Free bankable animal farming project report


It seems that Dr. Kar of Odishvet is not coming to the site these days…We sure are missing his expert advice. Would request him to spare some time and reply to various queries which will help many of us like me.




pretty user friendly website
and a great amount of info

just wnt to discus about the goat farming project

i have gone through the website and was wondering that the rate mentioned about the goats are pretty low

can u please give me a project report that fits according latest rates

i have arount 3 acers of land
70+3 goat farming project
and hope fully i will get the loan ;D

as i am  new to this field i will start with less and gradually increase the capacity…

thanks and regards



I am from Madhya Pradesh near Ratlam. I have 1 acre of land. I wish to start with any Animal Husbandry project. I have read all of your comments and replies. I have also gone through your website.

As I am new to this field I need your kind guidance on how and which one should I start with.


i have goat farm in .bulandsahar.u.p. 250.goats are in my farm . many times i connect from government departments but no response on any issue even i not medical service from government doctor.


The rates mentioned are totally impractical and of no use in making a project report for any purpose. In fact the prices given are theory prices and have no connection to the present market scenario.

My experience is that if you want to buy 100 vaccinated healthy goats then it is very difficult to find a source. I dont say its impossible but yes its very difficult.

Most govt. establishments dealing with goat farming make policies based on the basic concept that poor farmers keep one or two or max less than 10 goats. Nobody has thought of professionals entering into this as a business venture and doing this professionaly and on a large scale.

Goat farming also should be under the same policies as what has been done for poultry…till this doesnt happen all the facts figures and prices mentioned will be based on theory or on the basis of some keeping few goats…large scale professional goat farming with educated professionals running it will be very rare till then.



I want the full projects details of FREE BANKABLE ANIMAL FARMING PROJECT REPORT with the statesticle details. please send me on my email id :
please do the needful…

Thanks & Regards,
Shailesh Dholakia
From gujarat.


Dear Sir,
I am new in farming (two years) and also in dairy business (~2 YEARS).
AS FAR AS DAIRY IS CONCERNED, it was a family tradition, but in very small scale. I am planning to expand this to a large scale and also planning for packaging and production of other milk products. Initially i will expand my dairy to 350 cows and later expand in same number in 6-5 months. Can you help me with the following

  1. which loan mode is best… Does NABARD also fund big projects
  2. I never had any formal training in cattle management, can you help me in terms of : from where i can get training, where are the learning resources available, i.e. online or books etc

anyinformation will be helpful
thanks and regards


Hi- I am from Uttar Pradesh and I have found Kamdhenu Dairy scheme over internet which offers funding for 100 cattles. My point to the experts is if the same scheme is still valid and can we take benefit of scheme for less than 100 numbers also?

Anybody who can help me end to end in setting up the unit. Further we can discuss on other obligations required also.



Dear sir ,
How much space do I need for the project of 25 cows excluding land for fodder cultivation ?
And can I take land on lease for fodder cultivation to get loan ?



thank u for your kind guidance :slight_smile:



I already start my farm with 8 CB cows . Now i am planning to increase my CB cow count so i am planning to apply a loan . but they asked me to bring the business plan document . can you please help me to resolve this one  if possible  otherwise gimme some suggestion.



Sir,i want to start layer farming for 20000 birds .Please Sir ,provide bankable report .
Can I get subsidy under Venture capital for a Layer farm of 20000 capacity?
faizabad U P


Kindly help me to develop a project for 50 cows that would be suitable to start in Odisha.

Abhilash Parida


Hello Abhi
For 50 cows dairy farm you need 50 lakhs rupee.


Dear Sir,

I want to start dairy farming with 20 cows or Buffalo.

Please guide me about financing and other related information for this.

Sanjay Parmar


Dear Sanjay
You need  about 2 hectors of  land for your dairy farm. Project cost is about twenty lakhs  rupees . Margin money varies from 15-25%. You may have to provide collateral  to bank. If you want to start a small dairy farm of 10 animals you can avail 25-33.3%  (as per category) GOI subsidy from NABARD. Subsidy limit is Rs15000/animal for general category and 20,000/animal for S/C , S/T.


Dear Abhilash
Now there is shortage  of CAE  subsidy for dairy farming in Odisha. You may not get incentive in form of  40-50%  Govt. subsidy for your dairy farm. If you are interested to start your farm without subsidy then mail me


Dear All
I have updated all project reports of my website . These project reports have been prepared keeping  in mind different government subsidy schemes. Farmer/entrepreneur can avail  government subsidy under  these type projects . Latest government  schemes  in animal husbandry sector have been updated. Project reports for indigenous milch breed cow  like Red Sindhi, Gir, Sahiwal and buffalo farm have been included. Interested farmer/entrepreneur can post their questions on above subjects in this forum. Since I have closed my old  googlesite it is no more accessible. Some more projects will be uploaded soon.


Dear Dr Kar sir,

Is quail farming project report is available sir. If so how to get a copy. pl inform me.

Best wishes for your helping nature for farming community.  g.p.rao,  farmer