Suggest me good geologist for Bore-well point investigation


My dear Friends,
If you have any contact of geologist who can find reliable and accurate bore-well point  in and around of Hyderabad, Kadapa, Kurnul, Ananthapur… please let me know.

If any references you have, forward me at +91-8008922337.

Bhuvan Reddy


Thank you Sir,

Mr.Sri Hari Rao in Hyderabad having Vast experience in Hydrogeology.

His contact Number is :9490311740.


Dear Farmers and Friends,
As you aware, the water is a second one most important supporting factor in the Agriculture profession. The rain is a fundamental source of sweet water for Agriculture. When all the nearer water on the surface ends, then the farmers think to dig a well, drill a bore well or construct a tube well at decided /fixed point/place.

In this modern times, each and everywhere we apply science and technology to get maximum advantages. In modern agriculture. Many researches had developed the rural area depending on mostly in agriculture related professions. In this situation, we highly recommend the farmers to seek for science and technology prior to dig a well, drill a bore well or construct a tube well. They are requested to leave and boycott the traditional customised false practices to fix place/pin point for bore well /tube well / dug well sites. They should only ask for the method supported by latest technology and science to fix the pin point for maximum source of ground water. This will only make the farmer wealthy and financially sound.

Otherwise he will continue to expend more and more money for wells until he gets sufficient water. If the farmers accepting science and technology for drilling/digging/constructing bore well/dug well / tube well, then why they are not awaked for applying science and technology to fix place/pin point for bore well /tube well / dug well sites?

We are one of the very experienced service providers to investigate maximum ground water sources at the site with application of modern science and technology. The numbers of farmers in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra have got highest benefit after getting our services since 1990.

In our method we study the local geography and geology as well as vegetative development in the area. According to situation we do profiling with our resistivity meter to select the point having maximum sources of ground water. After profiling we take detail readings of the selected point by vertical electrical sounding. All these readings are fed with software in the computer. We calculate and estimate the depth of different strata, aquifers (water bearing zones) with help of resistivity, strip resistivity, log - log graphs of length vs. resistivity and length vs. strip resistivity.
Mean time we arrange follow ups by letters and telephone contact to know the result of our field work. It is supposed about 60-70% results of our field work by this follow up.

Many Farmers have adopted modern science and technology in Agriculture at each and every stage and they have become wealthy and healthy. We observe, there is very little interest in INVESTIGATION OF GROUND WATER BY SCIETIFIC INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN AGRICULTURE FARM. This type of action had made many farmers poor. We once more request each farmer to take interest and accept the modern science and technology before digging a well, drilling a bore well or constructing a tube well for best return of one’s expenditure to get sufficient water for agriculture farm.



Bhoojalshree Geotech Consultant(Gujarat), Near Agricultural university Campus, PO Box: 55, ANAND-388001 Mobile: 09427382368, 09978115968 . Email:

Bhoojalshree Hydro Geotech
Shri jai Ganesh Samrajya, Spine Cross Road, Bhosri, PUNE (Maharashtra)
Mobile: 09822645787, Email: bhoojalshree


Dear  Sudani sir,
it was nice info and good to adopt the new IT era and appreciable.
do you have any branch office in Hyderabad and any associate working in Andhra Pradesh? let me know the possible way to use your service.



We have not any branch in Hyderabad, We are able to provide services in your area also, but we would have minimum 10 nos of confirmed work orders. If you are cooperating, then it may be done.
Second option is, you will have to insist the geologist to follow full practices of groundwater prospecting survey in your farm.


it would be great if you can let me know the fee details and transportation details.


our groundwater investigation fee is depending on the area and depth of the investigation generally for first acre the charges those would be finalised on cellphone for many more clarifications for the work


Thank you Sir,

Mr.Sri Hari Rao in Hyderabad having Vast experience in Hydrogeology.He has  worked in AP State Irrigation Development Corporation. Now he is working for several Departments and also for Private Agencies and Farmers. He is having Latest instruments in water divining.

His contact Number is :9490311740. Regarding fees/Terms and  conditions you can Negotiate with him

Vasudha Green Farms,


Hi Bhuvan Reddy,

Did you find successful person (100% Success) who identifies the borewell point? I am looking at near hyderabad. Please share the details and experiences.

Damodhar Reddy


Dear Reddy Sir,

Greeting from Falcon Geosolution,
We have well-experienced Geologists How are worked in Rural Development of Andhra Pradesh for Irrigation by Ground Water.
For Borehole point/Hydro-Geological Survey to Locate Ground Water for Bore Well by HydroGeologists-
Please Contact on 9949110706/ +919573016105
Hr Manager,
Falcon Geosolution.