Growing capsicum in polyhouse - my experience



Why is this post? What went wrong here?


Hey Rupali!

i didnt end my project… i completed it :slight_smile:
the target, systems i had planned for, have been implemented and achieved. and the whole project is live.
All the supporting infrastructure, well trained manpower, logistics, marketing is all set.
Very little scope of improvement :stuck_out_tongue:
so giving quality time to my main profession now :slight_smile:



ohh dont u worry… tat was for Chandra… i do all this time…


Wow, that’s nice to know that you set up a second business and still managed to return to your old profession. You seem a really hard working man! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info Vivek!
Its pretty much clear to me now after reading the previous posts.
Are u allowing visitors to your farm, so as to gain greater insights into this topic?
Do let me know.


No clue what you are talking about…


yO! Pavaner!

hehe… u add so much with the smiley… u seem to be really confused :stuck_out_tongue: tee hee… ok lets confuse u all the more…

i would give one advise…general one… for everyone of us…
always keep asking “WHY” and try to dig into the reason…

i am not gona tell u everything… but from now on… i am going to give YOU all homework :stuck_out_tongue:

so your the first one to start off with Pavaner  ;D

first… find out the basic characteristics (hope i spelled that right) about the types of soil… dont get into much… just focus on black and red soil. what is the difference in them both?
why is black soil not advisable ?
next… what the hell is murum… ok i know what that is… but we need to understand why we add murum, why not an aeroplane?

next try to find out what are “Raised beds” why do we make them? why not just plant the seeds on the ground level?

try and find this out, and u’ll find your answer…
ok i know ur thinking … instead of typing all this c**p, i could have just answered and saved everyones time…
but i have almost… almost summed up everything i know in bits here and there on this forum till now.
but always remember… the rule at Farmnest is that all discussions are ALWAYS open…

i had a feeling that if u get the answer to your questions straight, u wont come back :stuck_out_tongue:
so its your turn now… i’ll be waiting for your response…

Dear Vivek,

Seems like you have achieved perfection in PH farming.
Instead of discussing soil PH and other characteristics my question was simple as depth of soil is 6 meter.
Whether it is required to remove 1.5 meter ?


Hi Vivek
Nice u back to Nashik.
My shadenet get affected due to heavy rain in my area but trying to keep capsicum is very good in size and weight.
Some fruit get affected. Rain water makes dark spot on capsicum. Also due to weight plants getting collapse.
Whats new at ur end.



You should have Planned for Poly sheet on shade net during Rainy season.
However happened is happened.If you planned for Poly sheet you can have
the benefit of Poly house. It will act as good as poly house/Green House.

Anyway we are wishing you all the Best in your Future endeavour.

Vasudha Green Farms,


hey Shantanu!
theres a lot more to discuss… how can u give up so easily ? :stuck_out_tongue:
give up on asking queries i mean…

i am not in nasik anymore shantanu :slight_smile:
had we interacted before, we could have met…



hey pavaner…
i think i did confuse u all the more…
ok… really didnt mean to do that.

soil PH is a in depth and technical topic, lets keep it for some other day.
i specified that dont get into depth, just find whats the difference b/w red and black soil.

see…these are the very basics… black soil has more water holding capacity, is sticky, forms lumps, where as red is totally opposite. this affects the root development, helpful growth of cultures etc. which in turn results in better crop quality.

ok lets not get into details.
next is about murum, 100% red soil is goooood… but it isint economical when you have to buy it.
so to make up volume in the plantation media, one can add murum.
red soil has less water holding capacity, so you’ll have to water your plants regularly.

so a mixture is the best. there are a lot other ingredients, but we are only discussing soil and murum.

everything u’ll see is inter-related and one needs to balance it.
i am very particular about how much i want to invest, what is the best i can do with my limited resources, and the returns i get against my investment.



hey Ravi!
so good to see your produce quality… hows the market doing ?

i almost feel like i lost touch with nature now that i am not looking after the farm.
and Ravi, i am not in nasik anymore.

you’ll have to cross borders to visit me now…



where u at Chandra?  :astonished:
i think u missed out that i was wanting something from the place you at.


Hey Viks,
Where are you currently? May be I can visit for my fashion related queries. :wink:
Well, please don’t forget to post something about my initial query.



you mean you are not into these farming projects anymore?


Hey Vivek
Its bad to read that ur not in nashik. :frowning:
For friends can cross international borders its state border.
Well marketing is difficult at point trying to clear.
U gave gupta and singh contact that are not in range.
Hows ur work going on. Live in touch.


Can u give some idea to place polysheet during rain. Please


Hi Vivek
Good to hear your project is completed.
It will be great to see it but anyway no plans to travel.

I am finalising on my land site for Green house.
Few questions need to clarify:

  • what is the water requirements. And can we depend upon borewell. I was told preferable for surface water. And in that case how much do we need. I am planning GH for 1 acre and to start with 3000 Sq meter. Capsicum and others.
  • it will be great if you can reply to mine earlier post.

Any way wish you all the best for your new farm.



Dear Vivek,

Thanks for the information.
Will contact again for other queries.


According to the seize of your Poly House we need to decide the Poly Sheet to cover to Protect from Rains and cool Climate.

Kindly inforom us the seize to enable us to suggest the specifications (Thickness) of the sheet.