Growing capsicum in polyhouse - my experience



Hey Anil… hows it going ?
hows the progress going ? what u been upto ?



Hey Ravinder,
the dimensions are about 35 mtr x 40 mtr x 22 feet depth. water source is only ground water which peculates in the well during monsoon.



hey Mr.Narsimha… u’ve got it right that preventive is better than cure.
based on the surrounding conditions, one needs to take precautions, to avoid surprises.

and also there are many factors as you said, which are inter dependent to each other and more over there are a lot of variables. it takes a bit of time to get a grip, but thats how one learns right ?

how are your tamatoes getting along ? whats happening at that front ?



read ur plants got affected in the rains, and so did your friends…

do tell more…


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lets talk …
what u upto ?



hey Chandra!
what r u growing this monsoon? any trials for capsicum ?



Hi Viks,

Yes, veggies including some capsicum; and some fruits. I am out of India for a couple of weeks, so going a bit slow.

How are things coming along with you?


Hello Vivek,
I’ve been reading your post since quite a few days as I plan to begin color capsicum farming near Mumbai. Your detailed information is really appreciated. As I come from an IT industry, I really have 0 knowledge and experience in farming but I certainly have interest.
I am considering to rent a readymade polyhouse on 13 gunthas as the initial owner failed in capsicum due to negligence. Your any advice for me as a new beginner would help me a lot. Please share your views and suggestions.
Thank you,


Hi Vivek,

Warm Greetings!

Its great to see wonderful discussions in this forum. I am planning to setup a project of Capsicum plantations ( Green & Coloured) at Wardha, Maharashtra 60 Kms from Nagpur, it seems shadenets are a viable option for capsicum cultivation as compared to polyhouses mainly due to lower setup costs, right? but what are the main advantages of polyhouse over shednet if we keep aside the project costs?


Polyhouse stands by wind and rain whereas, shednet isn’t that sturdy. Shednet provides partially controlled atmosphere comapred to Polyhouse.
You may also search online for more details on this.  :slight_smile:


@ Rupalir08

Well that’s true but I want to know about differences in productivity, Quality and all those terms.


Dear All,

Planning to set up a polyhouse in 1 acre in Narsinghpur (Madhya Pradesh).
Have visited Aman’s Poly house and he has guided me a lot regarding polyhouse cultivation.
As soil in my land is black cotton people suggested to remove it by 1.5 meter then dump murum followed by red soil.
My query is whether it is necessary to remove it?can i directly use murum and red soil ?
Please provide your suggestions.



Hey Chandra!
wow! travelling eh? nice man… do take care of your health, eat and sleep on time :stuck_out_tongue:
and i want something!.. depends on where you are  ;D
well… my project at nasik was completed… and i have shifted, got back to my main profession :slight_smile:

Get back home soon!!



hey Rupali!
start collecting data, numbers, various expenses, running costs etc. cause money matters.
then understand day to day activities, pest management, fertigation etc…

then focus on capsicum, learn crop specific needs, requirements, various conditions etc…

give me some time and i’ll make points and post.



hey Shantanu,
well… crop life and production does change in a PH and a Shadenet.
we need to understand why first…
conditions inside a PH are more stable as compared to a Shadenet. meaning, if the outside temperature/conditions changes, conditions inside the shadenet get affected quicker as compared to a PH. so there are a lot of variations, resulting in stress to plants. there are various medicines to reduce and control this, but the damage will be there.

now you are planning for both green and color capsicum, both these need different conditions…
green can be grown in a shadenet, with good quality and quantity.  meaning the variety can tolerate frequent changes in conditions, where as color cant. colored ones need a more stable growing environment, and they like cool conditions, this is both, for quality and for pest management.

there have been a few discussions about this earlier, maybe if u find those, u’ll get to read something new.

the discussion will always be open, replies from me might get a bit delayed tough :slight_smile:



yO! Pavaner!

hehe… u add so much with the smiley… u seem to be really confused :stuck_out_tongue: tee hee… ok lets confuse u all the more…

i would give one advise…general one… for everyone of us…
always keep asking “WHY” and try to dig into the reason…

i am not gona tell u everything… but from now on… i am going to give YOU all homework :stuck_out_tongue:

so your the first one to start off with Pavaner  ;D

first… find out the basic characteristics (hope i spelled that right) about the types of soil… dont get into much… just focus on black and red soil. what is the difference in them both?
why is black soil not advisable ?
next… what the hell is murum… ok i know what that is… but we need to understand why we add murum, why not an aeroplane?

next try to find out what are “Raised beds” why do we make them? why not just plant the seeds on the ground level?

try and find this out, and u’ll find your answer…
ok i know ur thinking … instead of typing all this crap, i could have just answered and saved everyones time…
but i have almost… almost summed up everything i know in bits here and there on this forum till now.
but always remember… the rule at Farmnest is that all discussions are ALWAYS open…

i had a feeling that if u get the answer to your questions straight, u wont come back :stuck_out_tongue:
so its your turn now… i’ll be waiting for your response…



Thank you Vivek for your reply!
If I may ask, why did you end your project and return back to your profession (Fashion)? Did you suffer any loss in the PH farming?
I eagerly await for your post for my project.



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