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My self Dr.shaikh,runing a goat farm in my area from past 5 years.


please let us know that for stall fed goat farm hydroponic fodder growing system is economically viable. if yes  please suggest us the right resource to get the system.

pl.send me the mail on this ------  mumtaz.basar@world.com


Dear smy82482,
Wanted to know the Indian goat breeds which can give maximum extent of milk yield.
Also please let us know foreign breeds also which has got more productivity for meat and milk yield.


Mohammed mumtaz ahmed,

Hydroponic fodder has moisture content.For producing 1kg of grass 1litr water is enough.Whereas land needs 80litrs.
To produce 1000kg of green fodder in 1 day 360-400sqft area requires by hydroponic method and for land field it requires 25acres

But cost of 1hydropinc machine that produces 100kg of fodder in 1 day is very high.And it consumes more electricity.
So its not economical to small goat farmers.Better to go with polyhouses.



Indian breeds known for meat and milk-
Among these best is osmanabadi breed.

Foreign breeds are boer,sannen,anglonubian,tonanburg,alpine.
In foreign breed boer is the best variety for milk and meat.Mature weights 118-172kg of male,95-120kg of female.Their lactation lenghth is 120-150days.It provides u 2-3 litr of milk per day.


Mohammed mumtaz ahmed,
also think about seed cost
in hydrophonic method u can yield output i.e grass only one time,where from field u can yield 2-3 times,means after cutting grass on field it rises again.So on one seeds u will get 2-3 outputs.

Hydrophonic method is best in urban areas very there no farm land is available to raise the fodder.


Isn’t a pure Boer predominantly a meat animal? The Saanen is a dairy breed and should be a better milker.


dear yaj,
Yes pure boer is completely a meat animal.It can accomodate easily in any part of world.It has less milking capacity than saanen goat.But saanen is completely a dairy animal(mature does weights 65kg) not an meat animal.It accomodates only in cold areas.As it is originated in switzerland.It yields 6-8 lit of milk in a single day.
Also saanen breed is very costly as compare to boer.


Thanks for your reply sir.What would the cost of a pure adult female of the saanen breed be?


Dear Yaj,
the cost of mature doe of a single saanen(65kg) is around 20,000-25,000 rs in foreign countries (switzerland,USA,Austrialia). not known the exact price in india it may cost around 30,000-35,000rs.


Thanks for the info Sir.Most obliged.


You r always welcome yaj.


Dear Experts,

I am looking for land 4 to 5 acres for Farming need…Specially for Goat farming.

I came across 4 acres of land for sale near to my hometown and there are some questions before to decide to buy that land.

That land is like Waste land, No hortclutire or any crops have not grown up before. Can we buy that land for the green fooder making purpose for the Goats(Like KO-4…etc…).

If we buy that land, Do we need to do any prepartion with natural fertilizers for some time before making green fooder or This will not at all worth for making green fooder.

Ground water level we get 100 to 150 feet while enquired with the near by land owners… I have no idea about the land soil.

Please let me know your comments.


Dear prem_jana,
as u said that land is waste land and no crops were raised before,then how u expect that fodder will grow in such land.The goat fodder like co3,co4,lucerne requires fertile land,and their production is high under standard fertilizers.If u buy that land first u have to make it fertile by adding extra soil on farm land and heavy fertilizers and minerals.This will increase u r budget.So better to buy other land.

Also think of water level,coz for growing fodder u need water 12months and u r totaly dependent on fodder for feeding goat.Also goats requires fresh water to drink everday to prevent them with any contagious disease.So u requires plenty of water.
The only one good reason to buy that land is that its near your hometown.U can search other fertile land near u r hometown,rather than to buy this land.


sir pls send details of nabard goat project which is 33% subsidy


Dear sundarsmnm,
Nabard projects varies from state to state.
U can avail 33%subsidy(open caste) and 50%subsidy(sc/st) in pachyat samitis scheme.And its only for small farmers.The total amount alloted for each farmer was rs3,41,000 ,here in maharashtra state in jan 2012.Farmers applied their documents to avail loan,in aug 2011.I think at present all schemes of all states were closed due to march end.They will start again in may.Plz inquire your animal husbandry area and districts collector office.





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