Growing capsicum in polyhouse - my experience



weeding is manual and a bit of pain in the start, but once the roots are removed properly, and regularly, it will all be under control.

hygiene is one important thing that needs to be maintained inside the PH.

long time !
ok… the small nodes show that the plant was under stress (thrives attack). as they are in the bottom, and the new nodes are looking good, so the plant is out of the stress and picking up.
new nodes/shoots will get developed on top, so look for new flowering, buds, and fruits.

rest all i think we’ve talked over …
can u can share your delhi experience ? :stuck_out_tongue:



Hey Pradip,
not much of capsicum at the moment… just have a small plot of 2000 sq mtr under production.
doing some new plantations for red and yellow provably in another 10 days or so.
you can visit some of my friends setups when ur arround nasik.



Dear Prash/Vivek/Aman

Thanks for yours reply & detail reviews, its really encourage me for moving ahead.From last 1 year am doing research on this subject (protected cultivation).but am more interested in Flowers cultivation cause i did most of my research on it. Dear vivek sir u did carnation cultivation so can u suggest me
1.which crop is more suitable for my location(Sangli- maharashtra) Gerbera or carnation?
2.what is a economy for both flowers?
3.Risk factors (cause high investment involve)?
4.Market Demand & Profitability for both flowers?

Your Opinion is Important for me.


hey Abhishek,

the questions in your mind have been put up in bits already… they are the first to come to any person who plans to start into agri. so just browse and read…

to sum up Abhishek, crop selection depends on the farmer… and yes, so some extend the location of the site. all crops require care, a few require less, others more attention.

if i compare carnation vs capsicum, i would prefer carnations. the practises for both are very different, but growing, i find carnation requires less care and attention when i compare it with capsicum.

carnation requires a bit more investment (sapling is expensive, + it needs metal/plastic grid for support) so thats an additional expense.

i do not have much of an idea about gerbera honestly, you can request Aman to help you with that part.

most of the farmers in nasik have changed their crop from carnation, as the climate is no more suitable… i mean its getting warm, and carnations need cool climate.

economy wise, i was getting around 14% returns for carnations. and remember, this was my first crop, and i was a beginner, and could have saved a lot. anyways.

risk factor, worst of all, the crop will fail.
carnation sapling is expensive, plus the crop density is high. i had about 40000 plants in a setup of 2000 sq mtr. each plant costed me Rs.11.
then the support grids, normally 4 layers are used. plus the support system for the grid, angels etc. that costed me about 2-2.5 lakh. and now that i have changed the crop, those grids are scrap.

market demand for carnations is good. Pune and Mumbai both are good markets for high volume.

Abhishek, if you have the capacity to sustain, and willing to put in sincere efforts, i would suggest you go for carnations.

we can always discuss more indepth about carnations, meanwhile, you can share all that you know about it.



Dear vvk

Thank vvk ill get back to u with my new queries.Hope this dint bother u  :wink: :wink: :smiley:

Hey Aman

Are u still doing gerbera?.. if yes than i want to know…what is current market condition cause i heard that the market is going down now days…2weaks ago i talked with 2 farmers who doing gerbera from long time…They both told me that in Andra Pradesh 400acre of polyhouses has been establishes last year thats why the High supply of production coming From Andra pradesh & because of that they are getting 1.5 rs rate for per Quality Flower…In peak season they are getting this rate so what we axpect from non season…(what u think abt above scenario…is that True?..Have u face this kind of issue ever?..Pls share your experiance…


Hello viks

Hows it going buddy ??  Long time no c  :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

What about your new plantation.  Are you done with it ?




In short

Gerbera is a beautiful flower.  But due its increasing acreage its rates have gone down pretty bad.  Would suggest you to go for a different crop because if this trend continues i am worried about its rates to go down to a level of 0.50 rs/ flower.  Which is bad for such a high initial investment crop. 

Please give me some time to get back and explain you little more about this.  I have been quite busy lately. 

Thank you



Aman is busy minting money, whereas somewhere across the globe in nasik, polyhouses are going with the wind !


Minting money.  Not now.  But will surely do one day. 

But polyhouses blowinggg with the windd ????  Whose ???  Is your polyhouse safe ? Let me know if i can come handy anytime. 



Thanks Vivek n Aman for this great thread. It took me four days to finish this (pg 1-56). Very good and important info.

Please, everyone share, your production to date of capsicum in the current crop from your PH. Vivek used to share previously, but has stopped since then.

Aman, also please share your upto date production of Garberra also, if you don’t mind that.

Thank you all once again.



there were strong winds a few days back and rained as well… lot of damage all arround.
polyhouses got blown away. hardly few survived without any damage.
very sad.
mine are damaged as well.  :frowning:
i knew there would be some damage when the winds started… i was just waiting for it to happen u know. alas, nothing can be done about it… something are beyond human control.

getting things fixed up, as my plantation is due.



Hey Jay,
thanks firstly.
well… there are a lot of things missing in our discussions, and now that everyones lazy, things have gotten slow.
my last palladin was 67 tons. the MIS screenshot is way to big to fit now.
anyways, i lost a lot of production to flower drop and fungus.

Current running Indra is a bit higher on production, but i still am facing dumping problems. but thats a problem which comes with the variety.

Jay, if theres anything you would like to know, just ask.




Indeed its not in our control.  All the best mate.  Let me know if i can be of any use.
How much did it damage your polyhouse, i guess the sheet fixed on the arcs blew, because those are the first ones to blow off every time their are high winds. 

I am keeping my fingers crossed as well. Because my region has very strong winds during the onset of monsoon.




Sorry to know about your damage. Hope, there is not much damage! New Farmers in the field, will have to think about these calamities also, isn’t it?

And, is 67 tons your total production? I think you planted somewhere in August?


Would like to know about your production, too!



my plantation was done on 29th december 2013 and my production started from 29th april 2014… till now my total production is 6000kgs and my production has currently stopped due to an outbreak of a disease which has just come under control, so i can see new flowering and fruiting.




Your plantation is in around half an acre, i think!


HELLO VIKS  sorry to know abt the damage. hope that the damages are rectifiable… my shadenet house was also damaged due to high velocity winds.      is there any means of insuring polyhouses? is any company doing this… we will have to look into this aspect also as our investments are high.


Indeed it is half an acre at the moment. And m doing tomatoes in another half acre.



damage done is damage done :stuck_out_tongue:
natural calamities… cant do anything about them… we can only be prepared.

the biggest problem with PH is that even if theres a single slit in the sheets, the whole pannel needs to be replaced.
fortunately the damage is less, but then i had to get most of the sheets changed.

and yes, my last plantation was 25 july…



Greetings Mr.Ak,
sad to hear about ur damage too.
as for me… i am kindda used to it now :stuck_out_tongue:

last year when the PH got damaged, i had a crop inside… and as it was a new experience, i totally flipped off.
but this year, i have come to terms with nature :stuck_out_tongue:
and honestly, the winds were so damn strong that i knew something bad was gona happen.
if would have observed, i always have a surplus section in my costing, this surplus is strictly for such situations.

about insurance, there are companies who manufacture the sheets and have warranty. so u can look into that.

there was a bank clause for loan that i had to get my PH insured. when i approached the insurance company, that told me that they would provide insurance against fire. now how the hell on the earth does a PH catch fire ??

talking particularly about the damage caused, this time, surveys have also been conducted considering PH also :slight_smile: so we all are hoping for some aid from the government.

but Mr. Ak, the best way is to be prepared ourselves.