Farm fencing question



Can you please let me know the contact details of your supplier for posts and chain link mesh? I too am looking for getting this done ASAP.



Thank you Sirs,
You go for any Fencing either Chain Link or Barbed wire Fencing,  it is Better to go for Live Fencing of MEHNDI which will provide a lifetime Protection like Compound Wall while getting an additional Income on this Live Fencing of MEHNDI.

for vasudha Green Farms,Hyderabad Telangana,


How much would it cost for Mehndi live fencing per acre? How many months/years would it take for the Mehndi plants to grow to serve as effective fencing? How much water do they need and how many times/week they need to be watered?


I have 1.2 acre farm land off Sarjapur raod. Right now i’m planning start with a fence and buid a farm house and start life in self sustainable living with agriculture, dairy etc.

So i need help on fencing and borewells




I finally got the fencing done by sourcing all materials and employing local labour. I used 8 ft concrete posts with a 30 degree bend at the top and 10 gauge 4"x4" gap chain-link. Total cost was about 2.8L for 6 acre, 2300 running feet plot.

Attaching couple of pics.



Nice work, Mr.Lal and also nice land. :slight_smile:

I also have done the same with chain-link wire; but my experience says that we should use at least 3 lines of barbed wire to have more security.

BTW, are you leaving the bended portion of pillars without any wire?


How interesting! I had 5 lines of barbed wire and 2 diagonal lines but was about to say chain link may have been better in hind sight.
And I see your comment, Rythubidda!  ;D


Dear Sri Lal,

Good work. Chain link and laying work is good. Can I know from where you have purchased and what are the prices for mesh link and concrete poll, and Contact details of laying contractor and his charges.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer



I agree on adding the barb wires and intend to run couple of lines in the area covered by the chain link. This is mainly for additional support. Also planning an additional line on the top bend section, to increase security. I’ve had a case of some kids jumping the fence to get at the mango tree  :slight_smile: .



Dear G P Rao,
Chain link from Nirmala Industries, Bangalore. 10 gauge 4x4 with Tata wires was Rs 14/sqft
Posts was Rs 220 for 8’ concrete posts with 4 6mm steel rods inside. From a small shop in Anchetty, TN, near to my farm
I used local labour. 4 people would complete 10 posts a day, including tying the chainlink.

Above are approx costs, as I recollect from my not very good memory.



Dear Sri lal,

Good information. As you stated, couple of lines of barbed wire and also on the bend portion will increase the strength of your fencing.

best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer


We are in the process of acquiring 1.2 acres of land near Palamaner,AP for the purpose of setting up of
an Orpahange.
Our goal is to set aside 0.2 acres for the building etc and the remaining 1 acre to cultivate crops to
support part of the expenses for the orphanage.

The land parcel is rectangular in shape.
We would like to build a fence around this area.

Can you please suggest various options available for fencing this area and the
approximate cost for each of them?

Thanks in advance


Expense for fencing for an acre with stone pillar and barbed wire would be about 40-5oK  also see detailed fencing option on our forum. … /#msg22265


Thanks, Sri for the info and the link.
Would chain link fencing be better than barbed wire fencing?


Based on my study recently (3 months) and implementation of fencing for my farm the details for Barbed Wire Fencing

i. Cement Poles - 7 feet – Range Rs 180 – 250 - Adv - Has an iron rod inside, just in case it breaks, iron rod holds from falling and your fencing is not fully damaged
ii. Stone Poles - 7 feet – Range Rs 180 – 250
[li]If there is fire / excessive heat around the pole, good chance of breaking into two[/li]
[li]If broken, it falls on to ground bringing the wire down.[/li][/ul]
iii. Calculate your # of poles based on
[li]Distance between poles 8 feets[/li]
[li]Support poles (both sides) every 8 poles[/li]
[li]Support poles (both sides) Every Corner[/li]
[li]Support poles (both sides) Every Gate[/li][/ol]

Barbed Wire
[li]Costs around Rs 50 – 80 per KG of 12/14 guage[/li]
[li]50 is local whereas 80 is Tata Steel[/li]
[li]Each KG can go for 6 Mts or 20 feets[/li]
[li]Tata is best but if you are OK with additional cost go for it.[/li]
[li]Any barbed wire fencing will need attention after 5 years because it will be subjected to abuse by people around.[/li]
[li]If your peremeter is 1 KM / 1000 M and you plan to have 5 lines + 2 X, then you need around 7000 M[/li]
[li]7000 / 6 = 1167 Kgs of Barbed Wire[/li]
[li]1167 * 50 = 83,350 [/li][/ol]

[li]Normally every mandal / taluka will have known professional barbed wire fencing labor. They charge you per pole around Rs 85 – Rs 100 based on their distance to the site, 30% more for concrete filling in hole.[/li]
[li]Difference between professional and local labour is the tightness of the wire after the work, would recommend to go with professional[/li]
[li]They will include the support poles also into their calculations and you cannot change it[/li][/ol]

Chain Link in next post


Thanks for the detailed analysis.
Perimeter of our land is around 1 KM.
So, based on your details

Barbed wire - Rs 83,350
Stone polls - Rs 29,000

So, the total would be about Rs 1.1 lakhs. Is this correct?


There is wrong calc in my earliest post about the barbed wire cost. (corrected in excel sheet)

Please find attached the sample calculator, please supplement the values in Yellow Background as per the local variables and you would get the amounts calculated

The overall cost is coming to 2.2 Lakhs, here is the high level expenses

Total Cost of Barbed Wire 58,333.33
Total Cost of Poles 96,800.00
Labor Cost Normal 36,990.00
Labor Cost Concrete 9,125.00
Transport / Tips / Others / Misc 19,212.33
Total Cost of Fencing 220,460.67
Fencing-Calculator.xlsx (11.2 KB)


Thanks for the details and the calculator - very useful.
Would chain link fencing be cheaper than barbed wire? I had originally
budgeted Rs50,000 for fencing, but looks like I am way short.


At any given point of time it costs 2-3 times of barbed wire fencing

For same example of 1000mts both pole and labor cost might remain same.

Each sq feet of chain link costs average 11-14 depending on square size and gauge of wire.

You get 200sq ft rolls but you can get it manufactured as per your size.

1000 m
3280 fts
5 ft height

16400 sq ft total
12 Rs / SFT

1,96,800 Rs.

This is just cost of chain link

So for chain link your total budget is looking like 3.5 lakhs


Thank you Sir,

Barbed Wire Fencing is the Cheapest Mode. Chainlink Fencing will be the Costly affair.If you want more protection and Privacy you can go for Mehendi (Gorinta aaku in Telugu) 2-3 lines Live plantation through the Barbed wire Fencing. Then it will be more durable while providing the additional Income on the leaves of mehndi. while Greenery effect also cool the environment .Kindly make a note that you go for TATA environ Barbed wire to avoid rus and long lasting. If you want we will provide you the Estimation with  design on providing of Dimensions of your  Land. ! MANNE SN 9133498366