Starting a NEW LAYER Poultry Project


I am interested to start 5000 egg layer farming in Bihar ,advise me the investment amount ,profit
Also can I get loan ?


Hello Sir ,

I am new in layer poultry farming . I am planning to open a farm with 10,0000 birds.

Kindly suggest my the guideline and how will i start .

thank you



Hi Naveen. You will have to review the threads and ask specific questions to get some answers. :slight_smile:


Hai ā€¦
Need to speak to uā€¦
Give me your email id or contact number ā€¦
I am planning for layer business ā€¦ At chitradurga


Hello, I am also starting a layer farm in West Bengal. Need help pls contact me:


sir my native also Chitradurga i have plan to start layer poultry farm, how i get a loan from banks, give me suggestion and i want talk to you give me your phone number


send me your phone number and e-mail id i want talk to you
my phone no- 9611555138
i want know the cast of cage, birds,and shed. i start layer farming in Chitradurga instantly witch bird suitable for Chitradurga climate.e.t.c


I m a 19 year guy from Mumbai n I m interested in poultry business and I have a lot of information related to broiler as well as layer and duckery farming but because of no family background in poultry work my family will not support me can you please tell me more about yourselves how you started with how many birds n what was the investment and how did u get funding because I lack investment and lack a little information
And sir in a video I have seen a poultry farm with 5000 birds that is made of bamboo woods completely so is it possible and precaautions should be taken in a wood layer cage system is it good as it will save more money and will be easy to start and can u give me yur WhatsApp number so I can visit your farm and get more information bcs for me u r the real teacher sir plz reply to my msg my number is 9167043193 u can also email me I will be very thankful


Sir , I want to set up 10,000 layer egg producing farm, I belong to village, I have no constructed building, so everything to start with zero, Sir, please suggest me your experience and process for this set up, where from I get all instruments. Please reply sir, I need ur help i am from jharkhand


Hello Sir,
I am Ankit Nayak and now i am going to start a new project in odisha having capacity of 30000 layer birds initially. Also i am going start my own construction work indipendently. Kindly give me a detailed estimate regarding this project. So that i am very much greatful to you.


The layer plz give me u r mail id or contact no u r so helpful and open hearted I want to start a layer farm and need to talk to u Iā€™m from pune plz reply


Hey Dear the layer plz give me u r contact I need u r help


Hey Bro I need help from u plz reply my mail id is