Want to buy Indian breed cows


I would like to start with 10 number of cows of ONLY indian breed. This can be a mix of Sahiwal/Gir/Rathi/Tharparkar with minimum yield of > 10 litres/day.

Please send the quote with detail to suspan12@gmail.com

Also if somebody is aware of the contact numbers where to buy these kind of cows(as mentioned above), please pass them to me.


What is oyur plan? Is it going to be commercial Dairy?

You will have to check the breeds you mentioned adopts to Bangalore Climate.

The best place is Ramachandrapur Mutt,Kaggalidasapura Bangalore. You will get desi breeds here.

A member from this forum Mr.Ddfreak is already joined for training of Agriculture and rearing cattle.
Over all learning agriculture. Here is about 27 variety of Indian Indeginous breeds and trying to have more and more native breads to save them.

Getting 10 liter milk yielding Indian cows not a simple thing. No one is showing interest first to save our vanished Indegiones breeds, then where to get such high yielding cattle? Fortunately few people like you are trying their level best to save them to save themself.

Forgot to add photo.

I planned to start a dairy with desi cows and identified Sahiwal and/or gir.
As these breed costed much in Tamilnadu, I planned to go to the cows native and bring them.
Actually I went to Junagadh, Gujarat and bought pure Gir breeds with the help of a local person (actually village headman kind of) and brought them to my place.

Now the cows are getting acquainted to the enviroment and people in my farm.
I am posting the following information as I struggled to get contact in Gir area and found after struggled effort.
Please contact the following person (in person or over phone) to get pure breed gir cows.
Contact: Prabhat Bhai Khemabhai
Ahir Ghorasa,
Vanthli Taluk,
Lushala post,
Junagadh District,
Gujarat, 362215
Phone number: +91 99132 73487

PS: I suggest any buyer using this information to exercise caution on deciding quality and price of the cows and I am just providing this information as an aid for potential GIR cows buyers.


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Respected Vichu sir, please inform us, how many gir cows you have purchased and at what cost and how much incurred for transportation to Tamilnadu. I heard that Gir cows are beautiful and good yielders or not. Please inform us.  g.p.rao,farmer. 

Dear Rao,

I got around 14 cows and few calfs.
pure breed costed between 40 to 50K depending on aged.
mixed breeds (Gir + kangrej or a local unnamed desicows) cost 20 to 30k.
as per the govt rule, only 6 cattle to be transported in a truck (the rules does not clearly mention if more cattle can be transported if we have larger truck).
I hired 3 trucks and each costed near a lac ruppees (costing 3 lacs) apart from other expenses.
They are beautiful (for me atleast) and I like them very much.
In the milking period, pure breed is expected to yield 8 to 10 ltrs per time.

Dear vichu,

how is your animals and farm?. can u share your experiences on the same.

surely, it will be inspiring to like mind peoples to take step forward on desi cows.

will be waiting for your reply.

thanks and regards,



had been to a school near hyderabad on spraling 60acres of land which is mostly self sustained in energy.

they had sahiwal and ongle breeds with 8ltrs p/day yield . although the milk is not for commercial but being used for self consumption for school children.


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Dear Vichu,

Thanks for sharing above information which would be vey helpful for ppl who are willing to set up a Dairy farm. I had few questions as you mentioned above as In the milking period, pure breed is expected to yield 8 to 10 ltrs per time., which mean per time indicates morning and evening as of my knowlegde cows give milk twice a day so shall i conclude that the cows which you bought give 16 to 20 litres per day.

Also could you please advise if onc can afford a cost of 50K to 80K for purchasing cows, which would be best i Mean A JErsey cow or GIR cow any othersuch breed where i specifically stress on giving more milk per day.


Dear Vichu,

I am also form tamil nadu and intreated in Gir cows , can you kinldy give me your contact.Mine is 08056233111.


Interesting knowledge share mr. vichu , thanks for the same

As premsai raised the query already, me too have the same doubt? i am not looking at the option commercially, but interested in one or two for self consumption, as my family(joint family) is really large enough to consume minimum of 5 ltrs per time

Can you please share the details?

Hi experts and well wishers. I am just starting dairy farming in Kollegal, Chamarajnagar district, karnataka state.
No2 my question is I’m a novice to this field. Planning to settle down in india after my hard earned money. I wanna know if original gir is good to start with also I need to know where I can buy them. If not gir plz suggest any other breed with high yield (20 + liters) and with low maintenance. I have workers to take care of it very well.
oh yaa forgot to mention the place where I have my farm is slightly hot only in summer.
please e-mail to suniljames77@yahoo.com
your information will be really appreciated.  Thanks in advance


Gir cow can be the best purchase if you are starting your dairy farm.Gir cow gives good quantity of milk per day[This cow is very clean in its habits.With protruding forhead It is one of the most docile variety of cows.It enjoys healthy set up for its rest and re-fitment.It gives sufficient milk even if fodder is pure husk with no cattle field.So clean is this cows that it will not drink water if some other cow has put its mouth in the bucket or water pot. You need to have bull of gir breed if you want cows to produce offsprings.

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So what’s ur suggestion to me sir. Which breed is ideal to maintain.
Ur suggestions are really appreciated.
if possible try to give me ur contact no or email id.

[i][b]Mr.Sunil James,

The biggest challenge in the dairy farming line is that those who are venturing into this field are mostly new comers. They have limited knowledge about cows, breeds,yield and availability of the cows and they fall prey to brokers and cow sellers. Indigenous breed has got better immunity compared to Cross bred cows but they yield little low, may be with better fat percentage in milk. 

Design your cow shed, plan for providing water for cows 24 x 7, give them good housing with comfort, if possible give partitions between cows (locally designed ones), put cow mats if your budget permits you to. You can add this later too.

First of all, you are starting this venture with your hard earned money, right. Then you must keep cows which will give you more milk. Forget about getting indigenous breeds from Northern and Western part of India, spending too much on transportation. You can think of that when you start making money from the farm. In Karnataka, you will see mostly Holstein Fresian breed (Kolar in karnataka / Krishnagiri in TN).  Please do not experiment with your money. Go for cows which will give you more milk and of course -good returns . Go for other money earning devices like Vermi composting using earthworms which will fetch you good money by selling it for vegetable cultivation areas, coconut, arecanut or any agricultural farm, produce organic manure by using the green waste, cow feed waste and dung. Pack it in 1,2,5 kg packs and sell it.

All the best for your venture.

Murali krishnan


The breed called gir is a good milching cow-clean and healthy in its habits.The milk production quantity is approximately 12 to 20 ltrs per day.However please consult some expert in this field.My practical experience with gir cows was good but please use your money wisely.In case Gir cow is successful in your area you will be a pioneer.You can try out with 6 cows in the initial stages to understand the nitty gritty of business.The persons responsible for milking,looking after cows may try to exploit you by asking for fat salary so small number will do the trick.To conclude, success is worshipped in life.Before venturing, please spend some money on professional consultancy, to extract maximum benefit out of your hard earned money.Non consultation with professionals is least advisable.

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Posting pictures of other breeds.

Murali krishnan

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The below link maybe of use.

1.Tamilnadu Regional Cattle - tamilnaducattle.blogspot.in/
2.Indian Indigenous Cattle - indianindigenouscattle.blogspot.in/

My sincere thanks to mr. Murali krishnan and mr. Padmanaba for their earnest reply and valuable information.