Farm fencing question



I have contacted a fence maker in Bangalore today. Following are the inputs given by him.

  1. cost of barbed wire Rs 80 per kg.
  2. 1 kg of barbed wire is around 14 feet length.
  3. If you make 5 lined fencing, it works out to be Rs 100/110 per foot inclusive of stone, labour and wire etc.
  4. However, if you go for pulsed electric fence (with 6 or 7 wires), it costs approximately around Rs 1.5 lakh for 5 acre coverage. Battery maintenance inevitable.


Hi Vasudevan,
    can you please provide more details on costing . What if we take care of wires and vendor need to provide only energizer, battery and solar panel ?  I am trying to find out how we can reduce cost for solar fencing . Please try to find out more details. I am also trying to be in touch with few vendors.



That is a bit expensive.The best quality 4 pointed barbed wire made with Tata wire is 70/- Rs per kg here in Mumbai.The ordinary variety is around 55/kg but I would not advise that.


Rs. 67/kg in Hyderabad for TATA. Comes in 2 variants of length per kg, with the thorns being the same but the actual wire being different gauge - both cost the same per kg.

I will post the full details of my recent fencing shortly (need to find the working papers that I placed somewhere).


Hi Chandra,

Need references on this topic in Hyderabad, can you please drop me your number please.



We are trying to have as good as fence for protection of our farm lands.
See the fence is constructed like a wall about 50 years back and still it is capable to protect in almost all aspects.
The highest of this mud + stone  wall fence/compound is about 4-5 feet height which protecting not only from human, animal, but from nature also from past 50 years and can sustain for another 50 years.

Whether present fences can sustain for long term? Think again and again to invest on fence for permanent protection.


You can also explore the option of using wild ‘Chiller’ plant for fencing. See

The speciality of this plant is in its thorns- these are curved.  The plant requires less water and penetrating this kind of fence is extremely difficult.  Very cheap, reliable and effective way.

@Swamy : Thanks for sharing pic. It helps a lot. Seems to be effective way.
Another such approach is to dig a 4-5 feet channel around the farm- it serves dual purpose. One is obviously fencing and secondly it stores rain water/excess water from farm. Ensure you keep slope on periodic distances to climb up in case if anyone falls in the dig- more dangerous during rainy season.

Also, I would request all the members to share information on effective and cheap ways to fence.


kalli - tamil or kannada- cactus


My Dog was carried away by a Cheetah, who is now a regular visitor, recently.I have photographed its pugmarks on my mobile.But if you have a pack of 4 dogs then you donot need any fencing at all.If only wildlife enthusiasts and the forest dept had no problem,we could have a cheetah as a guard !! Hmm !!


It must have been a leopard.The Indian cheetah is extinct for quite some time.
The fence is as much to keep my dogs and whatever livestock planned in the future “in” as much as keeping intruders out.Don’t want my dogs attacking stray livestock goats etc which stray into my land.


@ Balaji.K

Which variety of cactus are your referring to?


Here is the example of cactus. The fencing I have seen were in Ratnagiri and kholapur District.

Fencing is not of complete cactus. It is hybrid. Cactus+Banboo or just tree bracnches. The cactus is about 2" in dia and it is perfect for fencing. See below picture.


Thank you for the correction


The plants shown in the photo(link) has been used in my land as fencing

[][/img] … plants.jpg


The picture posted by you is Kattale (in kannada) The pic posted by me is cactus.

The plant you showed also can be a fence plant but it occupies more space. And it can be used as organic manure. Also it is bitter in taste we can use as pesticide along with desi cow urine.

This plant has more medicinal imporatnce not just having at fence.


I had sent a picture of cactus to parag’s email id earlier ,hence i thought not to repeat it here.I could not get the english name for

Thank you for the additional info.


kattaaLe= agave sisalana,agave cantala,agave americana


Thank you for the info,


Hi All,

I have collected “A General List of Live/Natural/Bio Fence” to help members looking for that information.  Please feel free.

Padmanabhan Ganesan


[size=180]Cost of each type of Fencing is as follows.:[/size]

  1. [size=140]1) Natural/live fence Rs.10-20 for every ten feet for Planting Adavituti.Bot it will take 6-7 Months for Covering

  2. Barbed wire fence you can Calculate as follows.
    Rock Pole Cost of 7 Feet Length is Rs.160 t 180 Per Pole.You have to
    Put one at a Distance of 8 Feet and you need to put TWO supports for
    each 6 th piller and at Corners too.The Barbed wire (12X14 Guage is enough)
    Cost would be Rs.54 to 60 Local wire  and Rs.74-Rs.75/Tata Wire.
    Fixing of poles and wire be ranging from Rs.80 to Rs.100 Per pole wise they will Charge. You Can get the Wire of 9 Meters for each Kg.The wire should be at 6 Lines and 2 Cross wires which Comes to around 10 lines Length. The You can calculate based on the above data taking the circumference of the Land.The local Barbed wire you can get at Ranigunj, Secunderabad. If you want TATA Wire the Contact Mr. Kullayya Reddy on  #  9000001401 at Gandhinagar,Balanagar. Worker for Fencing is Mr.Ravi on Ph # 9701312475 [size=120][/size]. Some will suggest the pole Distance at 10 Feet.But it will not be durable.

  3. Steel mesh (plus the pillar cost) It is More Costlier and is not Required for Agricultural Farms.

  4. Solar fencing It is also More expensive and is not advisable

  5. Any other - these days there is some talk about PVC/vinyl fencing etc. - are not Durable and lite will damage early and this Concept is NEW.

Considering all the aspects Barbed Wire Fencing is Far better than any other Fencing.The Stone Poles Cost will be appreciated Like Gold.