Want to buy Indian breed cows


Even this website might help you, if you are planning for south Indian breed.



I want to start 10 Hf cow Dairy Farming business. I have Good Land but i have not any idea where i Got Pure Hf cow and about 1 HF cow Price and all Details.
Please contct me. 8141525250.
Dhaval Parekh from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Hi, This link may be useful, Kindly have look www.nattumadu.in


Dear Friends,
Vetagenix Clinical Services (laboratory) is located in Bangalore, we are doing tests for A1/A2 genotyping for cattle, by this test you can find out either the bull or cow is belongs to A1/A1 or A2/A2 or A1/A2, and we are doing this test with the hair follicle of the cattle (which is the easiest method to collect and send the sample to our laboratory and Vetagenix is the only laboratory which is doing this test with hair follicle sample). for any further details please feel free to contact us on +91 9343222555, or write to us to cattle@vetagenix.com, visit our website: www.vetagenix.com
Thanks and Regards
Team Vetagenix


Thanks for your message. Kindly message me if you are interested in buying Cow Gir/Sahiwal and HF Cows. Sangtam Chune’s Farm is always ready to satisfy His clients.


I am looking for the 2 pure dase cow. Call me to 8951240239