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The cost of fence depends on the size of the land; the cost gets appreciably lesser when the size increases.
The cost also depends on the shape of the farm, a perfect square is least costly (well, since there are no circular farms I ever saw). An odd shape can even double the fence costs.

For a perfect square, approximate cost of barbed wire fence for different sized plots will be:

1 acre: Rs. 50,000/ac
10 acres: Rs. 17,000/ac
20 acres: Rs. 12,000/ac
30 acres: Rs. 10,000/ac
50 acres: Rs. 8,000/acre
100 acres: Rs. 5,500/acre


Chandra, what is the average requirement of concrete pillars per acre according to your research? I came to the conclusion that a significant amount of the fencing cost is the cost for  the pillars. As pointed out earlier a 7’x4"x4" pillar costs around Rs 150/-. The maximum distance between two pillars can be 8’(though 6’ is better).


The perimeter for a 10 acre square would be 2640 feet. At one pillar every 8 feet, that would be 330 poles. Since extra support is added after every few poles and there may be some additional number needed for the corners, I would bump it up to 400, which translates to 400 x 150 = Rs. 60,000 for 10 acres for the poles.

Are we going off track with the assumptions?  :stuck_out_tongue:


I would say that is pretty accurate Chandra. And as you stated earlier it would go up for oddly shaped plots. I have one of the worst a horse shoe shaped plot!


There seem to be different views on the cost of wire link (steel mesh) fence. Please see the wiki page where the details have been consolidated:


Thanks for the compilation Chandra! There may be an additional cost if the pillars are embedded in concrete(material + labour). Is that included? This may be very important in areas where cattle graze since they just lean against the pillars and topple them from what i’m told.


Hi yaj, no, that cost is not included.
But on the point of comparison between barbed wire and wirelink, since this cost would apply to both, the difference seems to be minimal still, which I find quite interesting.


Hi , Can any one lead me to SOLAR FENCE EQUIPMENTS manufacturers .



[color=blue][size=180][b]If you use stones for fencing post and fix 5 line barbed wire, the approximate cost for one running feet is Rs.45/- to Rs.47/- .  For easy calculation, am attaching a xcel FENCING COST CALCULATOR.  Hope it is useful for every one. 

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Thank you sir, I will move the excel file to


can you get the indicative rates for chain link fencing (like above) please? how come such a drastic reduction in cost based on scale…just trying to understand as weak in maths / geometry


Hi Sampadafarms,

Please can you update the excel sheet for chain link fencing



Let us try to get the info on chain link too.
The reduction is directly related to reduced perimeter per acre. An acre (square) would have a perimeter of 254 metres while 10 acres would have only 805 metres (meaning 80.5 meters per acre). In layman terms you don’t fence the acres that are not touching your borders  :wink:


I hope someone can draw this and explain :stuck_out_tongue:


HI Brijesh,

I drew up a diagram for you. Its silly but hope it helps.
Farm Fence - Copy.pdf (81.6 KB)


This is excellent (wiki material), thanks

one picture is worth a thousand words, truer words were never said


I think I saw the rate of around 120-150 / feet for chain link, this is so prohibitive, fencing can be the biggest killer



The rates i used were just for clarification purpose but i have no clue what they actually cost.
Glad it helped.


Hi All,
    below is the formula to calculate area of Farm assuming a quadrilateral (4 sides ). (Same as stated by agri_exec).

A = SqRt[(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)(s-d)], where a, b, c and d are the lengths of the four sides of the quadrilateral, and s = (a + b + c + d)/2.

Below is the formula you could use in a excel file .


Follow the steps.

*Add 4 sides in cells A2, B2, C2, D2 , place above formula in any of the cell s to see Area.

  • place formula  " =SUM(A2+B2+C2+D2)" to get perimeter of the farm (running feets to calculate fencing expenses).

Since its excel its easy to change parameters and understand Area.
If you know the exact area and one of the 3 sides you could calculate 4th side.

Same excel file can be modified to insert formula of perimeter x fencing cost to get aproximate expenses.


saverafarms seems to have gotten it done for 68/ft