Farm fencing question



Hello Vasudafarms,

Can you please shed some light on Adavituti, some pics if possible.



Adavituti is abundantly available  on Road side.
I will let you Know the Availability of Cuttings.
I remember I had seen these Plants near Shankarpally.

The Cuttings are sufficient for Planting Please.

I will Provide full information and cuttings too.


Hi vasudhafarms,

What is the English Name for Adavituti?


Thank you Sir,
I am not aware of its English Name.However
I will Post the Imges in a Day or TWO after
taking when I go to my Farm.

Thank you With Regards,
for Vasudha Green Farms,



Many years back our farm was fenced using barbwire and concrete pillars… Due to neglegence, the pillars were destroyed and the wire at most places were stolen.

This is what we are doing now.

  1. Trying to utilise as much existing resources in terms on pillars & barb wires.
  2. Strong straight branches of a thorny tree named “Shemti” in “Marathi”  are used as stumps/pillars where the pillars are missing… These branches will convert into dense bush.
  3. Existing wire will be used to fence on the above mentioned pillar. Only 2 lines will be used.
  4. Intermediate locations will have other thorny combinations of berries or “Sagargota” or other thorny saplings
  5. Will have to buy barb wire if the existing amount is inadequate.

My questions:

  1. Will this approach be good enough to keep out 4 or 2 legged intruders?
  2. Which would be the cheap-durable balance option of Barbed Wire
  3. Any trusted barbwire vendors around Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan?



Where shall we get "sagargota Seed "  Near Hyderabad.I want to Plant this sagargota supports my Barbed wire Fencing.Kindly inform us the availability of sagargota Seed and its Price per Kg.

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for Vasudha Green Farms,


I have 5 acre land which I had recently fenced using chain link mesh. Total running feet of the border is 2100 ft. Total cost incl of poles, mesh, labor is 1,43,000. That comes to around 68 Rs.

The trick here to get the cost down is that I have used chain link mesh of 4 x 4 inch gap. Usually everybody suggest going to 2.5 inch or 3 inch gap. But my thinking is that going ahead with 4 inch gap is way better than barbed wire. The cost is only a bit more than the barbed wire fencing (may be 10 rs more).


i am new to this forum.  i am a newbie to farming/agriculture.  recently i bought 6 acres of land near bagepalli, karnataka.
last month i hv purchased 250 stone poles 7’ height. price rs.140/pole, delivered to my field. to install this pole it took a total of 65 labours. labors charge approx rs.275/day. i am planning to fence it with barbed wire, but has not done so far.  i hv inquired the price in blore, price being approx rs.65/kg, local make and around rs.82/kg for micon and tata wire.  1 kg will be enough for 26 ft. dont know what will be be labor charges for installing the wire.  in addition u need binding wire, which is approx rs. 30/kg.  hope above info is useful.


Thanks for the information. Could you please:

  1. Post pictures!
  2. Tell us how many days it took the 65 workers?
  3. Tell us what is the type of soil and how was each pole installed (any other material filled in the pit)?


Barb wire tieing /fixing labour is calculated per bundle of 30kgs.  It depends on how many bundle of wire to be laid.  Approximately it is Rs. 600/bundle Lesser than 10 bundles and you have enough scope to negotiate with people. 

Even if you engage labour on daily wages also with 6 labours you will be in a position to complete atleast/ upto 15 to 20 bundles per 8 hours of working.  Purchase 16 guage plain GI  wire also to tie barbed wire to stone poles.

PS:  Local wire Rs. 65/kg will not give more life
      Go for TATA wiron barbwire if you take little care like keeping them away from crepers the life will be approximately 15+ years


Could the experts please comment on the feasibility/challenges/technique of laying a fence across a storm water streams where water only flows during the rains please. I’m evaluating a piece of land which has these streams along some of the boundaries.


Thanks for the information. Could you please:

  1. Post pictures!
  2. Tell us how many days it took the 65 workers?
  3. Tell us what is the type of soil and how was each pole installed (any other material filled in the pit)?

65 total number of workers, that is 15-16 workers/day for 4 days…
soil is red soil and hard. dug hole of approx 1.5 to 2 feet deep and fixed it with inserting boulder stone/soil.



I require about 30 kgs of fresh Karaunda Seeds (Carissa carandas … करोंदा, Vakkay, Kilaakkaai/கிலாக்காய்) for live fencing in Tamil Nadu.
I’d appreciate inputs from Forum members in this regard.
Best Regards,


There are two ways of producing it.

Buy kalakkai fruits and keep them in a wide mouthed vessel for a couple of days or more.
The fruits will become bad and then immerse them in water.
Shake with both your hands so that the flesh peels off in water and the seeds settle in the bottom of the vessel.
Separate the seeds , dry it with cloth and mix it with ash. Don’t dry in sun.
Prepare a nursery and sow the seeds at one inch interval and water regularly with a rose can.
After a couple of months the saplings will grow to about a foot or higher and transplant them in your field on the border with one foot spacing.
In about a year you can have a thick fence.

Alternatively you can buy the saplings from Tamilnadu Horticulture department, Periyakulam, Theni district.
Their contact numbers are 04546231726, 04546233225.

Hope this helps.


Hello Varahan,
Thanks for the reply and the information.
I need the Karaunda seeds for the procedure elaborated by you.
I did try with TNAU, Periyakulam first, and spoke to the Nursery office. .
I was told very unconvincingly that saplings are out of stock, and that I should try again in 2-3 months.
I was redirected to a private nursery, who quoted a very exhorbitant rate…
Thats why I am looking for fresh seeds.
I need supplier address for fresh Karaunda seeds.
Looking for help from Forum’ites!


Why don’t you try gacchakaya seeds ?
Sampadha Farms can help you in this regard.


Thanks again, Varaahan.
I am ready to use Gacchakaya as fencing…but I feel Karaunda is more remunerative as it provides fruits that can be sold locally.
If I dont find a reliable source of seeds for Karaunda, I’ll surely look at other options.
Btw…I’m going to Lalbagh tomorrow. Will look around in the nurseries in Siddapur Road.
However, as a newbie, I’m finding it difficult to digest the fact that there is no easily accessible database that could help me.
Why does one have to reinvent the wheel again and again?


Visited Krishnendra Nursery in Lalbagh/Siddipura Road.
They have a limited stck of Karaunda Saplings. But there’s no cost advantage vs. Priyakulam because of the transportation cost involved.
I’ll wait and see if I can get hold of the berries/cherries.
If not possible to get, I’ll explore oher options.


Wood fencing (hard wood) suitable? as it is also looks good…!


Hi AJ!
Hardwood fencing will surely look good, but fencing 5,000 running feet using hard wood will cost a ton.
It may also not be very long lasting or fool-proof.
My intention is to cut costs and have a live fence. Hence the Carissa Carandas idea!
Thanks! :slight_smile: