Growing capsicum in polyhouse - my experience



Thanks Vivek for the informative post. Can you guide where to earn about soil prepare from



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Where r u in days? No update?


hey everyone!
i have shifted. so was very busy taking over charge and settling down.

really sorry for being away for so long, i think the main reason the forum is liked because it is very active. and i am really glad to see you guys still going :slight_smile:

plz bear as i will take a couple of weeks more to settle down and be back with you all.

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Hello All,

I planning to setup a polyhouse to grow colored capsicums in my farm. i got some idea about poly house farming after going through the forums. want to know more details by visiting the existing setups.
Thanks to Viks  :slight_smile: for all the knowledge sharing through this site. helped me a lot in understanding pre and post setup details.

if some on in the forum can give me the addresses of existing poly house farm around Hyderabad. I am open to travel 300 KM from Hyderabad for a farm visit.

Thank you


Dear Vijendra,
We are green house construction company we are in this field for last 15 years. Please go through our website and see our client base and information on green house I am basically from Roha and I know the area in Nijampur. Please given me your contact no or you can call me or whatsapp me on 8454944012.


Dear Anil, pl contact President of Greenhouse growers Association of Hyderabad. I could not found his No. at present. Meanwhile , Also contact  1. Sri P Chandrasekhara Reddy, Kokapet,  No. 9490815058    2. Sri KRK Prasad and Sri JS Anudeep, Kavvaguda village, Shamshabad Mandal, 3. P Gopal Reddy, Jukal.No. 9848078104  4. Venkannaguda, Aloor(via Chevella) and 5. Smt Kondakala Laxmamma greenhouse, Gollapalli village Chevella mandal, Supervisor Ph: 9676535097.

with regards
B R Reddy


Hi Vivek,
Suresh here, good see you going great :slight_smile:


HI Vivek / Narsimha / Aman
First of all Vivek i was disappointed that i didnt hear from you. But after knowing your reason i can understand.
on my journey so far, guys i have got some interesting concept on bamboo polyhouse in Bengal.
does any one have any prior experience on it. Especially height of 5 mtrs is it advisable. Plus in Bengal with so many storms not sure is it recommended. But its 1/3 of cost.
Also i remember some of our members are doing colour capsicum in high temp and high humidity area ( Narsimha is that you not sure) need some advise whether produce is coming for 5 months in place of 9 months in other places ( since July humidity in Bengal goes up to more than 90 %).
Also are you aware of any site where we can check temp,humidity, etc of given location ( longitude , latitude)

Guys i am at advanced stage on setting up Green house in Bengal. Since we need to begin by September we are running against time.
Any help from all members will be highly appreciated.

Amit Dhelia


Hai Amit,
      I have removed my plants. There are various reasons for the failure and can’t pin it on single one. Most important is having a good, experienced labour to take care of the day to day operations. I myself was a beginner and thats the primary reason. Secondly high temp and humidity does make the job more difficult if not impossible. Third, should concentrate more on preventive fungi/virus/pest control instead of running around after the attacks. And most important,  you should have at least one hour everyday to spare for the farm ! Its not to discourage anyone, but better know what you are entering into and be prepared. And one more things shade nets during rains is very sensitive and  prone to all kinds of virus and pests (the conditions seem to be perfect inside the shade net !).

  I am planning to plant local tomato in the shade net soon. People is a big problem in my area as everywhere else in India ! Have some ideas based on my experience, will share when it gets a shape.



I have shadenet house also facing infection problem due to environment. My friends having PH they also facing sameproblem. Rain is main problem in shadenet house. Let’s see what happen if sun doesn’t show.
You have PH or shadenet ?


shade net of course.  I guess governments and research institutes should put more efforts and prioritize in producing pest/virus/fungi resistant seeds/plants than on pesticides and fungicides ! But in a commercial driven market, pesticides and fungicides business is more profitable and has big volumes than resistant seeds ! Just like medical industry is more profitable than disease resistant humans !


Hi Narsimha
Thanks a lot
So what i understand that since you had gone for Shadenet hence more problem. Infact what i have collated till now is that capsicum in case of high humidity its not possible to grow during summer and rainy season.
In my understanding we should go for capsicum in the month of September and get production till March and then go for another crop probably leafy one to maximise on PH part. may be i am wrong but thats where i am currently.
One question how much produce you could manage in your farm per tree if you can share.

we are meeting few Professors from BCKV in Kolkata and that’s the understanding coming out.
BTW how much was humidity level and night temp at your site.

Amit Dhelia


Hi Everyone

I am yogesh from bhilai(C.G) , planning to setup 3000sq metre polyhouse and my list of queries below:-

1.Coloured capsicum seed from KF Bio plant or any better option.???
2.Poly house from Indian  green house or Shri ganesh poly house ,Pune
3.My land soil is black soil , so how to make it for use for capsicum growing.
4.Best time to plant the seeds according to climate and market conditions.
5.I have read somewhere High density planting give better results in capsicum.
So,how many plants will be best for 3000sq/meter.What will be spacing plant and row wise.
6.What avg. price i will get yearly???
7.What will be production per sq meter.
8.And how can we get round the year harvest as it is nine month crop to maintain continuity of sales.

These are some of my queries as i am new into agriculture and will be waiting for your answers.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions. 


Hi Vivek

What was the cost of the geomembrane lining used for pond, is the pond rain Fed



Hi Vivek,
I am new to this forum. But i happened to see the info on capsicum. What amazed me is the photo of the pond. Looks really big and the capacity is 75 lakh litr. Can you please tell me the following:

  1. The size of the pond length, width, depth.
  2. water depth of water on the photo
  3. Source of that water??? is it monsoon?

Would appreciate very much,


Hello Everyone!!
This is AJ from Pune and first time user of this forum. First off all I would like to thanks all of you who have put lots of efforts to explain the concept of polyhouse and special thanks to “Vivek” for his eagerness to share his valuable experience and knowledge. I am also one of you who wants to setup polyhouse for color capsicum but I have zero knowledge + Experience. By going through all your post I got valuable data on color capsicum which shows me rays of hope that I can also cultivate color capsicum in polyhouse. I am basically looking to export those capsicum instead of selling in local market. I have few questions in my mind which I would be posting very soon…


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hey ronnie! u have a great sense of humor i must say! love to have members like u participating. theres a lot you’ve expressed, and i’ll just get straight to the queries.
open cultivation is also a great way to learn, considering that u clearly know what and how much you want to invest.
about 100% organic cultivation of capsicum is difficult. ur yield and crop health will get severely get affected. i would advise first experiment in a decent scale for organic practices and u’ll know things for yourself.

about my pond, it feeds on rain water only. let me be more lucid.
once the rain starts and my well gets filled up, i pump the water into the pond, which will last me till the next rain starts.

you seem to be interested in ponds as well yea ?



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well… the thing is that the venturi football is on one side of the platform, the return control valve is on the opposite side, the drip control valves are on the third end, and the venturi control valve is in the centre… so i had to do the hoola hoola dance everytime i would give fertigation.

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