Growing capsicum in polyhouse - my experience




i am having a good harvest season currently, but the only problem that i face is supplying it in the market. I need to change my strategy and still need to understand the crop better, it has a different cycle than other crops, I also need to teach my labour about harvesting it, because they are doing all haphazard work currently, supplying 80%-90% to bombay and delhi market and 50% or below to locals, due to which their is lot of spoilt material that my vendors are receiving from me. Poor guys, they complain and ask us to send it in a better way next time but my stupid people here again send them the wrong material.

when do you harvest your fruits, at what percent ?
where do you keep it, i mean do you pack it and send it to the market the same day or you keep some at your place ? like whats your strategy till now ?
what do you do as for post harvest management ?



Hi Viks ,

Great job sharing your knowledge and experience. Not seen many like you, keep up the good work. I am sure you will make it big.

I am in the process of setting up a 10000 square feet poly farm in Kerala. I got a 1100/sq meter quote ( all inclusive) from a reputed company however not sure if it is comptetitive. Have been trying to get quotes from others but there are very few in Kerala I beleive. Do you have a cost sheet based on your experience , will be really beneficial for me. Thanks in advance



Dear Mr.Narasimha,

umm… any observations u made after the spray ? how are things looking now?

about the mangoes, thanks firstly… i too fell in love with them.
luckily i have enough stock to last for all year :smiley: rest all shipped.
just give me ur shipping address, and within no time will u have ur hands on them.
just cause i know u from FN, i will charge u premium :stuck_out_tongue: ok just kidding… its all on me :slight_smile:



Hey Aman…!

duh! whats up ! long time aye!

post harvesting… pretty simple… my harvests are once and/or twice a week, depending on stage.

as for percentage in color… if the fruit has even a single spot of the color, its gona get harvested.
i do not keep even a single color fruit after the harvest is done.

most of my sorting is done online, meaning while harvesting itself. fruits which are doubtfull are re-sorted.
the fruits are sorted based on where they will be shipped. For local sales, i use major riped fruits, which are for immediate consumption, where as fruits which are for exports are more raw, and have a longer shelf life. these major raw fruits ripe after 5-6 days when they are stored in a cold storage and by the time they reach the shelf, they are ready.

we start harvesting in the morning, and is finished till late noon. then packed and shipped in evening. local is sent thru local road transport, and exports in cold express.

the main aim for clearing all the color fruits while harvesting, is that i can focus and have a common fertigation again.

further discussions are always open :slight_smile:



Hey Mr.Naveen,

Rs 1100/ sq mtr inclusive everything ? it would help if you could list ‚Äúeverything‚ÄĚ

i have posted price details in bits here and there… to confuse the readers. one member was so tempted to pull his hair after going thru the blog!

if you are looking for prices for specific services/products, i can help with the latest in our region.
Naveen, it would be easy if you can ask specific details, say cost of drip, or fertilizers, plants, media etc…

rough costs to give an idea are already posted and discussed by a lot of members. plz go thru them, have some cool water, freshen up and then shoot ur questions, and v’ll be waiting :slight_smile:

ohh! also if you could tell the crop u plan, we can also discuss specific costs related to certain crops.




I see a good strategy their but what do you do about local supply ? They need fully ripened fruit, so how do you do it ?  You said you harvest it as early as possible, so do you keep the fruits in a cold storage and supply them to locals when it gains 90% color ?

Also, viks i am hell confused about what to fertigate because its like i have new fruits developing, ripening and harvesting as well.  Plus i need a continuos harvest for my market, but i see no new flowers currently which means their will be breakage in between. Any suggestions as to how should i keep my harvest continuos ? I mean i want my plant to produce flowers, convert flower to fruits, give size to fruits and mature a decent size fruit.  All these process at the same time.  Is it possible ?

My harvest is going on currently, will definitely post some pictures tomorrow.



I finally completed reading all the 865 posts written over 58 pages. It took me good part of 3 days to do it. I’m a slow reader  :-[ I am an expert on Capsicum growing now! Just kidding! I want to thank everyone who posted on this thread. I learnt a lot from all the discussions. Vivek surely is the hero for this thread. His willingness to be open about his learning, experience, expenses, revenue is just awesome. Aman has contributed hugely as well. My special thanks to both these gentlemen.
You might be wondering why I am posting here. About a year and half ago I thought of changing my career. It is isn’t an easy thing to do if you have a spent a good part (almost 30 years) doing a particular profession. In most cases, as one matures the ability to take risks reduces considerably. I’m no different. However, after several months of search in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh I found a 3 acre farm within my budget near Lepakshi. That was November 2013. I wanted to learn farming. It is only now I am able to turn my attention to the plan. Some work needs to be undertaken on the land before it can be fully useful for cultivation. We are in the process of undertaking those activities.
Capsicum is one of the vegetables I intend cultivating. That’s what brought me to this forum and particularly to this thread.
I intend to start with growing Capsicum in the open. Chandra I would need your help and inputs. If anyone else has experience cultivating Capsicum in the open I’d like to hear from him/her.
Why am I not considering a protected environment? At this time I would not like to make the substantial investments required for a PH or SH. This is my learning phase. I’d like to see what can be done without the protection. No better learning than from experience.
Vivek, I have a question for you. How did you fill your 75L liters tank initially and continue fill it up later?
Aman, I’d like to hear about you tomato growing experience in the open. Is there a separate thread for it?
I would like to keep my produce 100% organic. Is it possible? I am not very concerned about the yield. I am only concerned about the quality of my fruits.
I request all of you to share your inputs. I will greatly appreciate your thoughts and comments.


