Growing capsicum in polyhouse - my experience



Dear Vivek Bhai ,

I m new this forum, upto 10 pages i read thoroughly about your day to day activities for growing capsicum, it will continue to reach up-to last page to know all details of Capsicum cultivation technique/ information.

Sweet Brother Vivek you are my Best Farmer cum agrientrepreneur.
U people those growing through Organic way i salute them. 

I dont know abcd of Farming as my childhood time gone in city. My interest grown up when i first meet a Odisha Agriculture Scientist in 1996, he was doing research on Earth Worm. That time i got the information of Organic Farming and green house cultivation. That time interest grown up till today, but my family don’t want to enter into Farming. But i will set up.

I am a student of Brahma Kumaris, so interested to use Sustainable Yogic Agriculture  when I will do farming.

If you and any one interested in Sustainable Yogic Agriculture then visit your nearest branch of Brahma Kumaris University or visit link given below. It is free of charge, any where in world. From this u can get better result in Organic farming.

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Hi Vivek, Question for you… how did you manage to repair the damage done almost 6 months ago ? You spoke of insurance, but that covered only fire, know you have moved on to a different place. But was there a change of plan ? You mentioned you completed it and hence moved… but then you had plans to expand the Ph to many more.

Just getting a bit overexcited :slight_smile:

I am trying to set up one for the first time, in Rajahmundry, AP and doing some research. Have spoken to a few consultants. All offer contradicting views. Did you or anyone apply for NHB 50% subsidy ? What was the experience like. One consultant says it would be 50 Lacs to set up one acre of PH

Then the region being humid with a RH of 100% for almost 8 months a year, there are doubts abt how would the foggers/misters work. Some like me think they will worsen the impact of humidity. I have been told dehumidifiers are cost prohibitive. Should I not know even think of setting up one in extremely humid areas ?

Please advise



So my research on whether I can have a PH in hot & HUMID conditions continues. I was lucky to speak to a farmer  from Vijayawada, which is similar if not same to Rajahmundry. He has been doing this since 2006. He started off with 560 sqm or 30 cents (approx) and now has 7 poly houses (largest being 1100 sqm). From what he says he is doing pretty good. Below are a few key takeaways

  1. You can’t expect profit always, so be prepared

  2. Don’t run after the subisidies, however good they are. Use them only if it suits you. Start with as minimum as you can, considering your risk profile. If eligible then apply for subsidy, otherwise not the end of the world

  3. Don’t go after the fancy crops. Vijaywada has a decent market, and try to market produce there, exporting ideas can come later. He produces green capsicum (Palladin ?) to mkt locally

  4. He installed foggers & misters, but never used them. He uses bio-net (he called shade het) in the PH to manage humidity & temperature. He also wets the pathways as Vivek mentioned. This should take care of humidity to a large extent. Haven’t even thought of de-humidifiers etc

  5. In summer for two months he plans alternate activity, he has open cultiviation too… (need to find exactly what the ‘alternate activity’ is)

  6. I plan to visit him this weekend, and get some learning. He was more welcoming like all farmers are. He also said there is a new subsidy the govt is planning for transport of the produce. Is anyone aware ?

  7. Meanwhile my consultant says, there should be no problem at all I should go for 1 acre of PH. They are doing one in Chennai, which also similar if not worse climate as here. They are proposing colored capsicum there

  8. Purchase agreements with exporters can be entered into, if there is any worry of marketing. There is some truth in it, from what I found it may not be so difficult to find one, provided your produce is good, although transport needs to be worked out

  9. But if I go for anything less than an acre, the economics doesn’t work good, and the consultants won’t be able to help setup a PH for me here in rjy, which is very far. I would think that is justifiable. I would have done the same, if I were

Questions :

  1. If you do color capsicum, should you not wait for the whole fruit to turn color, or partial is good enough, color enhancement can be done by the exporter/food processing guys ?

  2. How is flavor concentration, color enhancement done ? Haven’t googled yet, just reading my mind


To answer your first question - Initial colour is green, You can harvest them when colour changes 10% to 20% from green to red/yellow. Remaining 80% colour gets change while packaging, transportation to market etc.


Thank you Anant, do you produce Capsicum in PH ? Any advise you wish to offer to me ?


I am about to start in 2 -3 months, LOI has been received…now planing for PH installation…waiting for loan disbursement…but I have done lot of research on this…visited many farmers in Maharashtra mainly in Nashik and Pune Area…



That’s great Anant, did you apply for NHB ? can you share details about how much area you are planning, cost of project, did you involve any consultants, or you have prior experience ?


It seems IFFCO (Indian fertilizers & farmers co-operative) did a Capsicum project at nellore about 1000 Cr (?) and have wound up as it flopped. Does anyone know of the story ? The 1000 cr could be for the agro SEZ rather than the ph project. I even heard that, they could not even market the produce, and hence distributed the produce among the staff ?

