft available, and would like to visit your place before I start the project. Can you please share your address and convenient time when I can trouble you in person for more details.

Thanks in advance.


Just in case, if any one require some kind of sensor based automatic solutions for hydroponics, please let us know. We(Yuktix Technologies Pvt Ltd) deal in sensor based smart devices for agriculture and greenhouse/polyhouse. You can directly call me at 09910908382 or drop me a mail at


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Hi Vertical
Can u please send some ebooks please. Now I have successful running shadenet now want to change/add lot of system