Growing vegetables in the rains

This is the second consecutive year of incessant rains all over Telangana, stretching for a good 5 months from June to October.

This has hit our vegetable cultivation big time and we will take at least 2-3 months more to get back to a point of getting yields. This is assuming the rains have really ended and our current planting will go well.

The main problems are that land preparation and all other operations become impossible when the rains continue for days non-stop. Water logging causes death of the plants, however much drainage we try to provide.

If you are a vegetable farmer, how do you manage vegetable production through the rains? This is probably a common problem in some parts of the country such as the North East - what ideas and techniques can be applied to overcome this?

Above video is in Malayalam. You may get an idea by seeing visuals. I thirit may be the most economical and profitable solution for your problem.

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Last year , my 8 Acre farm , 50 kms from Pondy, near ECR experienced Floods like river flowing thro my Land–Devastating— 3.5 acres of Karuppu kavuni rice, 2 Acres of sugarcane and Fruit trees ( Small ones) got wiped off completely.

Worst was that the Top soil was flushed away leading to poor soil conditions–I am a natural farmer for last 6 Years

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