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Thanks for the detailed info.
I was referring to an earlier post where he claims to have spent only 2.8L for 6 acres (2300 running feet)

I finally got the fencing done by sourcing all materials and employing local labour. I used 8 ft concrete posts with a 30 degree bend at the top and 10 gauge 4"x4" gap chain-link. Total cost was about 2.8L for 6 acre, 2300 running feet plot.

Attaching couple of pics.



I am from Goa and have a farm bang on the beach It has a perimeter of about 1200 meter and I need to fence the same. I need very good quality fence poles preferably cement. I would also consider GI coated steel but I do not know the resistance to corrosion since it is near the sea. I had fenced a small portion some time but some of the rcc poles were damaged by miscreants. I am looking some who make good quality cement poles.
Would be very grateful if some of you could help.


We have a 3.5 acre farm land that we are planning to barb wire fence. Can anyone tell me what is the present costing for:

  1. Digging, stone pole erection
  2. Fencing 4 lines of barb wire?
  3. Cost of bard wire?

This would help me estimate and get a feel of what it takes. I am from Karnataka.

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Dear FarmingEnthusiast,
you are not mentioned the dimension of your land. the cost will differ place to place due to cost of material & cost of labor. the best way is check the market rates of each item required for fencing you will get the rough idea for approximate cost just keep 15 to 20% extra that will be your actual cost of construction of fence. Poles can be stone or hot dip galvanized steel.


Hello Azhar2345,

Thanks for your response. The perimeter of the farm land is 2400 ft.



You can consider the of 30 to 35 rupees for one feet length as basic cost 10 to 15 rupee extra for loss in veges,damages,transportation & other expenses. Once again i suggest to go for the market analysis calculate all the cost and divide with the total length you will get the approximate cost of one linear foot. it is better to go for mesh type fence one time investment and long & long time safety. don’t think about some extra cost but you will enjoy with full safety & security of your crops & live stock.



We have installed the Fencing here and the cost is approx 120 Rs per running feet completely. Stone can be purchased from 160 Rs to 300 Rs depends on size and quality. Tata wire is used. I have involved in material and contracted labor.

  • 8 Ft Stone
  • 5.5 ft 12 SWG Diamond Mesh
  • 3 Lines of Barbed Wire
  • Stones placed at 8 Ft and 2 support per 5 posts
  • 1 Thick Wire of 8 SWG on top to safeguard any falling trees or branches



I recently bought some land near and i am planning to complete the fencing.
Can someone help me with a barbed wire fencing contractor (or stone dealer) near Hosur.



But this is not chain link fencing


Not sure what you refer as ‘Chain Link Fencing’, can you detail?

What we did is 3 in x 3 in diamond mesh (which is a chain link -

The Barbed Wires are used as support. We prefer Stone Post than Concrete due to soil nature and water condition.



Chain link fencing is mesh fencing.See below for photos


I would like to make net fence by using stone in my 10 acres agri land. How much cost will come for this one?. I am looking for economically.


Kindly let us know the place of your Farm.

There are Three Types of Fences 10 Barbed Wire/ Blade Wire Fencing /  Chain-link Fencing
(May you are calling it as net fence ) / Weld Mesh Fencing. We will provide you the Details
Estimate of the above systems of Fencing. But your Farm is at a remote Place , We are
suggesting you to go for Barbed wire / Blade Wire Fencing.
for vasudha Green Farms,

Pl. Call 9133498366 for Further Details.


The cost is approx. 5 to 6 lakhs for 10 acres.

Stones - 8 ft - 4 in x 6 in - Rs 180 to Rs 300 (depends on quality, transport - the more we bargain, the quality will be less). Stones from Krishnagiri was good.

Wires - Barbed Wire (3 min for strength), Chain Link (5.5 ft or 6 ft, Tata Brand), Wire for tying

White wash for stones and gate (short and wide)

Stones to be placed, one in 8 feet, support for every 5 stones. We have purchased everything and managed with labor contract. We struggled to get the team to work.



Solar fence is not as costly as mentioned here.  In himachal Pradesh,  government has given subsidised fence and worked out price details.  Cost for 1500 meters long fence is 560 rupees per meter including everything.  Smaller lengths are costlier - smaller the length costlier it’s cost per meter is because certain components required are the same except the length of wire and number of poles which are relatively less costly.  Price that some business house has mentioned here is sheer rip off.



The only place where the price of solar fencing mentioned in this thread is Rs.100/ft that translates to Rs.325/m and that too the post was pretty long back by Sampada Farms.

Your current price estimate of Rs.560/m is way to expensive and no way near the then quoted price of even Rs.325/m

Solar Fencing prices trend now between avg Rs.180 to Rs.280/m depending on no of strands, 12/24hr protection, distance between posts, no of corners, level of intruder alert systems, kind of energizer, solar panel capacity, battery type, surge/lightning protection types etc. And this is without subsidy FYI.

I agree that there are players in this game, but not all.

BTW we are not into solar fencing.


Saravana Kumar
Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems


Thank you Sir,

Solar Fencing is expensive and Re-curing  Maintenance is also an expensive. For Remote Farms , Barbed wire Fencing is a GOOD solution. If it is Near to a Village or House, U can go for Chain-link Fencing. Solar and Chain link fencing at a Remote areas lead to theft of Wires,Equipment etc. even though watch and ward is there. If it si a Small Farm near to a Village you cn go for either Solar or Chain-link Fencing. But the Solar Fencing is a recurring Maintenance Expenditure. If your Farm is at a Remote area we are strongly suggesting to go for Barbed Wire/ Blade Wire Fencing which are cheaper and safe.

for vasudha Green Farms,


Looking for contact details of consultants who provide natural & solar fencing in and around Bangalore.
Could you please provide the respective consultants contact details if any!!
[/quote] There are couple of solar fencing manufacturer in Mysore. I recently installed solar fence for my farm and my cost was around ₹80 per feet



This thread is a treasure trove of information. Thanks to all who have contributed.
I’m planning to fence my land near Hosur with barbed wire. The perimeter is 2000 feet. The local person I spoke to asked for Rs. 280 per granite stone, plus Rs. 250 per pole labour. This seems on the high side, compared to what is mentioned in previous posts. Is he ripping me off? Do any members have some contacts around Hosur area they can recommend?