Starting a NEW LAYER Poultry Project

Hey All , I am a farmer having some amount of experience in layer poultry. The farm i currently own is in Shimoga(Karnataka) and is a partnership firm. I am now starting a new farm on my own in Chitradurga for 30,000 layer birds.
It is new project which i have started from buying the land and construction. Any queries on this topic please feel free.  :wink:


And I would also like to state that the cost of constructing one layer shed is coming up to 30L. A grower shed to 26L and the brooder shed to about 18L.
The cost of the chick is Rs.25 as of last week . The Brooder mash price is about Rs.23 per Kg, Grower mash - Rs. 20 and Layer mash - Rs.18.

Please note that the feed cost will reduce if you are preparing it yourself rather than buying the ready-made. Yes the feed mill cost would be an extra cost for you intially but on the long run it the best.

So the construction cost for  30,000 layer birds is coming upto 1cr.34L. The construction cost is as of today( calculating the raw material prices and labour).
The cost will be more if the project is started in / near big cities. Since i am starting near Chitradurga few of the raw materials and labour is little cheap.

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Dear Friend,

Appreciate initiative in providing information for poultry farmers.

I want to know whether you have planned to use automatic feeders and drinkers for your new shed.

Also, if you could break down the total cost and provide cost for the farm and the equipment. it will be easier for us.


good luck.
Mohammed Muneeb

Hi Mohammed,

I have not planned on the automatic feeder yet, but i have plans on the later stage. To start off with i will have that done manually.
Could you please ellaborate your query on “Equipment” . You meant only the automatic feeder part or the feed mill, automatic egg collector etc., aswell ?

These are not included in the estimate given above.


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Dear Friend,

Thanks for the information.

I wanted to know the cost of the construction of the shed. then for the cost for the cages.
Cost of the feed mill. Please provide in detail about the feed mill which you would use. whether it is a concentrate feed grinder/mixer or it’s a pellet feed mill. kindly provide complete information as I’ am completely new to feed mills.

thanks in advance.

Mohammed Muneeb


Construction cost for a shed depends on the quantity of your batch . The estimate i have given is for one batch of 10,000 birds and the total project for 30,000 birds ( 3 batches)

You can also start 1 batch of 5,000 birds and a total of 5 batches.

The construction of one Brooder shed for 10,000 birds will come upto 8 lakhs and 5 lakhs for cages. Please note that these prices may vary according to the market price of raw materials.

The Grower shed depends on the height of the pillars . In my case I have given 8 ft height from the ground to make it easier for the removal of manure. You can cut short that make it to 4ft and the cost comes down. Construction cost for grower shed is 13 lakhs and cages 8 Lakhs.

The layer shed also depends on the height of the pillars. My case it is 18 Lakhs and 10 lakhs for cages for one shed.

Again, I have done this in a 4 rows 3 tier. We can do it on 3 rows and 3 tier also but the length of the shed will increase which will increse the construction cost.

Please note: These are approx figures. If you need a detailed estimate then please mail me.

The feed mill is of 1 Ton capacity and will be similar to the concrete mixer but rather it would be attached to the whole equipment.


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Thanks for sharing the info.

What is you labor requirement for 30K birds?
What kind of op. cost are you looking at ?
What about the marketing strategy ?


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My labour cost for 30K birds come upto roughly 15-20 K and the op cost depends on the strategy you are working on…being said that it depends on you how well you can balance things regarding feeds and labours…depends on you how well you can do the cost cutting at certain places.

The marketing here is simple as the need for the product is more that the dealers come and take the product. Its just the word of mouth that send the info on our poultry and the dealers come looking for us and take the eggs  :slight_smile:

Hope this helps


Hey All , I am a farmer having some amount of experience in layer poultry. The farm i currently own is in bibi(maharastra) and is a partnership firm. I am now starting a new farm on my own in bibi for 5,000 layer birds.
It is new project which i have started from buying the land and construction. Any queries on this topic please feel free.  :wink:

hi ashishbibi,

I am also planning to start layer farming. . totally new to poultry business and planning to attend good training session so as to understand more about the costing and the procedures to follow.  Could u please guide me how much capital is required approximately if I target 5000 birds initially? also how the eggs are exactly marketed? are there wholesalers?  or I need to register in Krushi Samiti or something?  I am planning to build shed in Ahmednagar,  maharashtra. Please guide…

Dear Sir,
I am planning for Egg Layer farm in Andhra Pradesh, could you please give me the details cost.


Dear Sir,
You’re project seems really good. Can you guide me and tell me if starting a layer farm with 10000 layers will be a profitable venture.

thank you

Hi Sir,

I’m planing to start Egg layer poultry farm in Kadiri,Andhrapradesh.Can you guide me for total investment of 10000 birds and about bank loan details.



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pl send me the detail project report on my mail  -

Dear All,

I a planning to start up layer project in Bareilly, Uttar pradesh, can anyone give me idea that if there is any training institution regarding layer farming.


Dear Khalid,

Below are the links of institutes which provides training in poultry farming.

Dates for 2015 are not declared.
Kindly contact them for more info.
All the best
Poultry-training.pdf (1.64 MB)

Thanks Pawan for your kind response.


Sir I want to start a poultry firm would u please give me a project report or your email I’d while I can contact with you.

Hi All,

I am planning to start layer poultry business. Could you please advice the cost effort for 3000 birds.

We have my own land and water facility.The only thing i want to know is

  1. Cost for the shed and cages.
  2. For 3k birds how much space required to build a shed.
  3. The same shed we can use for both brooder,growers and layers or not.( I will buy the cages after as soon as it comes for laying)
  4. what will happen if i leave the birds free on floor until lying.

These questions may be silly but am new to poultry and planning complete everything in 6 lakhs except food. so advice

Thanks in advance


I came across an interview.

It is in Tamil but here is the summary.

This farmer from Tamilnadu has two sons. One son has 125,000 layer chicken and another son has 150,000 layer chickens.
They have two mill on their own to make feed.

He says if they sell an egg for rupees 4 then only they make profit. now current price is around rupees 3.33. He sells to government mid day meal  for 3.13. His aim is to make 10 paise profit per egg.  But he is unable to make it.

Is it true? Is it worth for a small farmer to starts with say 1000 or 3000 layer egg? Since all feeds are bought from retail store, can farmer make money?

any experts there to share.