Growing capsicum in polyhouse - my experience



i am in the progress of making a bank a/c wherein everyone can donate loads and loads of money… this donation will give tax benefits and make the donor feel good. this whole program will be called as “HELP VIVEK CAMPAIN”

will post the a/c details soon for you all to start donating :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again  :-*



I dont like to see this thread at the bottom of the list. 
So guys, hows it going ?  Keep everyone updating about your current crop. Let us know how are you all doing it and what problems if any are you facing ??

And viks

How about the weather now ? Did u get the sheets replaced and how about the plantation ?



some ladies dont get our jokes aman ! :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways… nothing new… daily routine… fed up with things lately.

the ph is still a mess, plantation is running late… and i am still in no mood to get things on track.

to put it in simple words… i am one frustrated farmer :stuck_out_tongue:
i know its a phase and will fade off eventually… but WHEN ??

hey aman buddy… need ur help… i am planning for tomatoes in open this season… tips plz :smiley:

rest what is up with everyone… where is everybody ??




I have put the seeds to prepare my nursery already for 5 acre of drip. Just save your crop from leaf miner and your tomato is safe.  Tomato is one hell of a high yielding crop, plus when done in large acre we can also process it and make sauce from it during low rate seasons. 

Wat say viks ??





Their is a variety of indo-american 3001 which is resistance towards leaf miner which is a main pest of tomato



Hi Aman,

Compared to Hyveg Shivam how is 3001.




Vasudha Green Farms,
A Reliable Farm Consultants in India,,


Dear Mr. Vivek,

could you pls share the the cost & area and other detail of your pond. and its is sufficient for your 4300 se mtr PH.


cost and area details i had posted somewhere… will find and get back.
the capacity was calculated for 2 acre of PH for 6 months.



Hai Vivek, Aman and friends,
      I am facing serious problems with my plants. I am still yet to fully recover from my stem rot problem and a new one has started. Initially it started with the edge rows on all the outer sides of the shade net. Then it is slowly spreading to the inside rows. The leaves have brown patches, small white mites kind of insects are on both sides of the leaves. I am attaching the pictures for better idea of the problem. Tried lot of pesticides both chemical and organic, but there is negligible effect on them. Please help me.


Dear Vivek,

  Vasudha farms from Hyd. is, previously advised “not go for Green House” cultivation. I can’t understand now, why he is  postings on GH.

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Thank YouSir,

I Can’t remember where I have advised  “not go for Green House” cultivation and what context. Can you forward the same to us to make correction if I am wrong.



You advised some beginner not to start with greenhouse.


Hello Friends
Me also regular follower of this forum. I have started farming with Shade Net House and posting some pics from same.
Ravindra Lende


Hello Mr. Narasimha,
firstly sorry for being very very late in replying.

Imidacloprid 70% WG + Buprofezin 25% SC

and then take repetitive sprays of plain water and sulphur.

wash the plants completely, also i see you are using gunny strings for support, this gives the pests space to hide (in the gunny thread twists). so wash them completely as well.

i guess there is uneven humidity, so wet the beds. meaning keep the drip running for extra 10-15 mins everytime. u could even consider flooding alternate walkways.

the damage is pretty severe, and its not just you who is having jassids and mites problem, sames the condition here…

i hope you have identified this problem and have enough time to take action.



what is up with Mr.Reddy and Mr.Manne ? common girls!.. dont trouble Mr.Chandra and Mr.Sri.

lets just learn what we want to and leave the rest.



Hey Ravi !
so glad to see your post! i was wondering when we would hear from you.

first of all congrats buddy! i am sure, from the day you got the idea, till today must have been a long journey. and its a big accomplishment i must say.

we all would love you to give us the latest updates and tips :smiley:
also provide us basic details -

Crop Variety -
Size of Shadenet -
Crop Density -
Shadenet house cost / sq mtr -
Date of plantation -

and also any other details you feel would be important for new beginners. say, how to you plan to do the day to day activities, marketing etc.




this is my mango farm, first ever harvest after i took over. last year i had a harvest of 500 kg. this year is a bumper!

i’ve got kesar as a majority and a few other varieties.



My crop veriety - planta purchase from KF Bioplants pune they dont tell name of veriety but friends told me that was some Rizk won imported seed.
My Shadenet size is 28 mtr X 56 mtr Cost 340/sq mtr with aditional shadenet inside like PH
4200 approx plants plantation done between 10 june to 14 june 2014.
kf bioplant give 21 days shedule in that daiky watering with some drenching and spray on alternet day basis like after plantation 2nd we have done carbandizm 1gm per lit drenching after that watering after that 13.40.13 with silicon after one day gap again taken drenching of humik. Again one day gap taken spray of chloropyriphos after one day gap drenh with H2O2 with silver again after that spray with silicon 1ml. Today drench with 13.40.13 with silicon.


Thanks vivek. Have sprayed INTREPID two days back. will give your solution today and then with water and sulphar. will keep you updated. And your mangoes are looking great ! Hope I could lay my hands on them !