Any details ?



venu I have not heard abt this…but u dont have to worry too much abt it…
Market for color capsicum is good in metro cities as well as in local market.
in 2014 rates were varying between 45/kg to 280/kg in mumbai and surat market. If u consider avg rate of 50/kg and avg yield of 40 tons per acre in 9 months you make 20 lacs. Considering production cost of 6 lacs including wear and tear of PH you make 14 lacs net profit in a year in normal circumtances.
Lets consider avg profit of 10 lacs per year and 50% subsidy ur PH gets nil in 3yrs.


Word of caution - I did some color capsicum in the open before. While the prices were decent, uptake at least in Hyderabad is low. There were very few buyers and they all spoke kgs than tonnes. Not sure if there was another way to sell but mine was an experiment anyway.


Anant, this is exactly what my consultant also told me. How are you planning to set up the PH ? Can you share some details.  On the marketing point, I think its possible to sell provided we put more efforts to market, although it will be a bit tough for me to sell from AP. There were a few I spoke to, and they said they would take mine, if I produced and were willing to enter into a purchase agreement, even if I am from a not so fav location. At Nashik, different story

The main thing I want to know is to how to compensate the effects of weather, humidity, temp. It could be ~ 48c and RH 100% in summer, and RH could be 100% in atleast 8 months a yr.  So I am getting a lot of advises to not to go for subsidy and start with a bang. Instead, they advise me to start with less than 1000 sqm, and work it slowly

Chandra, Any view points ?


hi Chandra, what are your projects now ? Where in Hyd are doing this ?


Hi Venu,

As per the NHB cost norms you get financial benefits of upto 50% on the prices of 935/sqm & 1465/sqm  for any protected cultivation setup exceeding 2500sqm’s. Meaning if you really want to take subsidy route 1000sqm wouldnt be making you eligible for subsidy. You would then need to plan a min of 2500sqm

But taking non subsidy route will give options;

A)You could start with any little area and expand gradually
B)Option of having MS + LDPE/Shadenet or bamboo + LDPE/shadenet to strike a balance between rigidity & cost economics
C)You can plan your drip irrigation specifically based on your spacing requirement

My suggestion is to take the advice of caution from Chandra. You need to have a set marketing channel to sell your produce. No point in having a production capacity is ton’s when buyer potential is in kg’s.

What Anant here says is true, if you make a cumulative profit of twenty lakhs in a couple of years, you could break even on PH costs, but again thats a big IF as it would all depend on if we are able to dispose off the volumes. Are there domestic buyers near you who would commit you volumes?



I would say research more on the market; I would think most PH production would be geared for export - so worth speaking to exporters. I remember there was one Hyderabad based advertiser who posted under the ads section - try searching.

All said, it makes sense to start small and scale up.

I do open cultivation but it is more small pockets of a variety of vegetables and fruits. My farm is about 100 km away from Hyderabad.


Good Morning All,

                      Can any one tell where is Vivek ? I have give personal message he is not responding. I m staying at Mumbai I want to visit his experimental cum entrepreneurial farm of Nashik. I want permission to visit.

                    Any body growing vegetables in Poly house near to Mumbai kindly cooperate me to visit.  I am doing job in Mumbai so i want to visit the agricultural places for practical and theoretical knowledge.

Maximum information already given by Vivek from starting of his topic.

Now the topic reached up to more than 400 pages.
Congratulations Vivek , Aman, sri2012 , Sairam, Vertical and others.

Jet Airways, Mumbai


He is young agripreneur may be busy in new project. So far he has replied at the first chance he got.
If you are in hurry you can also get enrolled in KVK Baramati for trianing they also take you on farm visits. See below link for more detailes … /#msg11395


Thanks Sri2012

For Quick responsce.
May be I am hurry.
I am doing job, in my duty cycle i have to find out the time for farm visit. This month my duty cycle are 2 day 2 off may change next month.
I will do training and farm visit in my 2 off periods.
Already searched for training nearby Mumbai. KBK date not realeased, may be in March that time i will go to my native place Bhubaneswar.
But FEB 22nd there ia a training by Thousand Petals Polyhouses Pvt. Ltd I am attending.



Dear Experienced Forum Members,

I am a Rajasthan based farmer. I am already doing Open land farming on around 50 acres of land & now wish to venture into Greenhouse cultivation.

Could you please advise on the below specific questions as regards Green Capsicum so that I am able to appreciate the economic viability of a Greenhouse set up.

  • How many plants should we sow in an Greenhouse of 1000 sq ms ?
  • How many harvests can be have in 1 year ?
  • What is the crop duration in a green house (how many months)
  • What is the typical spread of these harvests (is it daily ? weekly ? which months)
  • What is the expected total annual output in Kgs ? What is Average output per Harvest ?
  • Other than seeds, how much expenses in a Greenhouse ?



Hi Suresh

Have you Started Farming in Vizag. I am from Kakinada. I am Gathering information on polyhouse farming.



Hi Vikas,

Thanks for sharing  valuable information for all upcoming  agri entrepreneurs .I am also starting the same farming.