Hai Vivek,
      Just before your suggestion, I took a spary of INTREPID and was waiting for 4 to 5 days before going for another spray. Yesterday we had a downpour here and will probably take your suggestion tomorrow.  The infestation is huge and the last spray helped a bit, but I guess it will take couple more sprays to get things under control. Also my fruits are rip-penning before attaining size ? One problem is with the pests and stunted growth. I know its too general and there are lot of causes . But any specific reasons I can check for the small fruit size ? I do give regular fertigation,  spray nitro benzene, micro nutrient sprays, etc. Or is there any way I can trouble shoot the problem of fruit development ?

    And I came to Miraj on friday, was there for 2 days on business work. Checked if I can visit Vivek or Aman, both were pretty far of. Will plan in my next visit.



Hi Vikas
Thats so nice of you to share such insights.
I am looking at starting Capsicum in Eastern India.
If you are ok can you please share your mail id and contact number.
Would be great if i can talk to you.

Amit Dhelia


Hi vivek
Not sure of the mistake you did  :frowning:
Can you please elaborate on what to avoid.


Dear Vivek
I am vijendra  from navi Mumbai and joined your forum today only. basically a marine engineer settled here for almost 18 years and have some 3 acres of land in  Nizampur ,Maingaon .
I am very keen in doing some thing in organic farming . Hence now I am keen to grow & cultivate exotic vegs and other other plants.
I have read your details about Capsicum cultivation which is very encouraging to me and really keen to get your guidance in setting up my own polyhouse.

pl revert back if you are still with forum for further guidance to me
with warm rgds


Good see your info and entrepreneurship.All the best.


Hi Vivek

First of all let me repeat what every one is saying :slight_smile:
I am also "inspired " not only by your knowledge but your willingness and eagerness to share it with every one.
Else in today’s scenario not one day pass when i dont face some consultant who want to show you moon ( and probably keep it with himself) and selling all the dreams ( and that too at no cost).
Really, man hats off to you ( and especially your dry humour makes reading more enjoyable )

To cut the long story short i have read ( 34 out of 59 pages of this thread and still WIP :)) your story and am not only excited but certain that if we give our cent percent nature does the same ( may be more). PATIENCE is a must to be successful i presuppose after reading about your journey.

I am based out of Kolkata and planning for colour capsicum ( all wise man think alike :slight_smile: pun intended) nearby.
For that i am visiting few sites ( currently two identified) at Pune from 17th to 19th.
So my journey will be incomplete if i cant meet you. So request you if possible can i come down to Nashik any day between 17th to 19th ( I will prefer 18th since it will be day long journey). As bribe i have already got some goodies from Karachi Bakery for you :sunglasses: knowing this is pre-requisite for entry in your farm.

Mine number is 09830270790 and mail id ( Sorry Chandra i know i should not share the details but due to lack of time this time excuse me).

ALso i am coming prepared with many questions , which we can discuss when we meet.
PLease accept mine request this time and i will promise bigger boxes of goodies next time  :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance please share the plan if its feasible for you to accomodate mine curiosity for few hours may be.
And feel free to ask for any thing ( except your favourite gold biscuits ) from Hyderabad.

Looking forward to see you soon.
Amit D

PS: In case you dont accept be ready for my sharp questions ( atleast i think them to be sharp). And there is one secret i will share with you once there


Great to hear that you are doing cultivation in shadenet.
I am also exploring that option in West bengal near by Kolkata.
How you will manage the crop in rainy season as i heard its difficult during rainy season.
Also are you puting up ( or already put up) any other systems like foggers,etc to control humidity , temp and light.
IN shadenet how is sun light getting diffused , is there any issue you have observed with light.

Sorry for so many questions.

Amit D


Hello Friends
Some pics from my shadenet house
Ravindra Lende


Very nice plot ravindra

Could you share more details about your project. As in your plot size, material used, costing etc and also the seeds you have used, nursery preparation, fertigations etc. 



Hi Alan
I have shednet house of 1568 sqmtr (28x56 mtr) construction cost is 340 per sqmtr with sliding subnet like polyhouse in that growing red yellow capsicum. Plant buy from Kf Boiplant pune (10 per plant) giving furtigation & pesticide with support from them. Plants are one month old giving them 19:19:19 12:61:00 mgso4 boron & after day cano3 fe edta by drip. Precausion dpray are taken by enviormental condion.
More things update soon. If like more info pls feel free to contact


The lines on your palm show you are going to make a fortune from your capsicum plants  ;D

Seriously, nice pics - I did not see such large capsicum leaves ever.


No further questions ravindra.  Thank you

Great work. Keep it up




His leaves are really big, thats mainly due to the variety he is cultivating.  Ravindra purchased plants from kf bioplants, who originally use rizk zwaan seeds to prepare capsicum plants

Ravindra i must say its quite expensive though, 10 rs/plant.  :astonished: the way i prepare my seedlings, it costs be around 3-4 rs per plant including labour, tray, fertigation, seeds etc.