Telugu : Jeeluga and Janumu green manure

pls find agri related news in telugu

There appears to be some confusion with regard to the telugu name of the plant in the news item.
Jeelugu,  is Caryota urens, a perennial palm that grows naturally in the moist valleys at high elevations. There are no known plantations of Jeelugu anywhere. The plant referred to in the news item is an annual.
In Andhra Pradesh state it grows in the valleys of Araku - Paderu plateau in Visakhapatnm district.
The local tribals cherish their favorite  drink jelugu sara an exudation from the tree trunk.
Some one has to indicate the botanical name of the plant in the news item to correctly correlate with the telugu name.
Siva Sankara Reddy.

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In AP, the two green manure seeds supplied on subsidy are Jeeluga and Janumu.

Janumu is Sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea)
Jeeluga is Dhaincha (Sesbania aculeata)

Janumu seed costs about 25/kg after 50% subsidy (Rs. 1,010 per 40 kg bag)
Jeeluga seed also costs 25/kg after 50% subsidy (Rs. 750 per 30 kg bag)

I have picked up some Janumu seed and plan to sow it after some initial rains.

Diancha is also called Sesbania Rostrata? I was aware by this name. Please give more gyan.

I am buying sunhemp @70/kg. I never realised it is so cheap with subsidy.

Sesbania rostrata is another related species that goes by the name Janumu/Dhaincha, I think. However, I am reading Sesbania rostrata actually produces more biomass and is better at fixing nitrogen. Maybe that is why it is costlier at Rs. 70/kg, I came across 50/kg in the seed market but am unsure which species it is; and I believe Govt. buys at Rs. 50/kg.

The trouble now seems to be that there is little time to have a green manure crop for a rainfed main crop. At at least 4 weeks to grow + 2 weeks to rot, the main crop sowing goes to end July which may be too late.

@Siva Sankara Reddy, @Chandra
If you can throw some light and clear the confusion by looking at the photos
Aeschynomene indica:,
Caryota urens:
Sesbania aculeata:
Could not get Sesbania rostrata on wiki:

Thanks a lot for all the valuable sharing.

I feel it’s better to have a dictionary of plant/crop/seed names with pictures on farmnest as we are a sub-continental community with so many langauages & dialects within :slight_smile:.
(I’ve started gathering data but it’s going a bit slow).

Here is Sesbania rostrata for you:

The whole compliation is here: … nures.html

Good idea on the dictionary of plants, but we need one/few of us to volunteer and manage it. We could have a wiki section with the edit rights if someone is willing to build the content.

Yes. The photograph is the crwon of Caryota urens.
Siva Sankara Reddy

Where in Hyderabad can one get these green manure crops. I am just starting out this season and would appreciate any information on where to get these. Plan is to only do organic farming.

As I stated, it would be economical if you could reach out to your farm area’s agricultural officer - I understand there are some stocks right now.

If you are looking to buy in Hyderabad, let me know which variety and how much quantity and I can check with my regular shop.

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Yeah checking with my local Mandal office and we got 30kgs of horse gram I think . I am in the village today but heard that we got some.

Regular shop in Hyd? If you could share the details would be good. What all do they have.

Basically, I don;t even know how much and what I need right now but want to gather all the places where I can get organic seeds, Manure and other inputs that one needs. If you have info that can help that would be great.

When I say I don’t know …I mean the quantity and all. For green manure  looking for Dhalcia, Sun Hemp, Horse gram, pilli pessaru etc

I checked and Janumu seed is available in Hyderabad at Rs. 65 a kilo. The seed rate is 16 kilos per acre. PM me if you need the contact details of the shop. Don’t forget the Agriculture department supplies it at Rs. 25 a kilo. I could probably help to get some Jeeluga if it is a small quantity you are looking for.


Got 30kgs of Daicha on subsidy a day or so back from the local Agriculture officer. Thanks!

Good. Do keep us posted on how your green manuring goes, preferably with some pics.


Who do I approach for this seed? I plowed my land prior to rains and now it’s full of weeds forcing me to use cultivator to get rid of weeds. I am planning to sow ground cover right after using the cultivator while i figure out what I need to do next. Appreciate you providing who do I approach for seeds. Is it OK to broadcast? I just want to use it for green manure. Thank you.

In AP, the seed is sold by Agros outlets on behalf of the agriculture department. Alternatively, call up your mandal’s Agriculture Officer.
Try this page for the numbers: … ode=mandal

Thank you Chandra. I enquired Mandal Office Shankerapalli and was told subsidy is over for the season. I am looking at Rs 45 per KG.

Question: I am planning to till the land using cultivator (gorru) and sow Janumu (sunn hemp) through during tilling. Is that’s the way to go?

Actually a more common way is to broadcast the seed first and then run the cultivator. Running the cultivator once before broadcasting might just make it too expensive but depends on how good the soil condition is. BTW, a gorru is a flat blade as against a cultivator, isn’t it?

I could check in my area of there is any quantity of Jeeluga still available though I suspect it would be the same everywhere.

You may be right since as I am still learning the terminology. I was just repeating what Narasimha told me. We will broadcast the seed and then use the cultivator as you suggested. Come to think of it even Narasimha suggested the same. Thank you for your time.