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Hi Dr.Shaikh,
How long the PPR would be effective. Do we need to vaccinate them every year or once every 3 years. Also if mother is been vaccinated against PPR is the kids needs to be vaccinated as well?.


If PPR is vaccinated along with its booster dose,then it  is effective for three years and if booster is not provided,then you have to vaccinate PPR every year.
In India presently PPR or any other vaccination in goats,is available above three months of their age.If you still vaccinate the kids below three months,it will not be effective in epidemics.So you can vaccinate the kids only after three months of their age.If mothers are vaccinated,kids will receive some resistant against PPR though their mothers  milk to a small extent.
India has to develop the vaccination in kids below three months of their age like other developed countries Australia and Africa,which will further surely increase the livestock production by decreasing mortality in kids.
Australia has 1% mortality in goats kids,where as India has nearly 20%.


How to avoid / Mimimise mortality in kidding? any thing we should be aware of?


As you cant vaccinate the kids below three months,you have to protect them a lot from any foreign infections.Only you can provide them medicines like antibiotics,anti cold,anti histamines,oral suspensions etc but cant vaccinate prior to any disease as it has not been developed yet.
Use of proper medicines to the symptoms shown by kids plays an vital role in reducing their mortality.Your veterinarian should have lots of experience to inject the proper drugs against the symptoms shown by goat kids.
To remain healthy,provide the kids maximum of mothers milk after 15 days,let them to drink as much as they want.Feed the mother highly nutritious and concentrated feed to increase the milking capacity in them.Protect the kids from extreme cold and wet(rainy) conditions,no harm in summer.special care of kids should have to be taken as that of human kids,whether they are feeding milk properly,they are active or not etc.


Thank Dr Shaikh,

I am having mortality in Kids between 2 to 3 months of age. They get fever and die with in few hours. Any thing I must need to aware of preventing this…

also can we give normal food grade salt to goats and kids?


First you must have to know the cause of disease,due to which the kids are dying.Diagnosis of a disease plays an important role in preventing mortality in kids.In almost all diseases there is fever,if a particular disease is diagnose you can treat it with their concern antibiotics.
For diagnosis of disease,PM the kid from any expert veterinarian surgeon.Disease should be rightly diagnosed by your veterinarian,if its wrongly diagnosed wrong medications are administrated and you will still get the mortality in kids,as disease is not diagnosed properly.
Yes you can give them normal salt to goats and kids,but they gets habituate with it if its used for longer duration,further if salt is not provided to them they will not eat any fodder,if previously salt is mixed with fodder.


dear experts (smy82482)
i wish to  do goat farming on my farm land
can you pl suggest on details project how to plan/execute?

location selection,
farm equipments
Government schemes for goat farms *
Government subsidy *
loan obtained for goat farm,required documents. *
which bank provides u the loan *vaccination for your goats *fodder *Best variety of goats AND MANY MORE.

Ashik Mansuri


You will get complete details on goat farming regarding shed, fodder, vaccinations,current expenditures,current profit rates,government subsidy and many more from our Goat Farm Project Report, which is based on our practical goat farming experience,since years. To know more about it please visit our website www.goatfarm.co.in
After reading the project report,further if any query arises you can mail us,but we think you will surely get all your queries answers in our project report.


Am new to the forum and am researching a few options. Wanted to know the Cost involved with starting a medium size goat farm, and also any info on how to go about setting up the hydroponic fodder option



Dear sym82824,
thank u for volunteering advice. Am interested in starting a goat farm. I am not a farmer but have an interest in animal husbandry. Have heard a lot about Goat farming and wanted to study it further. Can you provide some info on what scale I should start for it to be a profitable venture on a 1 acre.
Thank you


Thank you Dr Shaikh,
Will go to your website .


Respected Sir,
                      can u please guide me, i m planning to start up goat farm project at my native place Ahmednagar, Maharastra state. Total land is around 2 acres. can u please give me ur mobile no or else just message me ur cell no to 9699656538. waiting for your reply


Dear sir i am starting a goat farm as well as sheep farm i wanted to know from where i can get sheeps at cheaper rates


Dr. Shaikh,

My bantam goats are having an eye infection and suffering from loose motions.  I am very worried, can you please assist me and advise the necessary medicines and the precautions to be taken.

Thank you very much in advance.


Visit my websites link for contact details-http://goatfarm.co.in/contact-us/
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Eye infection and loose motions are some of the common symptoms of P.P.R,vaccinate the newly purchased goats with P.P.R vaccine as soon as they reach your farm or newly born babies after three months of their life span.
For eye infection use the gentamycin eye drop,its human but used in veterinary too.For loose motions use Norfloxcin tininadazole bolus along with electrolyte(ORS),if loose motions are severe use tridox injection for three days.
Loose motions if not treated quickly,will cause severe losses like sudden weight loss or even death in some cases.
International Goat Farm Expert.


I currently have 4 goats but would like to obtain farm lands to have a real goat farm, a garden and sustainable living. I seem to be just outside the reach of this dream and was wondering if you would have any advice on making this dream possible?


Surely i will help you in your dream project,for more details please mail me your queries at smymbbs5372@rediffmail.com
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Thanks smy82482. I have 7 acre of land. If I start with 50 goats (For meat) and grow the required fodder in my land, how much profit I can expect per month.



The profit obtain per month depends on number of kids that you goat by breeding goats and which further depends on type of goat breed.There are 23 goat breeds in India,among them some gives birth to single,some to twins and few to triplets and quadruplets.Also the profit obtain depends on your management practices that how you manage the least prices for the infrastructures and day to day needs.The best idea regarding profit can be obtain from goat farm project report,to know more visit my website www.osmanabadigoat.com
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