Suggestions Required on what kind of plantation

I have a 5 acre land which is black soil and about 10 acres with normal soil. What kind of plants can be irrigated on these soils please ?
Also what kind of vegetable plants are more profitable? Can I also mix 2 plants with one another (i,e banana & coconut or anyother mix plants )
And what are the plants that are good on the long run?

The land is situated in Chitradurga which is quite hot.


Black soil is good in terms of irrigation. It doesnt allow water to evaoporate easily.
Pomogranite is verry profitable and very common in Chitradurga. Harvesting is also easy you can lease it.

Hi Sri ,

Thanks. Is that the only one i can grow on the black soil? And how does the lease thing workout please ?
What other plants can i grow on the normal soil please (considering the heat in Chitradurga) ?


I think it all depends on your water availability.
Sugarcane, veggies, paddy, cotton, banana, maize and many others can all be grown as long as you are able to avoid swelling and shrinkage affecting the crops. I am assuming you mean high clay when you say black soil.

Hot climate is not an issue at all. Farmers in Haryana, Delhi, Punjab are creating miracles.
As Chandra said you have many options.

What is your water source?Are you full time farmer? How is your labor availability.

Thanks Chandra & Sri ,

@Chandra : Which of those plantations have less maintenance ?
@ Sri: My water source would be borewell as i cannot rely on the rain. And yes I am a fulltimer. Labour is a problem every where but yes that can be taken care-off.

Also can i grow coconut & Arecanut . How is the mainenance ?


Areca nut, Coconut dont need daily maintenance.

Intercroping of Coconut,areca nut +Poms is bad combination. Pomogranates are very sensitive for fungii. Nobody tries intercroping with Poms.

Coconut,musumbi or sapota and pepper is a good combination. On the periphery you can plan silver oak, neem, Glirycedia.
Coconut, Banana and Pineapple is one more combination.
Papaya, mango and Season vegitables ridgegaurd,bitterguard is also good option.
As agreen manure you can plan velvetbeans, cowpeas or any dicots of your choice.

My suggestion is, go for Papaya or Banana for half of your farm, This gives you immediate returns for you to sustain.

Because most of the plants yeilds after 3-5 years. Until then you need some returns.

Animal farming is another option for quick money.

Thats quite alot of info Sri…Thanks

I liked the Coconut, Banana and Pineapple combination.
Also The Papaya and banana yeild by how many months please ?
So, is it good if i go for 3 acres of Banana and 3 for Papaya ? How about ginger and its yeild? Is it worth the money ?

When you say Animal farming for quick money, which did you mean ? ( Sheep, poultry or dairy )

What about the price of coconut plant, Arecanut plant and silver oak plant?

Sorry I have too many questions in my mind  :stuck_out_tongue:


Banana yeilds at 10th month for first crop and later every 7 months 3 crops. but there are people who got 19 crops with single plantation. it depends on your mantainace.
Papaya also has same but second crop yeild decreases so plan papaya for 3 crops.

Sheep- NO-NO(risky).  Goat yes. if you want to compete with local sheperds you needs to have rare breeds.
Dairy: good option. Check your market and then plan. But restrict for 10 animals.

Silver oaks saplings available from 6/-to 11/-
And lot of saplings are given by forest dept, horticulture for free.
Coconut and areanut I have dont have updated rates. I will get it for you.

Ginger and turmeric are good option. You need to serve more FYM and green manure.
Also think of fruits like Litchi and Rambutan. You will get more information from Horticulture Development centre,Chettalli,Madikeri

How about the trees that can be used for wood ? what are the trees i can plant ?

Also can i plant these trees on the boundary, will it be safe or rather use a part of land raising them?

May be i can plant trees which can be cut in about 5- 7 years?

Plan to plant Silver Oak/Melia Dubia/Teak on the boundaries. Grow Pepper on Coconut and Areca Nut trees. In between rows you can plan to plant Banana.

Coconut + Banana + Veggie (short term) is also good combination. By the time banana comes to full growth the life of veggies would be ended.


Watch these. It is in simhalese. But should give you fair idea abt intercrop:


Thanks Biju.

Am sorry but the video isint working.

If i grow teak on the boundaries, will it be safe? Like if anyone cuts it and take it away by around 7 - 10 years ?

When you say veggie, can i grow any veg which would yeild in about 3 months? Could you please suggest any of such Veggies?

Thanks in Advance!

I can see these videos right here clicking on the play button. Can’t you? - are you accessing from a corporate network where youtube is blocked by any chance?

Ah! Its working now… It wasnt earlier… Apolls…I am not using corporate network.


Someone else cutting and taking over the tree depends on the area and people around. But normally it should be safe.

You can grow string beans (also does nitrogen fixing), bitter gourd, melons, radish, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, chilli, brinjal, colocassia, yam etc…


Thanks Biju.

I shall opt for any of these  :slight_smile:

You may try PMK1 drumstick.
It is advisable initially try less than 5 acres. Once you gain sufficient experience you go further. It will grow all types of soil. Water is required in the initial three months, and later stages once a month irrigation aslo sufficient. If you have plenty of water you may irrigate more.
I grown in 5 acres it was profitable to me both vegetable and selling seeds.

Banana is Better.You cannot get yield on Co-Conut on Borewell Irrigation.

[size=120][/size][font=comic sans ms]At every stages of agriculture,  It is suggested to get support first from The Government Departments, Institutions, Agricultural Education Organisation, NGOs, etc. in the area would be beneficial for all the persons concern with agriculture. you may search many things from Farmnest type websites by studying materials posted of your interest and requirements. It is not advisable to get ready to use information without going in detail and by cross checking and doing experiments on small scale.