Free bankable animal farming project report


Dear Mr.G.P.Rao
Thanks for the appreciation. I don’t have project report on quail farming now.You have given a good suggestion. I am collecting market data. I shall  prepare and upload  a project report on Japanese Quail farming .Government subsidy ranging from 25- 50% is available for quail farming under scheme PVCF(EDEG).


Drar Mr.G.P.Rao
You can message me your email Id. I Shall send  quail farming project report  to you.


Hello Dr Kar

Can you send me quail farm project report to farmplantation at the rate Gmail dot com

Thanking you
Vamshi reddy


Dear vamshifarmer
AS per your request I have sent Project report on quail  farming. Please Check your mail.


Dear vamshifarmer
AS per your request I have sent Project report on quail  farming. Please Check your mail.
[/quote] thank you Mr kar


I want to expand my Red Sindhi dairy farm. Can two member of my family avail loan under scheme DEDS?


Dear Mr.Basanta
Two  member of a your  family can be assisted under DEDS scheme provided they set up separate units with separate infrastructure at two different locations. The distance between the boundaries of two such farms should be at least 500 meters.


Since I am not able to open and read, I request the author to kindly share the Bankable Animal Farming Project Report


Dear Mr.Boyes206
Please check your mail for links.


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I want to start a small poultry farm  of 5000  layer. Can I get government subsidy?


Dear Mr.Pradhan
You can avail subsidy for layer poultry farm up to 20000bird  capacity under GOI scheme PVCF (EDEG)
For details visit


I have started a new section  “Animal Husbandry Quiz” in .Farmer/entrepreneur  can test their basic knowledge on dairy, poultry and goat farming by attempting  quizzes. New quizzes will be added to the existing ones every month. .Farmer/ entrepreneur  can attempt these quizzes in their own languages. After finishing quizzes  correct answers will be displayed along with grades and comments. url-


Hi Sir,

I Lokesh,working as software engineer . i have plane to start dairy form in my village.

my villages near to Chittoor, my plane is to setup dairy with 50 cows(Indian braid ).

for grass cultivation am looking for hydroponic  methods.

kindly help me out project details and govt subsides.

note: i have 5 acres land with  BORE-WELL/TRACTOR.



Dear Mr.Lokesh
Government of India subsidy is available only for small dairy farm up to ten animal capacity  under scheme DEDS. You can  contact your local animal husbandry officer to know about state government subsidy if any for large dairy farms. Project cost for 50 animal capacity dairy farm would be about 55 lakh rupees. Cost of production is very high in hydroponic fodder cultivation. It is preferred in water scarcity areas and if  land is not available  for fodder cultivation. Since you have your own bore well, land and tractor I would advise to go for  intensive fodder cultivation instead of hydroponic.


Dear AK KAR,

I appreciate your assistance and the knowledge provided for the beginners like me. I own 2 acres of land near mysore and want to start goat/sheep farm of 300 units. request your help in below points.

Is 2 acres enough to handle 300 units
Will it be profitable to buy silage and crops from the dealers or to grow in your land
housing cost and designs
how to avail subsidy and loan
Marketing strategies.



Would you be able to share a Project report for 10 animals.

Thanks and regards,
Gopi Krishna