Seminar and Farmnest Meet, 11-May-13, Bangalore

  Dear sri sir, thank you for the word ’ are we not killing the useful bacteria’. Ye sir, we are killing the useful bacteria along with harmful bacteria/fungi. A question, can’t we stop killing useful bacteria/fungi  for growing good crops. yes we can. policy should be  LIVE and LET LIVE. Presently so many isolated bacteria/fungi are available at little cost, which can comfortably kill/dominate the harmful bacteria/fungi.  For example,grow Trichoderma viride,trichoderma horizonum, metarhizhium, Psudomonas,vam, etc by providing good environment for good growth of the above said useful isolated bacteria/fungis. The harmful bacterias/fungis like fusarium wilt,collar rot creative fungi, nematodes,white grubs,larve & pupe of diffarent insects can be always controlled by the above said isolated bacterias/fungis, if these are seen with care. Sorry, since i am only a farmer i am not authority of stating all these things but i want to keep these things in your mind so that some active members/ and or our Farm hero Sri chandra sir,  will think about implimentations.  sirs, i can inform you that one farmer of karnataka state,who was honoured with a best farmer award by Govt of karnataka, SRI SHIVANAPURA RAMESH, an organic farmer, from very few beginers list of organic farmers of south india , will give classes on organic farming to any of us on request. He charges only a respect from all of us. Any of you can talk to him either in kannada or tamil, or telugu,  and his phone numbers are 09845529324 , 08970779999, and he lives in Devanahalli. He made me to grow,gerberas,roses and colour capsicum in green houses for a period of 5 years with out fumigating my beds in the green houses during 2008- 2012, successfully with out any diseases.          Request to chandra sir/ sri sir/and to other members ,if all you want we can arrange for classes on organic/natural farming by him. farmer,g.p.rao

Thank you G P Rao sir. As Sri suggested, it would be a good idea to have a farmnest meet in Bangalore and invite Sri Ramesh to share his thoughts. A review would help the rest of the members outside Bangalore of course.

Dear Chandra sir, our respected administrator, i am very happy for the fast and timely decision on arranging a seminar on organic/natural farming ,specially keeping in bengaluru.As a resident of bengaluru, i will assist you in providing local works on behalf of you. Pl tell me , i will do and inform you timely. It is a good idea to listen to experienced farmers,experts, so that the facts will come out and we, the farming community will be benifited. As an elderly man i suggest our forum members that we should not come to an opinion just by listening or seing one mans /experts opinion, especially in the field of organic/natural farming, which is in its child days, thogh our great elders did it from generations as the present situations were not prevealing those days. I will definately put a request to sri Shivanapura Ramesh sir to address a coferrance at our venue. Let us also invite some more experts on organic/natural farming,all who got exposure in bio-pesticides,bio-npk, organic mannures and pesticides for insects which are accepted internationally for organic certifications. If you want i can interact with some officials of Sahaja samrudda and jaivik krishik society of govt of karnataka. By the by thanks to sri sir for good reciprocation on behalf our forum members for a good cause. Sri chandra sir, i will be awaiting for your valuable advices on this conferrance to do at Bengaluru.  g.p.rao,farmer

  Dear Sri sir, you are the motivator for this spare some days 1 or 2 for attending the coming up conferrance on organic / natural farming. hope you will oblige us on behalf of the forum.

Dear Forum members,

Please share your opinions and inputs on having a Seminar cum Farmenst meeting at Bangalore.

We need everybodys inputs, participation to make this success.

Forum members first meet was held at Lalbhag Bangalore, then I tried to invite member to my project site. … 9/#msg8249
But members was very busy or was in un avoidable circumstances and hence not met till date.
Wishing this time you all the best.

Dear Swami Sir,

Can you suggest some speakers(on natural farming) and venue?

Do you still having your project site available for this seminar?

First confirm the number of participants with  their profiles.

Count me in.

Thank you Sir,
Thank you Very Much Sir Raw Gru for Your Contribution.Kindly take initiation in arranging such seminars in AP also. If not possiable to arrange seminars in AP., I will attend the Seminar even in Karnataka for acquiring Knowledge on Natural Organic Farming and to share my Ideas.Kindly mail us the Dates and venue to

for Vasudha Green Farms.

Please count me in.

speakers suggested 1 Mr Raju Titus from Hoshangabad 2 Mr Shubhash Palekar from Amravati 3 Mr Deepak Suchade from Bajwada, Nemawar Dist  Dewas and 4.Subhash Sharma from Yavatmal my home town.

Learned forum members are not listed as they are from Home / Host position

Thanks and regards
anant joglekar

First restrict yourself to meet members only. Let members meet and share their knowledge.
Based on the result, any other activity including seminar can be arranged in the next step.
Cost and risk to arrange a seminar will be heavy task which demands huge money and time from you.

First meet members to share expertise within you and then decide what next.
Intaracting in the forum is at most comfort zone for any member, but if a member from Hyderabad who may intended to attend the meeting  needs to spend his money and time to participate in Bangalore which is time consuming along with money.

Meetings can be at local levels (remember once upon a time GP Rao wanted to come to my project place and visit to my Papaya and Mango farm too, but due to some personal tasks still it is not happened,) like wise let first meet as much as possible members in a common place, share the knowledge and then decide what next.

Some other inquired like anything to get Agriculture training, but none were taken training for the reasons best known to them. However few members came and spent good times to learn together and I have also learnt best from them,

In my case I can meet who ever and where ever I want and share my knowledge and learn something good from them.
Nothing can stop my own decision to do any thing, but getting others together is multiple challenging task as all are having their own pre fixed schedules.

Organising a seminar may cost you not less then 3 to 4 lakhs please note.
Wishing you all the best.

Count me also
3 to 4 lakhs might not be required if its conducted in a farm near bangalore. Assuming that only around 20-30 people will be attending

Yes Sri I am ok for Devanahalli farm based meet on any of the 2 coming weekends.


Please count me in. I am in for any seminar, meeting or training.

Please let me know if I can be any help in organising the meet.

Dear Members,

We will finilise date and other arrangements in couple of days based on availbility of speaker/trainer.

Keep on posting your attendance.

It is really a good proposal to conduct meet for members once in  a year.
Sri Rao has furnished a great information that he has maintained greenhouse for four year without fumigation. It also gives lot of relief to the would be greenhouse cultivators.Many many thanks to Sri Ramesh for the proper guidance in the said aspect.
Let such good farmers tribe increase.
Thanks once again.
Upadhyaya MN FORUM MEMBER 9480338733

Can you please arrange one seminar/conference in Rajasthan also for the
benefit for the farmers. In Rajasthan Natural Poly Houses are thre but to lack of knowledge the farmers are getting loss.

Mr Swamy
I am also there.
Ragothmarao  Vasudevan

Thank yopu Sir,

If a Seminar/ Training Programme is Conducted  Kindly Consider my Candidature for the Same.
My Mail ID is Ph. # 09133498366