Farm fencing question



Hi Nice topic to discuss, solar fencing is best idea according to me the price will also less, and the best advantage is government is providing the subsidy for it.



Though its a delayed reply, it may help!

We have paid 2 year back Rs. 260 for 4 in x 6 in and 8 ft height stone from Krishnagiri. The local installing person managed to get the stones. 280 Rs could be the current price if the stone quality is good for 8 ft height. When you bargain, you will get varying thickness.

Labor seems costly, we paid close to 140 for installation and whitening the stone. Labor may vary depends on the area. My person was not getting much profits as he pays his team high.



Thanks, that is very helpful. I also felt that the labour contractor was trying to fleece me.


The granite stone i procured from chikkaballapur area was about 250 per pole for 200 poles having dimesions of 8 feet and 6*4 inches side . The whole pole laying was done for about 6000 in 5 days. so be sure to negotiate labour. this is excluding fencing.


I have 6 acres U shaped land. Want to create fence which is cheap and durable. I have seen people suggesting barbed wire with combination of Mehendi or any other such plant. Have anyone tried the precast concrete Compound Wall. Does anyone know how they fair in terms of cost and durability. I checked some IndiaMART vendors and their cost for 5 feet length and 5 feet height was coming to be 500. I guess labor would be extra. But don’t we think this is better or am I missing something