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hai sir please send me all the details of making of goat farming and government support etc…please (am in tamilnadu)


Dear sureshherd,
For making of goat farming,visit our website contact@goatfarm.co.in
You will get 25% of subsidy under NABARD for goat farming,but the main condition of it is that you must avail the loan from any nationalized bank.For other government schemes visit your districts livestock development office.goat farming scheme changes from state to state.


I am Devaraj i’m working in pvt company i’ve one plan doing the farming goat farm but i don’t know how start the farm and need a bank loan how much give the bank loan subsides and how to apply the loan please send me one project how much the starting cast and need of land  this is my E-mail devujanasneha@gmail.com

Thanking you



Dear Devaraj,
To avail the bank loan,first of all you must have a well prepared goat farm project report.Goat farm project report contains expenditures,profit rate,returns and many more which the bank requires.For more details about it please visit our website www.osmanabadigoat.com
Bank wont provide any subsidy,it will only provide the loan.Subsidy is offered by NABARD,25% for open and 33.3% for reserved category.Subsidy is only given to those who avails loan from bank.if you wont get any loan,you will be not eligible for any subsidy.


what is the lattest subsidy for loan for purchasing 20 goats & constrcting sheds for goats in kerala


hello sir,

I am planning to start a small goat farm in my village (lamb fattening) and i know the procedure of stall feeding and all . As i am new to this farming so wanted to know where and how the goats to be marketed ,for whom to be sold and at what age is the perfect time to sell to get good profit. And i want to sell in bulk ,not one or two goats. can you please tell me the procedure how to market it so that i should be on profit side.


hello sir,

I am planning to start a small goat farm in my village (lamb fattening) and i know the procedure of stall feeding and all . As i am new to this farming so wanted to know where and how the goats to be marketed ,for whom to be sold and at what age is the perfect time to sell to get good profit. And i want to sell in bulk ,not one or two goats. can you please tell me the procedure how to market it so that i should be on profit side.



Dear anilmaya
Presently the main goat farming scheme is Under NABARD only,providing 25% subsidy for open and 33.3% subsidy for reserved  caste,for commercial goat farming(100+5).
Small goat farming schemes are conducted by the state government like providing goats for breeding(10female and 1 male),providing free insurance,providing free vaccination,providing funds for fodder,running cost of the farms,repair and maintenance of farm buildings, machineries etc  These schemes changes from state to state,to check your sates scheme,please visit your Districts livestock development office.


Dear ari86,
Just inform to some butchers or nearby local agents regarding marketing of goats.Goats gets easily sold for meat purpose when they are sell at reasonable prices.Once nearby butchers knows that,they will get goats for meat purpose at reasonable prices from you,then surely they will buy from you continuously, as butchers have to travel from local market to market to collect their goat stock.the perfect age to sell the goats for meat is in between 5-7months,these goats gets sold even in midnight that too at high prices.The main reason is that,all the butchers wants medium goats for slaughtering purposes,which has tender meat quality.Also you can advertise in your local newspaper regarding selling of goats for meat purpose.


Hello Sir,

Can you please let us know which bank provides us the loan and rate of interest? And can i build farm in 1 acre of land. ( I’m from Karnataka )

And do please share if you have any other details - balajidgowda@gmail.com

Balaji Govindappa


Dear Balaji Govindappa,
Any nationalized bank provides you loan,if you are ready to keep the collateral security like land,building,gold etc whose value should be double of loan amount.Generally bank provides loan to their old customers who have heavy transactions with their bank,there are very less chances that a bank will provide loan to new ones unless you have any reference…
Rate of interest varies from bank to bank,15%-19% and processing fee 1%-4% of project cost,which you have to pay in advance.
Yes you can bulid a farm with 1 acre of land.For more details visit my website contact@goatfarm.co.in


A local male goat from Pakistan weights 275kg,got an prize of rs 1lakh.It is the highest weighted goat of Pakistan.The breeder of this goat feeds him milk,dry fruits,desi ghee to maintain the weight of the goat.Check this video -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9XOlx-6kf0


how can i get ppr vaccine in delhi for goats.


i want to know what to give to goats for diet and get tall and full of meat


Getting P.P.R vaccine is very easy nowadays in India.State governments are providing P.P.R and other vaccines at respective goat farms  at very minimal cost,2rs per goat.Just approach your village/districts government veterinary hospital,they will fill up the record like name,location etc and will provide you vaccine.If there are 1 or two goats they will ask to bring the goats to their hospital/clinic,and if there are more than 10 goats they will send an veterinary with you to inject this vaccine.


