Growing capsicum in polyhouse - my experience



Hello Sir
My shadenet house size is 28 mtr X 56 mrt tunnel type shadenet



Thank you sir for this you need 1600 Sq. Mtrs Poly sheet is required with necessary locking arrangements of the poly sheet sheet.

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Hi Vivek,

I am doing open filed of Indra. I am having approx 5000 plants. My plants are 130 days old. Harvested around 700 gm capsicum/plant in past 40 days

Recently i got severe thrifts attack (because of my laziness  :smiley: and weather). As advised by you i had sprayed (almost washed my plants) with Spinosad & Actara. What should be my next spray and when? - Pls advice.

Also i found that lots of plants are not having any new branches/flower. Is there any schedule i need to follow to get continuous flower?

Also fruit size is less than what i normally saw in market. Is there any way to increase the weight.



Hey paillasita,
The best way to control whitefly imo would be to apply as many yellow sticky traps as you can. For insecticides you can use imidacloprid bayar confidor super @ 4-5 ml/ 15 liter water or you may use Syngenta pegasus @ 15 gm/15 l water along with Multineem or neem oil. In my experience neem oil helps as a water emulsifier as well as magnifies the effect of pegasus. Pegasus would be a better option as it acts on whitefly both the upper surface and lower surface of the leaves even when sprayed only on the upper surface. Another spray after 6 days would decrease the infection to a large extend.
Aikam Chawla


Thanks Aikam,

My plot is having thrifts attack.



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Hi Vivek,

it’s great to read your exeperience, if you dont mind can i have complete Document or PPT or PDF file on Capsicum Crop from Seed to market, it’s great if posible to send video file.  to

we are new to this capsicum crop. also i am totally new to farming industry, im a designer now im moving to my home town and want to start farming,  i have 5 acrs of land, i want to start in 1 acre first llater i will expand,

whenever you have time Please prepare document/PPT or if you have document already its great,



I, Uma Mohandas Nambiar, a Media Professional at Mumbai, have Agriculture land at Kerala, I have no previous experience in farming, I wish to seek your expertise and advice in Polyhouse Farming, at a small scale

Thanks & Best Regards


can we start polyhouse in black soil


For best results it is advised to use Red soil in polyhouse mainly due to its acidic and porous nature , but you can still go for black soil by adding fine sand to it in order to reduce water logging.
Please keep in mind that regardless of which soil type you are using it is important that the soil has the PH & EC measures within the required limits.


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hey all!
well i found this amazing video… makes a lot of sense…
it educates us about the reasoning as to why combinations of crops are suggested to be grown together, characteristics of different plants, nutrients + the video gives a LOT of other info which we normally are not aware of.

really great video, i must say! like it if you learned something new and also for it made u smile :slight_smile:



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