Tamilnadu Free Agriculture EB connection status check

Anyone can tell me how long will it take to get 3A1 eb connection after we do the payment?

Hello Jesu,

It depends on waiting list of 3A1 and the work involved ( if already available transformer exist with enough load you will get sooner). EB people will categories the work based on Minor and Major work.If it is Minor then you will get withing a month otherwise it may take more than a year. Have a good rapo with EB people and they can tell you how long it will take.


Thanks for the update Dhanasekar. They asked us to pay the amount within a month.
Now it’s been 5 months since we paid the amount but there’s no action taken and they are not confirming anything.
The only statement which they give is it will be done.
I heard people saying the connection should be given within 3 months after the payment.
I have approached AE,AD,EE etc… No positive response from them. I have been waiting for this electricity connection for very long time.
Would you please help me on this?

It happens to me as well. I had applied for paid tatkal scheme where they promised immediate connection but I got it after 1.5 years. Since it was coming under major work.

If there is no response then you can try raising complaint under http://cmcell.tn.gov.in/ if you are from TamilNadu. I did the same and my question was forwarded to AE and got the response.


Thank you very much for your kind advice. I shall raise a complaint.

i Had applied for free takal Scheme Electricity , it has been more than 1 year still i have not got my connection. Is there anyway to track the application online if so please provide for trichy region. If not pls guide me what i have to do next for getting connection faster.

Hello Dhanasekar,
I have mailed them.

@aravinda_kumar I too got my tatkal scheme connection after 1.5 years. you can raise complaint in http://cmcell.tn.gov.in/ to know the reason for the delay.

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sir i am from villupuram region …
i also applied for free agri service …
i want to check my status so pls send me a link for villupuram region …
u already send erode and coimbatore region link
i need villupuram region link sir …
i hope that u will send it . and iam eaerly waiting for it …
thank yoy sir

Hello Sakthi,

I’m sorry. Unfortunately I don’t see any links for other regions in google.


Hi All,

Please tell the various scheme to get new connection for Agri land in Theni? and i need approximate cost for each scheme and time period

Ex- Tatkal scheme - 2.5L - 6 months


Below are the self financing Tatkal scheme currently available:

5HP Connection - 2.5L
7.5HP Connection - 2.75L
10HP Connection - 3L
15HP Connection - 4L

Time period is depend on the Priority in your area. Many people are applying for this now a days. For me it took 1.5 years. TNEB will categories your connection as Major Work (require many new transformers) and Minor work (Not many new transformer required). Based on this seniority will calculated and you will get connection.

There is another connection type called 3A1. This is for Cottage Industries, but some people are getting this connection. For this connection you have to pay for the meter reading (not sure on the rates). Also in order to get this connection you have to pay aprox 10 to 15 K for each transformers required for you to get connection. For example you have an existing transformer near by and it required 2 transformer to get your connection then you have to pay aprox 30K.
People who are having less than 3 acres of land are preferring this connection. Because instead of paying 2.5 to 3L they can pay aprox 20 to 30 K yearly for current consumption.

These are the things I researched while applying for EB connection. For more details you can reach out to your local EB office.


Hi Dhana,

Thanks for the info. Please tell the details about 50,000 scheme for new connection.

about 50,000 scheme for new connection detail tell me .

Hi Dhana,

Recently two months back I got 3A1 Electricity Connection from horticulture scheme. now I am planning to apply 2.5 L Tatkal scheme and like to change this paid connection to free connection. Is that Possible?

@rkarnesh and @manikandan2:
I’m not sure whether we still have that 50,000 scheme or not. Please check with your local EB office.
Actually in 2013 I applied for free Agri connection in 50K scheme. But TamilNadu government has hold all those 50K scheme connections from 2011 itself. So in 2017, they introduced this Fast Tatkal scheme and I converted the application that I submitted in 2013 to 3L scheme on the same year (2017) and in 2019 I got the connection.

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Yes you can. I heard people are doing so. If you convert you will definitely coming under Minor work (since you already have everything setup like Transformers, meter, etc.), So you may get your connection quicker. They just need to convert your Application/service online. But note that this will also based on seniority. Please reach out to your local EB office for more info.


Hi Dhana

Sure. Thank you for the information.I will check with the local EB office.


I am ariyalur district in Meensurutti 327. How to get eb service status…? Reply pls

Hello vvrajamohan,

Sorry, Online link is provided only for Erode and Coimbatore district. You have to reach out to your local EB office for the status.