Goat requires a balance diet to achieve average weight gain and proper maintenance of body.
Goat eats 6%-10%of its body weight which includes green fodder,dry fodder and concentrated fodder.
A 30 kg goat will eat maximum of 3kg of fodder per day,which includes 2kg of green fodder,half kg of dry and half kg of concentrated fodder.If you you want more weight gain in lesser time you can decrease the dry fodder and increase the concentrated fodder.
Dry fodder includes-jowar plant residue,pulp of pulses remained after harvesting,silage etc
Concentrated fodder includes-100gm of maize,100 gm of tur dal husk,100gm of gram husk(mill residue),100gm of groundnut cake(DOC),100gm of cotton seed cake.


Hi Sir,

I  am technical background (IT Industry) person and my parents are from agriculture background and our agriculture land is around 12 acres.
    I would like to start a Goat farm at Kadakol i.e.90 KM from both Bijapur and Gulbarga districts in Karnataka state. What will be the cost for a medium type farm (300 to 500 Goats). Please provide me following necessary assistance.

1)From where can I get goats nearby and those should bare the Bijapur and Gulbarga climate?
2) How to make a shelter for goats and their making cost?
3) How to prepare the food and their cost?
4) How much will be the cost/goat?
5)Land Required.
6)Shed Design.
7)Cultivation of Green Fodder.
8) Feed and feeding method to get more profit.
9) Is there any financial help from Bank or Govt (As our area comes under in backward area and recently got 371c from central govt.
10) Assistance by Govt regarding subsidy.
11) Manpower requirement?
12) Where to supply the goat and how initiate the business with all the available contact details.
13) Insurance details? if so, who provides and the cost details.

If you don’t mind can you please provide the contact details.So that I can clarify the all the details.

Thanks in Advance

Mob No:9035448455
E-mail Id:mbiraadr22@gmail.com


The cost of a goat farm depends on type of goat breeds that you want to breed and the other infrastructures.
1.Osmanabadi goats are best suitable for gulbarga climatic conditions.Visit our website www.osmanabadigoat.com to know more about osmanabadi goats.
2.You can make shed elevated or at ground level,for shed designs visit some of your nearby goat farms,or attain any goat farm training or read goat farm project report.
3.Fooder should be cultivated at your own farm land only.Green fodder includes lucern,napier,maize,punjab grass,elephant grass,subabul.Have to buy concentrated fodder from market or can depend on silage.
4.Depends on type of breed that you want to breed.
5.For 100 goats 5 acres of cultivable land requires to grow fodder.
6.Available at KVK or at goatfarm.co.in/goat-farm-project-report/.
7.Green fodder takes two months time to grow,So have to cultivate to months before bringing the goats to your farm.
8.feeding methods should;d be in feeding trays,with chaff cuted fodder.
9.No there is no financial help from bank,only the provides you loan if you have enough secuirity.
10.Ther is 25% subsidy on goat farming from NABARD.But the main condition of NABARD is that you must avail loan from any bank.
11.Two mens are required to breed 100 goats and their kids.
12.presently there is lots of shortage for goat meat,and thats the mean reason for hike in meat prices every year.When your start breeding goats commercially market gets generated at your own place.So there is no problem in marketing of goats in any area.
13.Insurance is made at 4% of total cost of goat.It is made by animal husbandry department of your districts,they have the contacts of insurance agents.


Hi Dr Sakiah, when we transport goats , when it reaches the destination do we need to provide any anti stress drugs? if so What are they? Could you suggest allopathy and the natural antistress medicines for that. Thanks


Administrating anti stress drugs depends on how much you have traveled the goats,if they are traveled for shorter duration,then there is no need to administrate.
It is always better to vaccinate your goats against P.P.P.R when they reaches destination that is new place even though they are previously vaccinated or traveled for shorter duration.
In allopathy you can provide them Melonex(oral or IM) or Nimuslide as mild antistress drugs and dexamethasone in severe cases.
Naturally you wont find any medication for anti stress.You can decrease the stress to some extent naturally by providing them highly nutritious feed that contains more amount of protein,vitamins and minerals(concentrated fodder).
International Goat Farm Expert