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Hi Chandra

today it seems to be better.




Good :slight_smile:


Dear Chandra,

I am a new user.  I do not know how to post a new forum.  Kindly guide me. Thank you.

Ponnambalam. G


Hello Ponnambalam,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the feedback. It is easy and I have created a topic on how to do it just now:
Click here: … ke-a-post/

Let me know if you still have questions.


Dear Chandra:

I am addressing this to you as you are some sort of moderator/administrator on this site. I find that there are several threads in this forum that are closely realted - like the one on “Is organic farming practical” and “Successful farming - my experiences”. There may be others as well which I may come upon during my random surfing of this forum. The point is, could the various threads that deal with the general topic farming entreprenuership be “linked” somehow so that all of them appear in the list at the bottom always - something in the software by which some common link word is introduced?

Just a thought!



Very good point, we will try to find a way and keep you posted.

In addition, we are looking at reorganizing content a little more - so that we have subjectwise resources together - a forum topic may not be the best for knowledgebase for example. We will keep you posted on that as well.





Ranjanbhai, no offense.
A topic gets closed when there is no further value to members by additional posts or has lost its objectivity - it is nothing personal. So relax and continue to be an active part of the community. Thanks.


We are happy to inform you of a new tagging system that can help with this. Each time you create a new post, you can include a tag (keywords) that can tie down topics. Just make sure you use an existing tag unless there is a need for a new one and we should be good.

You will see the tag towards the bottom left of the topic on each page.


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cani have your mail id


Hi, just click on the email icon in the profile or mail to support at the site name.



Respected sir
please mail me how i take good responce for my project. i am looking for joint ventur,finance partner i have thing.  land, man power , location, water is very suitable for my project . only not have funds.


Dear Ajai Rana,

It is fine if you post just once. We will try to include the thread in the next update email to all members so it will catch the attention.
Let us know if you have more questions.



hellow ,
no personal contacts?? OK .but a farmer may need personal visit to his farm at one you are editing or blocking  some of the advisors.
why .this you are promoting to get profits by advertisement ,but not for farmers,because real farmers are not yet reached the education level to use computer,nor they have that much time ti sit before computer.


hellow ,
no personal contacts?? OK .but a farmer may need personal visit to his farm at one you are editing or blocking  some of the advisors.[/quote]

Dear Dr. Rayudu, thank you for your feedback.
I am not sure what you mean by ‘no personal contacts’ and ‘editing and blocking’ - are you sure you are not confusing this with a different forum, since there is no blocking here as a policy. Read more here: … contacted/ and feel free to create your own post signature with your details.

I wish that were true on the profits part, but clearly you should research a little on the economics of running a site like this!  8)
I think it is not right to stereotype farmers; also the Indian farmer is quick to grab available technology and the number of members on agriculture forums is a fair indication of farmers’ internet use and its growth.

Please feel free to post any more comments you may have.



Dear Chandra ,

‘‘On another note, I am really thinking about better ways to organize these tiny bits of scattered information - all ideas welcome.’’

YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB , Jusy wondering how you can do it all alone , must be stressing .
i just joined your group a few days ago , keep on doing your job , ideas will flow ,

best wishes ,
Ramprakash L Chandra


Thanks Ramprakash L Chandra.

No, this is not stressful because I only facilitate the sharing of information through the forum - I don’t claim to have the solutions. So essentially it is the members like you who pitch in and lend a hand to others which is great. Of course, there a few friends who are supportive and help with the running of the forum from time to time too.

On the topic of organizing info, do take a look at the wiki -
It is in very initial stages, but is useful to organize static resources to share. Some members such as brijesh have pitched in with resources (see EBooks for example) and anyone can help add content there. You can read more on how to here:

Thanks again for your support,