Growing capsicum in polyhouse - my experience



Hey Viks, hope u are doing great. Nice to see the video. Actually all species have amazing mechanism to fight off any kind of problems. Only we humans rush to some solution we think we have found for that very problem. For e.g. body has amazing mechanism to fight off any kind of disease but we rush to the doctor for medicines. As for our FN group it is the multi-crop farming which is suggested by natural farm experts rather than going for mono crop. Because how much ever we discover, how much ever we invent, how much ever we think we have become intelligent, we humans are going to fall short in our intelligence to understand the complex ways of nature. 


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This is Shailendra Singh from Yuktix Technologies, Bangalore. Just want to ask is there any requirement of Humidity/temp control in the same field. Also my question is not only for sales purpose, its also for my understanding of the requirements.



hi Shailendra!
u seem to be in marketing, catering to agriculture is it ?

well… humidity/temp control is the mother of invention for polyhouse, shadenet house.
its the very very basic. additional systems like temp control, foggers, misting systems, luwa, fan pad are further addons to control better, considering the money aspect.

you will have to be patient and go thru the whole discussion to understand the role, there are many advantages, in terms of pests management also.

its all co-related to have a healthy crop, which gives more produce with quality.



Greetings to everyone in the thread specially VIVEK
I Am totally new to this forum so to farming . Am from Rajasthan Udaipur city of lakes .
Last five days going through this thread page by page and amazed to come around such people who are willing to help in evry possible way .
I am totally new to farming with zero Knowledge but planning to set up a 4000sq meter polyhouse .
Am confused between capsicum and cucumber cause near around my areas almost everyone is planting cucumber .
Want to learn something from everyone here specially VIVEK .
Got a basic questions to start cause max questions are already answered by the lovely members around …

  1. Should i go for a single 4000sqm polyhouse or 2 2000sqm polyhouse ?

Would love to see farms of people around NASIK cause if VIVEK will provide me the details am gonna surely visit his farm and meet him personally and can meet u guys near around .
waiting for a positive reply



hey Manish!

to the questions…
do a bit of homework, study how are the other farmers growing  arround u ? in open, shadenet or ph?
if its open, then they cant keep growing it thru out the year.

cucumber is a short term crop, the life time is about 4 months. and is a good crop to learn the basics of pest management. also this will give you an idea about the fertigation roles. BUT only when u make the efforts Manish.

a single 4000 mtr has its own advantages and cons.
in a single setup, the infestation can spread quickly and ruin everything if you dont act on time.
then there is quantity/volume aspect, fertigation/pest management, all the year supply/price factory, your target market (few times big volume, or small quantity on daily basis) etc.

there are various combinations that can be worked upon. this is a very vast discussion, as it involves many factors, labor, transporting, and what not and a few listed earlier.

at the end of the day it all comes down to one thing, how much are you willing to do? and Manish, i am not talking about money, but efforts.

i know you are not getting your answers, but if you do everything RIGHT, you’ll be happy with both the cases you have put up.

and hey! you can visit all the farms in nasik and arround, and i speak on behalf of my people :slight_smile:
its just that i am not in nasik anymore.



Hello all

i have been busy with some other work from past sometime.
anyways, i have planted my new set of color capsicum plants in 1 acre polyhouse on 29th november. they are doing perfectly fine currently, though this time i kind of know few things that i need to take care right from the starting but still new challenges come everyday in this field and thats what i love about agriculture.

Lets share and learn



Good news Aman and all the best, wish you will get a bumper yield :slight_smile: . Aman can you brief us like what steps you have taken or what care have you taken starting from bed preparation and whats the area you took up ? how much manure you kept in ? etc…  if you have a chance plz do post some pics too.

