Farm fencing question




I wanted to have fencing for my farm and am not sure which one to choose from the below farms, if experts can suggest what is best it would help me decide.

Option 1) Have stone pillars with chain link fence
Option 2) Have Iron poles with chain link fence
Option 3) Have cement pillars with chain link fence

I’m leaning towards Option 2 as it can be done faster. Please advice/suggest.



Hi, from what information I picked up, stone pillars seem to be the strongest and most durable among stone, iron and cement. Stone pillars seem to resist a tractor hit etc. better, do not rust of course and are easier to replace in case of a pillar or two breaking subsequently. I have seen iron stakes being used more commonly in stony and hilly areas where it is easier to fix them, such as for forest boundaries.

Costwise, cement and stone pillars seem comparable, though I am not sure of the iron stakes.

Edit: Just got some numbers on the cement pillar cost. It would be around 65 per pillar if you get them built yourself


Thanks Chandra for the reply.



Does any member have any inputs on the cost, workings for a 2 feet stone wall fence?

I mean the stone wall fence till 2 feet above ground and then on top of  it will be barb wire fencing. I am looking for this in Maharashtra.



Yesterday only we completed fencing with chain link fence and stone pillars. We used 6ft stone pillars and each pillar costed us 145.00 including transportation.



Thanks satishsc24. Would you mind sharing all the other costs that went into the fence too?


Here you go.

Cost of labor : 135/stone (This includes installation of fence and stones–Contract)
Cost of CL mesh: 5300Ft(Length)*4.5(Height) = 3lacs
Cost of stones: 145/stone




Please share pictures of the installation if possible. Could you tell us what the acreage of your farm is, please. Thanks.


this seems so expensive, where is your farm and what is the extent?



Cost of Stones and CL mesh(iron) is same mostly anywhere. I know I might have paid a little extra on the labor costs, but didnt want to get into daily labor issues, so contracted that part out,having said that, I have to say the job was very well done.So no issues.The farm is 16 acres and is in Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh. I will upload pics when I get a chance.



Please give a little more info on the cost
u said per feet , it is square feet or running feet with a certain height ?
I understand iron made material is almost always sold by weight i.e per Kg basis
so for chain link fence what would be the weight per square feet ?
what are the different thickness available ? which thickness is recommanded ?
Thank you


Here is the pic.


Hi All?
Instead of below options, it will be good to opt for live fence which can be set up within months and then it can generate, ingredients for farm inputs, fruits for owner as well as birds which are helpful to farmers, income, more over enhance productivity by controlling/maintaining humus within the boundary of the land for life long for its grower.


I selected this option, dug it along the perimeter.  Human or cattle cannot cross it easily.  Plan to plant some plants along the outer-line of the bund and timber plants along the inner line of the bund.

It costed me very much as i hired based on hourly basis and i was decived, but i know the correct rate now.  It should be Rs 25 per meter cube, like 1 mtr length, 1 mtr depth and 1 mtr wide trenches.  Mine iss 1.5mt wide, 1.5 mtr deep, it should have not costed more than Rs 50 per meter.


  • Costs your land, as 1.5 mtr is lost.

(Friend of mine has told there are timber varsities which are planted in these type of trenches, that will grow very well when there is water in the trench, but yet to get the seeds.)


Dear Hegde,
Hope trench leading towards down, if so, be careful of water going away from land without feeding to soil.
See the top of the soil bund in which a crack in center top is already cautioning you to protect it, otherwise entire soil dug from trench will land in the down portion of your land or some one else. Alway it is advised to dig trench opposite to slope to hold water going away from land. It
may be helpful now in rainy season to avoid seepage, But in summer, it will become heavy burden to feed/provide water for soil which drys with heavy evaporation please note.

Immediately do mulching either with straw or any live grass on top of the bund.
Best option is Lavancha which is easily available around your land.


Appreciate your detailed observation, this section where the pic was taken is the exit point, collection point is on the other end.

What do you think should be done,  this is after about a month or so, already there were couple of rainfall, it has made it hard, i do not think it will fall from this point.  There are some corners where the mud has fallen, will get that fixed before the monsoon.

This section for letting the water out.  In fact, when the Horticulture oficer made a visit, very clearly mentioned where the other water outlet has to be created to avoid the root rotting.  And he (Horti Off) also mentioned 2 places for collecting the runaway water where it can be stored without water logging.

Will try this, once there is slight rain.


Here is the details of costing of doing Barbed wire fencing



What is the typical distance between stone posts of a chain link fence?

Also, could anyone post pointers about the cost per square foot of chain link fencing please and availability in Hyderabad. One small scale unit in Secunderabad is quoting a whopping Rs. 24/- per square foot, while it seems like the cost is more like Rs. 12/-.



I would like to put chain link fencing for our land near Hosur,Bangalore. I am looking for the contacts of such providers preferably from Hosur. also I welcome some inputs on the cost and benefits of this method from members who have recently done the same.

Priya Raghavan


Dear ALL,

We are proposed to start Goat Farming in 1 acre of agriland with stall feed. We request to provide the cost of fencing for the said location with your quote and also model fencing.

And also reply which one will be the better one in the below types.

  1. Natural/live fence
  2. Barbed wire fence (plus the pillar cost)
  3. Steel mesh (plus the pillar cost)
  4. Solar fencing
  5. Any other - these days there is some talk about PVC/vinyl fencing etc. - will they work for Indian conditions

Thank you.