I understand we already had lot of info from our GURU Viks in the previous posts, lets go in detail again how you are doing. (me too planning to start one, got land and now talking to banks is going on for loan)

Thanks in advance Aman


At one point in the forum, you said you aren’t pro towards mulching of beds, and said you will come up about that in the later posts. Can you please tell me the disadvantages. One more thing is prevention of Nematodes has to be taken  at the time of bed preparation … I guess, what chemicals do we use to keep this issue at bay? and what else… ha one more, you said you didn’t do the pinching initially to avoid the virus infection, if that’s the case then I think plant will grow little bushy will hinder free movement of air and also plants will not have enough place between then, how do we control all these… Understand you are busy with other activities, take your own time and please do answer them. Thanks a lot Viks  :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


hey soori!
yeaaa… mulching… i missed out on that ? oh well… cant go back searching for it…

mulching is good to prevent the growth of weeds and unwanted plants…
i am more of a natural practices fellow… and its not that the labor is EXTREMELY expensive in my region. its a situation to situation case soori.
this is one aspect. next is the water consumption… ok now mulching does help trap water for a longer time. so that is one area.

if would read, i use a lot of cultures and micro organisms in my basal dose, my fertigation or just keep topping them from time to time. they need sunlight and fresh air combination. and then when i mix the top layer of soil, the granules get evenly spread and give better results.

then… mulching is black, which absorbs a lot of heat, and make the root zone crazy… this is season specific, and depends on the plant stage. meaning, if its summer, and the plants are little, obviously there would be a lot of direct sunlight on the ground against when the plants are tall and bushy.

silver mulching is also similar, except for that it reflects the sunlight and the lower side of the leaves get damaged and promote chewing pest problems.

right… its time to start my day now…
there are more queries, let me attend to them next time i log on.

hey and its really nice to see you back and active soori… keep it going!



Hey Vivek
Back to Nashik or out of Nashik


Thanks for the info Vivek :slight_smile:,
Take your own time to answer the questions. By the way howz your other job going on… good luck buddy :slight_smile:

  • Suresh


Hey Viks!!!

U r dude…Hats Off!!!
I need ur help and able advise.

I am onto getting a land near Chiplun and planning to prepare green house for capsicum in a acre first phase and then expand with different varieties of stuff.

I wish if you allow me to visit your farm.

Thanks a ton.


hi piyush!
those were the good old days u are talking about :slight_smile:
now i am a man  :sunglasses:

chiplun is a cool region yea? yeaaaa… capsicum is a good crop in that climate… i mean if its cool…

you can visit the nasik setup anytime you are in and around nasik, but u wont find me there… lucky for u : ;D
just dial the digits :slight_smile:

have a nice and a fruitful trip !



hey Ravi,
i have left nasik buddy…
planning to visit ?



Hi Vivek
Yes I am planning to visit your site. Please give me contact person cell number.
Waiting for your reply.


hello everyone in the group…hope everyone doing good. and special thnx to vivek capsicum guru!!!
i got a huge requriment for red and yellow capsicum which i will export it. i need almost 10 tones every day so please if any one has got that huge farms please contact me.


Hello vivek sir.

I am very late to visit this site. If you or anybody who have already  studied or planted capsicum please share your daily schedule.

I am umesh puri from Nasik and wanted to know about the daily schedule  .
You can mail me on .
Thank you.


Hi Vikas,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the group. I am in planning stage now, Submitted project plan to bank few weeks back and  now starting polyhouse installation in few weeks…I am from nashik, and wanted to visit you…if you dont mind plz share your number with me on
I would love to visit you before i start my first step in this area.



Hi Suresh/Soori, I am a new joinee to this site, but I have been exploring greenhouse/hydroponic farming for some time. I moved to Rajahmundry to explore possibilities of setting up a polyhouse here. At the beginning of the thread you mentioned you were planning to start a ph in Vizag along with a dairy. But later I see a post trying to set up in Bangalore. What happened to your vizag plans ? I am interested to know as the area is very much similar to where I am planning to set up, and would like to take any learning from you

If you have few mins, please provide me your contact number and I will call you